The Blizzard Survival Bag is a revolution in thermal protection for any situation in which people need to be kept warm, or treated immediately for chilling and hypothermia.
The Blizzard Survival Bag is an excellent piece of personal safety equipment for motorists and workers who may be stranded in remote locations and during severe weather. The Best Thermal Insulation Survival Sleeping Bag (Bivvy): The Blizzard Survival Bag is a Full-Sized Sleeping Bag in a pack about the size of a video cassette, providing total warmth and shelter - anywhere, at any time. Storage: bags may be stored indefinitely, and are not affected by temperature or moisture, either during storage or in use.
Portability: the small pack size and light weight make them easy to carry, whether as personal safety and survival equipment, or for rapid deployment in emergencies involving large groups of people.
These full sized, triple-cell ReflexCell survival sleeping bags are the chosen standard equipment by the military, emergency services, civil emergency planners, medical authorities and rescue teams.
Many hikers, climbers, cavers, canoeists, mountain rescue teams, ski mountaineers, adventure racers and others carry the bag as a safety product in case of accidents or other survival situations.

The Blizzard Survival Bag is the lightest, most compact option for planned bivouacs whilst backpacking, mountaineering, caving, adventure racing etc. If you are forced to spend the unexpected night outdoors, hop into the SOL Emergency Bivvy as soon as the temperature drops and the odds instantly improve in your favour. The ability to make your location known, to warn of impending danger or to mark a location you wish to return to can often be a life saving capability. The Strobe light comes with three different lens covers giving you the ability to select from red, amber or clear to best suit the situation you find yourself in. Applications include everything from military, medical, marine and mountain rescue, to civil evacuations and disasters.
It provides for your basic needs of food, water, shelter, first-aid, cutting tool, fire starting capability and signal tools for rescue. The SOL Bivvy is made from the same heat-reflective polyethylene as AMK's world famous emergency blankets (reflecting 90% of your body heat back to you), with the added benefit of being fully sealed so that no wind, rain, or snow can get inside.

The Life Pack Emergency Water Filter was used by the US Military during the Hurricane Katrina disaster.
Keeping a Strobe light in your emergency kit may save your life or help you avoid a dangerous situation. Clear will be the most visible from the farthest distance so will be best suited in an emergency signalling situation while amber or red might be better for a warning light or a marker.

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