30 October 2014 a€“ Marking a milestone towards better disaster risk management in Asia and the Pacific, a United Nations-backed group of experts agreed this week on core principles for establishing a common basic range of disaster-related statistics. Speaking at the opening of the conference, Kilaparti Ramakrishna, Director of ESCAPa€™s East and North-East Asia Office (ESCAP-ENEA), underscored the significance of the groupa€™s first meeting. The Expert Group, which was established earlier this year by governments of the Asia-Pacific region, noted that a set of common standards will enable more precise risk assessment across the region and help governments in evidence-based policymaking which provides targeted support and infrastructure to manage disaster risks.
Almost, 1.2 million people in Asia and the Pacific have lost their lives to disasters during the past three decades, and efforts to manage disaster risks in the region a€“ as well as in the rest of the world a€“ have been hampered by a lack of timely, reliable and comparable statistics, mainly due to the absence of common standards, the group stressed. Climate: Huge Mirrors in Space, Petrifying Carbon Dioxide, Algae Farms, Lots of White Paint!

Management has taken a joint initiative of developing a national disaster statistical system.
Indian States (Orissa, Tamil Nadu, UP, Delhi andUttaranchal), Nepal, Phillipines, Indonesia, Srilanka and Maldives. Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) of the Cathloic University of Leuven. EM-DAT is the most complete publicly accessible international database on disasters around the world. A 'pre-designed' summary and profile of disasters reported for a particular hazard including a summary of events from 1980 to September 2008 , as well as the top 10 disasters.

Data related to human and economic losses from disasters that have occurred between 1980 and 2008.

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