Kim Sharkey, a planner with Florida Division of Emergency Management, says FDEM's Radiological Emergency Preparedness Section is providing a two-day seminar and tabletop opportunity this November 5-6. A two-day seminar and tabletop exercise this November 5-6 will be held at the Okeechobee County Emergency Operations Center [O. Day 1 will address ingestion pathway planning and response, radiation and contamination considerations, and agricultural issues.
Day 2 will include a tabletop exercise conducted by Florida State University's Center for Disaster Risk Policy, where a simulated incident will test capabilities and planning. The season thus far a€“ and September is the traditional peak of weather activity a€“ has been negligible.
Satellite image of hurricane Fran, a large, destructive hurricane that made landfall near Cape Fear, North Carolina on September 5, 1996. The experiences of the United Kingdom (UK) and Uruguay, which suffered similar FMD outbreaks in 2001, show a striking contrast in control strategies and outcomes.
In the UK, the index farm did not report problems as they appeared and ended up shipping infected pigs well after the outbreak began. In Uruguay, the rapidly spreading outbreak infected herds on 28 farms in the first five days. We have very few radiation issues to concern ourselves with within Brevard County; however, it would be unfair not to mention all the potential issues with radiation. There are only 3 nuclear power plants in Florida and they are the St Lucie Plant, the Turkey Point Plant in the Miami area, and the Crystal River Plant on the West Coast. The Levy County Emergency Management Department has a Radiological Emergency Planning Program that is mandated by the Federal Government. It prepares Levy County Residents and Emergency Response Organizations to safely respond in the unlikely event of an accident at the Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant.
Maintains and implements Federal, State and Local Emergency Response Plans and Procedures according to Federal Requirements. There are four classes of Emergency action levels (Emergency Classifications) established by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Unusual Event -- An unusual event indicates a potential decrease in the level of safety at the Plant. Alert -- An alert is declared if events occur at the plant which could cause a further reduction in plant safety.

Site Emergency -- A site emergency is declared if there are actual or potential major failures of the plant's safety related equipment which could release radioactive materials into the environment.
In the unlikely event of an accident at the Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant, evacuees would report to the Bronson High School Shelter first. It will be held at the Okeechobee County Emergency Operations Center which is situated a€“ along with Glades, Highlands and Osceola Counties a€“ within the 50 mile radius or "Ingestion Pathway Zone (IPZ)" of the St. Strong winds blowing west off of the Sahara Desert have helped bring dry, dusty air into the Atlantic this summer, which can tend to decrease hurricane formation, AccuWeather reports. Early in the outbreak, farmers did not have accurate information and biosecurity practices were inadequate.
The southern part of our county from Malabar Road South is in the 50-mile ingestion pathway of the St. This program is designed to protect the population of Levy County in the unlikely event of an accident at the Progress Energy, Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant. Program assures that county decision makers and emergency response organizations are ready to respond if an emergency is declared at the Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant.
No releases of radioactive material requiring off-site response (which falls under the responsiblities of the State Emergency Management Agency, other state agencies and local agencies) are expected. If a general emergency is declared, it means that safety conditions have deteriorated to where a significant release of radioactive material beyond the plant broundries is occurring or may occur.
The Bronson High School has Radiological Monitoring capabilities and is also a special needs shelter.
But they may be the only person in the area with that knowledge and the ability to utilize it. If you believe that seasonal tropical storms are part of the natural weather cycle and necessary to preserve the eco-balance in the Caribbean-Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Seaboard, then the continuing lack of activity is a delicate mystery. Wind shear a€” strong winds that roar from different directions at various levels of the atmosphere a€” can tear developing hurricanes apart.
As a result, the country depopulated about 10,000 farms and slaughtered an estimated 6 million to 10 million animals, resulting in economic impacts that continue today. Within a week however they found that 131 farms were infected and switched to a national cattle-vaccination program. These classifications range from minor plant events involving no public danger to more serious conditions which might require protective actions.

Any radioactive release beyond site boundaries would not be expected to exceed protective action guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For citizens with special needs, please fill out the special needs card, fill it out, and return it to the Levy County Emergency Management Department.
Following a radiological emergency at the plant, there is a chance of significant indirect effects for all IPZ counties: regional food embargoes, an influx of evacuating citizens and generalized public concern even leading to panic.
After all, a typical June-November hurricane season, based on 63 years of accurate weather records, has seven hurricanes. He says the current record holder is 2002's Gustav, which formed on September 11 of that year. In cooperation with the government, farmers administered two rounds of more than 12 million doses of the vaccine to susceptible animals across the country. The plant participates in many exercises with all the regional agencies that could be involved if an accident took place.
However, use telephones only when absolutely necessary so telephone circuits will remain clear for emergency workers. Local agencies activate their emergency operations centers and public is kept informed through the news media. Emergency Alert Systems are actived and the public is told what protective actions are recommended. Now, instead of having one person with the knowledge, you have a group of people from different organizations who understand and can apply what they learned together. Only 7,000 animals were destroyed, and the country was recognized by the World Organization for Animal Health as FMD-free by May 2003. Our county has a plan for sheltering and hosting evacuees from the 10-mile emergency planning area that surrounds the Plant as well as providing traffic control, security and, if needed, decontamination.

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