For Members: On Saturday Sept 7th, at 5pm pacific the audio on demand archive server will be having maintenance that can last as long as Sunday early morning. Cody and his school have been featured in dozens of international media sources including The Today Show, Discovery and History Channels, and Dateline NBC, you can see, and learn a lot from, videos on his website from some of those programs. Or login by clicking a program's Yellow Speaker  once logged in, this option gives youtwo button choices, "Play My Archive Now" and "Go Back to the Guest Page"(ignore the browser security alert, it's OK!) ALL archives are available while you are logged in. The less you need" is Cody's great motto as he teaches the art of keeping your ass alive and the all important 98.6. Oliver Lang-Geffroy: Hi Cody, your father was in the Military, and you travelled quite a lot as a kid. OLG: WAHBL, as we think, one of the best books dealing with an urban survival scenario, is about what happens, if the power grid gets down and there you sit in a home with no working climate control, no gas for cooking, no electricity for light, no water out of the tap for drinking, cleaning or washing away the poop, fear coming up… What can anybody do to prepare for such a situation? OLG: Which items could help to deal with an urban survival scenario when leaving is not an option? CL: Canned food which all family members like and which is easy to prepare always comes well, plus rice, beans and water supplies for at least two to four weeks, batteries for flashlights, rugged trash bags (also the necessities must be discarded!), nisinfectant and storage facilities for water and Firewood.
CL: When heading into the woods, although I live in the woods, I always like a knife and a way to create fire. OLG: Which things do you consider to be essential for a bug out bag for one person, let’s say for an 72 hour disaster? CL: It depends upon the person, thier knowledge base, the time of year, (climate and season) and the bioregion they live in or are bugging out to just for starters.
OLG: Your jewelry looks ethnic, what is it specifically (necklace, belt) and what does it mean to you?
CL: I drive a Jeep as I live 60 miles from town, and more than half of those miles are dirt roads winding thrugh high desert wilderness. CL: Taking a road trip with no agendas or hanging out at my homestead tweaking with sustainable design.
OLG: You look a little like a Henry Rollins kind of guy or ist there also some Gil Scott Heron playing on your stereo. Randall Made Knives 1937 beobachtete Bo Randall einen Bootsbesitzer, der mit einem markanten Messer schwere Reparaturarbeiten an seinem Boot ausfuhrte. Satellitentelefone sind in vielen Gegenden der Welt, die einzige Moglichkeit, zuverlassig zu kommunizieren.
Please realize this following truth a€“ only an instructor with years of back country experience will possess the credibility and competence to effectively and realistically train you and your loved ones for a life threatening situation. Low Student to Instructor Ratio: Most ALSS courses consist of 6-12 students ensuring you detailed, personalized instruction with plenty of hands-on time to learn and practice skills. Quality over Quantity: At ALSS, we would rather be better than bigger a€“ and we dona€™t believe that bigger is better when it comes to survival training. Traditional Woods-lore Skills, Primitive Technology, Home and Urban Preparedness, Bush crafting, Wilderness Living Skills and Modern Outdoor Survival Skills: We specialize in many forms of self-reliant skills allowing you optimal adaptation potential in urban, rural and wilderness environments. Minimal Bureaucracy: Our simple, focused operating style and smaller size allow for enhanced experimentation and optimal learning experiences in the field. Cost Effectiveness: Instruction is intense as courses are packed full of information but without sacrificing attention to detail and include all field materials. The Ultimate Training Landscape: There is a reason that many of the major auto makers choose to have their proving grounds in Arizona.
We Live Where We Train, and Live What We Teach: The magnitude of this statement should not be underestimated as nature is filled with non-stop variation in flora and fauna. Custom Administrative Options: We routinely design custom programs to meet the specific needs of individuals, groups and organizations. Easy Access: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is less than two hours away with ground shuttle systems operating several times daily. Guaranteed Professional Instruction: Occasionally, we invite guest instructors from around the nation, hand-picked for their particular expertise.
Lasting a€?Reala€? Value: All ALSS courses promote a greater awareness of what has a€?true valuea€? for humans in both good times and bad. World Wide Experience: Cody Lundin is one of a handful of people in the world who have traveled the globe learning and teaching survival skills. Supportive Training Functions: We are networked with dozens of professionals across the nation who specialize in certain skills.
You probably recognize Cody Lundin from Discovery’s Dual Survival, but in addition to playing the Al Gore to Dave Canterbury’s Dick Cheney, Cody’s the author of two best-selling no-nonsense survival books, operates a wilderness survival school in Arizona and rides motorcycles.

We came up with the idea for this interview after reading the chapter on transportation in Cody’s disaster preparedness manual, “When All Hell Breaks Loose.” In it, he recommends motorcycles as the ultimate means for escaping disaster areas or moving around in a world in which fossil fuels are suddenly scarce.
There is a potential that your connection will not be interrupted, but just in case if you cannot connect then you will know why! His 'Aboriginal Living Skills School' ALSS, is in Prescott Arizona, his field courses are held in the wilderness, allowing you to receive the knowledge and experience your brain and body remembers. During this TV show, partners like Dave Canterbury (as displayed in the photos from 2011) came and passed. Nevertheless, the content of this interview we did in 2011 and which was published in German GEAR magazine is still as significant as it was then – and as it will be in several years.
In the Discovery Channel-produced documentary „Dual Survival“ Cody gives the relaxed counterpart of hard-liner and ex-military Dave Canterbury. I spent a lot of time in highschool making ”indian“ stuff, being outdoors, picking up road kill to make things from, etc, so my interest in the outdoors and self-relaince was there.
Like I say in the book, go without power for a weekend as a training excercise, and see what has you by the balls.
Here is the deal, if you want to know about how to keep the body alive, learn about the body. Two wheel drive cars do not work where I live when the weather is bad and the roads are compromised.
Native peoples adapted to weather extremes much more so than the modern person, who goes from temperature controlled house, to a temperature controlled car, to a temperature controlled work environment. Den Umweg durch den Wald nutzte ich, um ein besonders schones Taschenmesser zu fotografieren. Below are ALSS benefits that set my school apart from the hobbyist as well as many a€?professionala€? schools. The US military trains its Special Forces soldiers in small groups for a reason, as they know it's the most effective way to deliver hands-on information.
We choose to stay strategically sized to focus on continually developing and providing a level of training and training methodology that is virtually unmatched in the industry. One day of instruction at an ALSS course is typically worth a day and a half or more at other schools.
Our state provides the greatest number of outdoor terrain and weather variables, within the shortest travel distance, of any geographic region in North or South America. Custom courses allow flexibility within each program to meet agreed upon goals ensuring you a quality experience from start to finish.
In addition, the town of Prescott features its own airport with sky shuttle service available from Sky Harbor International Airport as well as offering landing opportunities for your personal or company aircraft.
Unlike the a€?big boxa€? schools, every ALSS course you enroll in has the flavor of a custom experience from start to finish. The self-reliant skills we teach - and practice ourselves a€“ have been integral to sustaining life upon Earth for a very long time. His experiences from Canada, Laos, New Zealand, Belize, Peru, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Botswana, Thailand, Nicaragua, Chile, Ecuador, Hawaiian Islands, Zambia, Romania, Fiji, Panama, Sri Lanka, Oman, Norway and several bio-regions in North America add unmatched depth to his 26 plus year career. If after training at ALSS you desire further experience in a particular area, chances are we can point you in the right direction for continued, quality learning. We’re fans of Cody’s common sense, practical approach to survival, so figured we’d talk to him about combining our two hobbies. Both books are filled with the kind of practical, common-sense advice that’s rooted in science, not paranoia.
The Survival Guide plays in various Regions of the world, may it be the Brazilian rain forest or the desert of Arizona.
No one at the time I had written the book, (2001, and published in 2003) had spent that much time, or devoted a book to this fact. It will be the same pysiologically for the most part as to what the human body needs to live, but the psychological aspects of staying alive will differ from family to family. By taking advanced first aid classes, Emergency Medical Technician, Wilderness First Responder, etc, you learn what the body needs to survive. I’ve used it for patching up people, (splinting broken bones) to blister prevention, to repairing OLG, to making sunglasses.
The neophyte survival instructor, regardless of their zeal and paper diplomas on the wall, does not have the field time of a seasoned instructor with decades of experience.
In any event, I encourage you to check out my choosing the right instructor page for core values that I feel are important in deciding who you will ultimately train with.

From all four North American deserts to snow-covered alpine tundra, Arizona has the topography to meet your training needs. We have been family owned and operated since our inception thus still offer a truly unique, a€?family stylea€? training atmosphere featuring some of the best quality instruction youa€™ll find anywhere.
We teach a system of skills and methodologies that have developed over eons of time by the natural world itself.A  Knowing how to provide shelter, procure water, make fire, find food, create lighting and implement emergency sanitation options will always have real value for real people. According to him it’s not just about frugality, unlike most four-wheeled vehicles, bikes can travel virtually anywhere, over any terrain and aren’t subject to traffic or clogged roadways. His focus is on using your knowledge and the assistance of modern tools to get yourself out of potentially life-threatening situations. And if Cody and Dave are once again not complete consensus about the best approach, the documentary kind of resembles a screwball comedy. The intention is the same, the look of the resource might differ, making fire with sticks in the woods, or making fire with batteries and steel wool in the city.
The necklace is made from mountain lion claws given to me by a friend and a Thors hammer, the Viking god of controlling the weather.
They have not had the back country time necessary to build wisdom and exercise sound decision making skills - skills often times gleaned from very painful experiences. Our courses, skills and field operating techniques are continually researched and refined allowing you to experience some of the most well rounded, honest survival instruction available. Interstates I-17 and I-10 run through the center of the state offering quick, hassle free access to all life zones. This gives us, and you, the advantage of intimately knowing your landscape inside and out, from summer to fall and winter to spring.
In times of falling stock markets, bank closures, violence, and general economic distress, knowing these and other tangible core value skills will bring you greater peace, confidence and options for keeping you and your family safer during changing times. Think of the huge traffic jams you saw on the news as people fled New Orleans pre-Katrina or the damaged infrastructure in San Francisco after the earthquake there in 1989 and you can see why traveling by bike would offer such a huge advantage.
Most of the times it runs out that Dave with full-force effort chases something, while Cody wisely prepares a cozy night’s lodging which is efficient and definitely keeps warm. Whenever a€?human naturea€? and a€?Mother Naturea€? are mixed - the hallmark of all survival scenarios - all hell can break loose with a literal limitless array of deadly variables. Modern outdoor survival skills, primitive living skills, wilderness living skills, (bushcrafting) urban preparedness skills, homesteading, etc. To distill down a bunch of bullshit that others will tell you to sell thier OLG, simply look at what a modern backpacker uses when they go on a pack trip. His self-designed, hand built off-grid homestead in the high desert wilderness of Arizona incorporates the very best of ancient and modern self-sufficient technologies. The book is laid out very visually, containing many great illustrations and is somewhat less text than many other survival guides. Pack what they pack and you are essentially independent in a wilderness or urban environment. They are all related as each seeks to keep oneself alive at a core level, but the intention of each is radically different. As an example, getting rescued is the main goal of anyone stuck in a modern wilderness survival scenario. Pewtherer makes these skills accessible and straightforward excellent descriptions interspersed with both photos and illustrations. He writes from personal experience and includes sections that mention common mistakes to avoid with a variety of skills. Pewtherer is based in the northeast USA.The challenge of using books is that they are only static words and images to learn from.
A series of drawings or photos of how to set up a deadfall trap, start a friction fire, or build a shelter is enough for some. No matter how useful you find a book, it is very difficult to read and attempt to learn a new skill at the same time!

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