In the wake of increasing natural disasters and global economic instability it is imperative that we all have the things we need to be able to be self-sufficient.
In addition to these supplies we would suggest waterproof matches, a solid fixed blade knife, fire steel, 100 ft. We are offering a growing selection of items that we believe are imperative to make it through a crisis as safely and comfortably as possible. My m6 under 3000 serial number made in the USA I just got from a guy for near nothing has one flaw.
Just testing the waters to see if i get any offers that match the rarity as well as the condition of this weapon.
Today i took my "silver" (?) M6 into a friend of mine who happens to teach advanced metalurgy as part of his Engineering Degree carriculum.
I added an image above showing the 2010 "bluebook" value for the springfield M6, first and second issue. When you guys get sick of complaining about the price M6's are going for on GunBroker spare a thought for your poor old Aussie brothers. Good day all, If you are looking to sell your M6 and it is in good quality please contact me ASAP. I am looking for a Hornet I have a Parkerized 22LR in very good condition and would like to trade.
Zombies, aliens, left or right wing radicals, or mutant wart hogs could at any point take over the world.
I’m liking the unimog, but they would be extremely hard to acquire in case of sudden apocalypse. One of my friends built the awesomest Mad-Max Mobile Workshop out of an old Isuzu tow-truck. In preparation for this year's Comic-Con, Hyundai has joined in on the zombie apocalypse frenzy with the unveiling of its latest concept vehicle, the Zombie Survival Machine.
Teaming up with zombie apocalypse expert and graphic novel creator Robert Kirkman, Hyundai and Design Craft Fabrication created the vehicle with custom add-ons such as a spike-filled zombie plow, roof hatch for passenger-enabled zombie shotgunning, armored window coverings, all-terrain tires, radio system and, of course, a plethora of weapons and storage compartments.

Hoping to account for just about every disaster situation, Hyundai promises to bring even more features on board. Tuan Mai is a Los Angeles based writer and marketing manager working within the PC Hardware industry. 10 Extremely Rare Luxury SUVs By Nathan Laliberte Share Tweet 0 0 2. With a production run of just 100 vehicles, the Knight XV is one of the rarest (and most expensive) SUVs on the planet.
The rifle, (while looking cool and purposeful) proved to be finicky with what ammo it would function with, and while the concept was great, the quality of most parts integral to proper function and longevity of the rifle seemed to be sacrificed in order to make the rifle light and floatable.
I'm looking for a revolver something with some stopping power up close, short barrel concealed carry. This gun was actually given to my grandpa by Bob and Carol Reese as they came down every year to hunt on our farm. To market a product (especially in the US with its litigation laws) as "Stainless Steel" and then only paint 4140 crome-molly to look silver would be suicide for ANY manufacturer let alone a firearms manufacturer. They don’t depend on gasoline and can be maintained with a simple tool kit and package of inner tubes. How ever the one item that keep’s them going in almost any condition may be their biggest downfall,the elecronic ignition.
Pretty much exactly what it sounds like, the Zombie Survival Machine is a heavily modified Hyundai Elantra optimized for plowing through armies of the undead. While a Hyundai Elantra probably isn't the first vehicle you would think of turning to for mowing down hordes of hungry zombies, we have to admit the company has created one mouth-watering concept.
He has written for Tom's Guide since 2010, with a special interest in the weird and quirky. It is hand-crafted in Cananda, fully armored, and is a favoirite among dictators and celebrities (including Dwight Howard) alike.
It is in the factory blue plastic case with all the paper work and the NIW Springfield scope mount.

Just a note I live in Canada, so either it has to be in Canada already or need to make arrangements to export it. My M6 was manufactured before the mandated trigger guard and has a Avibank stainless steel quick release break down pin. It is about 29 on the scale of rockwell hardness and contains about 10% chrome (for Corrosion resistance) and sulphur to improve its machinability.
It is however interesting to note that just because a rifle is stainless steel does NOT mean that it is totally rust resistant.
And since a couple of friends of mine are total zombie fans, we have bench raced the idea of what the ultimate zombie fighting machine would be.
Sadly, we probably won't be seeing these bad boys enter production any time soon, so if the apocalypse comes, you'll just have to duct tape some samurai swords to your Prius and hope for the best. Judging by the little info i could gain i worked out my little painted (not) stainless should be able to withstand pressures of around 100,000psi!!! Rifle can be seen on craigs list this date under M6 in the "for sale" column under "barter".
I would be very interested to see how well the AR-7 fared? Anonymous i wouldnt buy any real estate off that dude that brain-washed you about "silver-frosted" M6's unless you can see the land at high tide as well!
To the lads from OZ you should never have let your government change the gun ownership laws. Stainless barrels are also more accurate than molly barrels as well, thats why benchresters love them.
Preparedness is key my friends, so now is the time to figure out what your apocalypse vehicle is going to be.

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