It’s not the first time Nesbitt has somersaulted or more accurately, stood on his head having failed to complete the circle. On Friday both Charlie Flanagan and our proconsul, senior officials from London and Dublin and Irish and British politicians meet in Cambridge for the annual British-Irish Association bash. Ending his political career after losing his Westminster seat and with the executive and assembly a shambles would too obviously fulfil the famous Enoch Powell dictum that all political careers end in failure. Watch next week as Robinson, justifiably furious with Nesbitt, produces with the help to the two governments (and Sinn Féin) a coherent plan to save devolution, earn the praise of the media, and demonstrate conclusively that the UUP leader is a political novice. Tweet Dr Sarita Robinson has been researching survival psychology since 1999, including acutely stressful situations such as helicopter underwater evacuations and the benefits of training for such situations in facilities like the one depicted above.Listen To Episode 1 Of The Paul Kirtley PodcastIn this episode I talk with Dr Sarita Robison, Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology at The University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN).
If you remember, he won the leadership of the UUP after two years in the party on the basis that going into opposition was a mistake.
The assembly isn’t sitting so he gifted Dublin and London and Robinson this week to devise a response. It was he, not Sinn Féin or the IRA who threw the power-sharing arrangements into turmoil.
Meeting Cameron yesterday allows Robinson to appear as the statesman on the high ground, cool and decisive: a man with a plan as opposed to Nesbitt, a man with a ploy. It was he who brought the two governments galloping to the rescue producing more action from our proconsul than there’s been in all the time she has twiddled her thumbs at the NIO. In this present instance the only stammering support for his withdrawal from the executive has come from Danny Kinahan and Lord Empey. You can feel all-party negotiations coming on after a lot of noisy acrimonious language next week, can’t you?
Listen to the podcast to find out how your cognitive functions are affected in survival situations.How To Listen To This PodcastYou can listen to this podcast here on my website by using the player above.

If you enjoyed this episode, please share it using the social media buttons at the top of this page. This is exactly as is stated in the sub-header of my blog above, so in the context of someone listening here on my blog, it is unnecessary. Loved the comments about building a network and how that helps when they are there to hold your head above water with their support if not their hands.
Quite refreshing have some people that actually know what they are talking about when it comes to survival. Know I have to go about to find out what my limits are to bust my confidence, an do so without putting myself at some silly risk. As such it was in marked contrast to the two professionals I heard sharing their expertise so eloquently.
Having experts like Dr Robinson, I found it especially interesting to question her re well-used techniques in survival to see how they stand up against psychological research. I guess you have to choose your music in relation to the target audience as well as the theme of the podcast.
I know that there has to be a distinctive memorable intro but in my opinion in needs to be short being 30 seconds which includes the intro words too, anything longer and you want to fast forward, which you you can’t in the car so it is a bit annoying. Paul, I am aware that you have put a lot of time and effort into this production and it is really really great to hear yours and others knowledge and interest coming through this form of social media.
Obviously there is only so much time in a podcast of which you couldn’t have maximized any better. The weeks before the Christmas break are always manic for marking.There is no doubt that when the brain is put under pressure it does not cope very well. Like all parts of the body it has a optimal range in which it works well – the minute you take it out of that range then it starts to fail.

Motor skills appear to be preserved when people are faced with situations that increase anxiety (but which are not too physically demanding). However, other higher cognitive functions (such as memory, attention, decision-making) do become impaired.I think that the old studies are useful but as we continue our research the new tools available such as fMRI scanning and saliva assay for hormone levels have allowed us to refine our understanding of how the brain is impacted by survival situations. However the research which has been done so far has not looked at what happens to the brain when several adverse factors occur at once.
So researchers have looked at what happens to the brain when we are sleep deprived or when we are hungry or when we are scared.
Thanks for all ur work, time, dedication and sharing.Reply CraigLoved listening to this in the wee sleepless hours Paul. I am also looking forward to getting into your blog and reading up there.I feel blessed to have come across this. Robinson indicted, it seems that a positive attitude or expectation does not seem to bear up in survival situations. He’s explaining how this knife is not only useful but how he also has an emotional attachment to it. As he’s explaining this, the knife slips from his fingers into the river and is gone.

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