A bulk of your heat loss is through your head, so put on a warm hat or other headcover to sleep. Posts may contain affiliate links, which allow me to earn a commission to support the site at no extra cost to you. Today’s post has a link to your blog, the post unrelated, but I just wanted more people to wander over here for such great articles as this.
We lose our well water when the power goes off; so I keep gallons of water stored in old milk jugs in and under the house. You can make the numbers say anything you like, but keeping your head covered is a known survival technique. One method I didn’t see in the post or the comments is what I would call the Infantry method – wear a hat.
My mother used to cook food on the car engine and tucked near the heater outlet on cold car trips.
How did she keep the engine fumes out of the food, and what sort of cooking vessels did she use? What do you do when a winter storm leaves you without power?  This post contains ideas for winter storm survival while sheltering in your home, but many of the ideas could be adapted for elsewhere, especially the section on cold weather clothing. If you have tie to order them, you can get heavy duty draft blockers that lock to the door.

If you have a limited amount of wood, burn at regular intervals, letting it get quite cold between burns. Place dark blankets on the floor, furniture or bed in direct sun to soak up the sun’s heat. It will add heat to the house, and you will be able to drink it if needed (probably filter it if you have a water filter). If we need to flush the toilet, we pour a gal into a large pan or bucket so we can dump a large amount in the toilet at one time.
The heat loss via the head is not because the head loses more heat but because it is neglected as a source of heat loss. He simply wrapped the meat and veggies in aluminum foil (these days I would use heavy duty foil not the cheap bargain foils).
It snowed like crazy overnight, but by early morning it let up, and the plows were out early because we haven’t had much snow this winter so they still have plenty of hours and salt left. Plan NOW instead of trying to remember all this when you are freezing and the power is out. If you still have running water, protect faucets that are at risk of freezing by turning on a pencil size stream of water. Bring blankets and other things that will get warmed up and bring them back in the house all toasty.

Even when you have to get into the sleeping bag with your boots on, your feet can get cold at night. Look for a Higher Gram Count – When considering winter clothing, get 100 gram (Grams per square meter of insulation) or higher if possible. Years of sleeping in-40 tempatures in tents and snow scrapes in the military has taught me that. Wearing a beanie or other kind of winter hat traps the heat, and your head is usually the only thing sticking out of the covers at night to lose that heat. They smelled WONDERFUL when we opened them after a hard days work and an hour or so drive home.
If it wasn’t a long enough trip he would simply transfer it to the oven when we got home and voila!

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