Chlorine manufacturing, transportation and use are managed under controlled circumstances designed to prevent an emergency release. Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Ralph Goodale speaks during Assembly of First Nations' Indigenous Public Safety and Policing Forum held at the Hotel Saskatchewan in Regina, Saskatchewan on Wednesday March 30, 2016.
The Canadian Disaster Database (CDD) contains detailed disaster information on more than 1000 natural, technological and conflict events (excluding war) that have happened since 1900 at home or abroad and that have directly affected Canadians. Your passwords are the only thing standing between you and your personal information and online risks. In April 2009, a novel strain of Influenza A (H1N1) was discovered in Mexico and within weeks had transmitted to many other countries including Canada.

An important component of chlorine stewardship is developing and maintaining response plans in the event of an emergency. To activate CHLOREP for assistance with an incident, the first step is to contact CHEMTREC® or CANUTEC. In May 2009, Memorial University Senior Executive supported the establishment of an integrated Pandemic Preparedness Planning Committee (PPPC) under the chair of Director of Enterprise Risk management. Trained employees, along with a comprehensive, written emergency response plan are necessary to mitigate the consequences of an emergency. Supported by chlorine producers, packagers and specially trained emergency response contractors, CHLOREP provides emergency responders with expert support via telephone within minutes, and if needed, will rapidly deploy emergency equipment and personnel to the scene of any chlorine emergency in the U.S.

The University promoted a 3C campaign (Clean, Cover and Contain) to reduce the spread of the virus.
CANUTEC provides a link to CHLOREP via the shipper’s Emergency Response Assistance Plan (ERAP). The CHLOREP network includes more than 80 response teams from 25 Chlorine Institute member companies across the U.S.

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