These have passed me by a bit - I can see the one in FGF but what else is good or do other people use.
They can be a life saver when out on the hills either solo riding or part of a group when things go wrong.
Bothy bags are great for group use but I think a survival bag like the one I've linked to is more appropriate for an individual to carry. I have a Terra Nova Bothy 4 - they're ?36 from Above and Beyond, probably a bit cheaper elsewhere.Four or five people can get warm quickly in the foulest conditions, just pop over your heads, pull down to bum level and sit down. I also have a SOL bivvy bag with me, but that's tiny, so it kinda stays in my bag most of the time. The bothy gets used sometimes in a non-emergency kinda way - just for providing a useful bit of shelter if there's not much else around and you need a quick break out of the weather (albeit it gets a bit fuggy after a few minutes, but you can always lift the sheltered side a bit).
I also have one of the one man mini sleeping bags, much better when solo and almost as good as a three season sleeping bag.
Mate of mine carrys one on walks and climbing trips and altho not essential it has made one or two winter lunch stops more pleasant, can't say it's ever compelled me into carrying one tho.
No infact the one I've used "for real" was a genuine KISU and was before you ever saw them in the shops (and internet shopping!). Forgive my ignorance, but are these supposed to replace the ubiquitous 'orange bag' that I have been carrying around since the year 'dot'?
I've had days out on the hill in the foulest, most horrible weather utterley transformed with the use of an old '58 pattern poncho. I am sure there are lighter weight versions available now, but don't know if they have the press studs etc that allow you to clip them together to make a bigger shelter.
Head first in a plastic bag obviously has a risk of suffocation and certainly would be clostrophobic.
You can probably accommodate 3 people in one the size of your folded orange bag (especially if your orange bag has ever been opened and refolded). Unlike a bag they are sort of breathable so you tend not to become wetter than when you went in!

Survival Bags & Mountain Shelter A range of products which we hope you will never need when out on the hill. The Complete Outdoors has been established for over twenty-five years, and has a proud reputation as a trusted supplier of outdoor gear.
If you're caught out on the hill and need to wait until help arrives, you'll need to seek shelter from the elements.
A survival bag will slow the onset of hypothermia and is an essential piece of individual kit for all trips to the hills, i.e.
If the group is encountered with an emergency situation whereby everyone needs to wait for help to arrive, you'll need to get into a survival bag to preserve heat. Usually orange and costing only a few quid, these bags will shelter you from the wind and rain, but have no insulation or thermal properties.
Having one of these bags is better than nothing, but you'll be in for a very uncomfortable wait. The bag opposite is brand new and without packaging weighs in at 320g, which is 40g more than a Blizzard Survival Bag (Active Range) - see below.
Being waterproof and wind proof means that you will be protected from the elements, and heat should be reflected back to your body. Blizzard Bags are a massive step up from poly bags and foil products and should be carried year round when venturing into mountainous areas the Lake District, Snowdonia, the mountains of Scotland or any other upland areas of the UK, especially in the winter months. When compared to the traditional thick poly bag type survival bags, Blizzard Survival Bags (Active Range) weight less, will keep you a whole lot warmer and cost only about £20 more.
Combine any of the above survival bags with a storm shelter, and your wait for rescue or enforced overnighter will be more comfortable and you're even more likely to survive. Neither has been used in extremis but both provide a comforting bit of shelter when it really is blowing a hoolie. Weighs nothing and about the size of a grapefruit when in its in its stuff sack so your not going to not think about not just leaving it in your sack on a permanent basis.
The Foil Blanket ideal after you have been exercising hard and want to reflect the heat back in.

And let's be clear, having called our Mountain Rescue is one thing, but they can take quite some time to arrive.
There are no thermal properties per se, so the colder you get the less effective the bags become. The newer version are called Blizzard Bags (Active Range), and are lighter at 280g, smaller at 11 x 11 x 5 cm, made from 2 layer Reflexcell material, have a tog rating of 6 and are endorsed by Glenmore Lodge instructors.
The items you'll find in the equipment section have been selected for their weight, value for money and performance.
Their effectiveness becomes apparent when you get under it covered in ice and it soon starts melting off. I suppose the attraction of them is you can get out of the weather and yet still socialise in a huddle.
The Survival bag, when the body temperature is dropping and you need the protection from the elements.
Everyone in the group should have a survival bag in case they are ever separated from the rest of the group, meaning that they can take shelter and wait for help to arrive. They are made from Reflexcell material which reflects heat back to your body, and traps warm air inside the bag wall.
The most difficult part can be trying to get it packed away again when it's gale force winds. The mountain shelter for those days when the winds and the rain are driving in and you want to shelter and regroup.
It is for these reasons that everyone should have their own bag, although it seems overkill on the face of it.
Obviously as the bag has a breathable base, it is better that the sleeping mat is placed underneath the bag and not inside.

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