New condition, manufactured by BCB, the foremost supplier of survival equipment to the MoD.
I love the quality of the kit, it is brilliant and I have never had cause to fault any of the kit you have provided me with!
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This is an old picture from some of the stuff I had in my bob at the time but note the collapsing fish pole. Mu fishing kit is in the pelican 1040 case on the lower right too. Originally Posted By Gsxr0786: hello, ive been thinking about getting a few supplies to assemble a survival fishing kit, looking to keep it small and basic but still effective. Originally Posted By Quarterbore: Snip QB, you can strip the core out of that paracord for several smaller lines, too.

Originally Posted By Gsxr0786: well, there are a few lakes around with a river that follow the main hwy with several point of access. I'd say if you're looking to put lines in the water and leave unattended, you may want to use circle hooks as those would give you the best chance to hook a fish while not actively fishing the lines.
But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. Originally Posted By Quarterbore: I would suggest you try putting a small kit together and then try fishing with it. My idea of fishing with an emergency kit will be unmanned rigs, trot lines for one example.
Also I would use one of the many available braided lines as they are thinner and tougher than their mono-filament equivalent.

If we fish from the bank, I can out-fish him with Beetle Spins and curly-tail grubs most of the time. He'll land two or three decent bass in the time it takes me to catch a dozen or more bluegills, crappie, and small largemouth. I'm not nearly as good at fishing as he is, but simple grubs and spinners catch lots of fish here.

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