These best zombie survival games should satisfy your need for experiencing some frantic scenarios involving the undead.
The entire game can be played in co-op mode, and this time around, there’s a new character as well.
The Walking Dead is less about frenzied action, and more about delivering an unforgettable experience about how a zombie apocalypse will actually feel like.
This adventure game’s unique aspect lies in the fact that you are asked to take crucial decisions at various points, and the further story is woven based on those choices. It’s a multiplayer open world survival horror experience taking place in a fictional country called Chernarus. A Wii U-exclusive, ZombiU is a first-person survival horror game set in an undead-infested London.
A unique gameplay mechanic which has been infused into the title is that if you die due to a zombie bite, you start playing as another random survivor, whereas the earlier character turns into a zombie itself. The creatures from The Last of Us cannot be dubbed zombies, but they can certainly be branded as undead who’re hell-bent on making you one of them. Joel and Ellie must survive these creatures and hostile humans alike on their way to Salt Lake City where a possible cure for the epidemic could be made. Again, it isn’t zombies you’ll be fighting against in Resident Evil 5, but they’re similar creatures called Majini who’re equally dangerous and scary. While staying true to its legendary predecessor, Resident Evil 5 adds a number of new elements that make it a truly unique experience. Our next pick for this compilation is a comprehensive DLC pack which was released for Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption.
The Wild West setting and the original gameplay of the actual title coupled with a large number of distinct scenarios made possible by the addition of zombies, make Undead Nightmare a must have. Capcom’s Dead Rising 2 is pure open world madness, with its large scale zombie battles, custom weapons and much more. The game tells the story of a former motocross champion named Chuck Greene, who’s forced by circumstances to venture out in the undead-infested city in order to gain a cure for his little daughter who could turn into a zombie if not treated. Valve’s attempt at creating a cooperative first-person shooter hit bulls eye with 2008’s L4D. Available for the Xbox 360, Windows, Mac as well as Linux, L4D2 takes place in the aftermath of an apocalyptic pandemic, and has you step into the shoes of four survivors, even as they look to fight against hordes of the zombie-like creatures. A horror-themed third-person shooter, Dead Space 3 features mutated and reanimated corpses called Necromorphs who’re your main enemies. Released earlier this year, Dead Space 3 contains a ridiculously exciting atmosphere which is fraught with a lot of scary scenarios. Como bien sabremos todos, existe un maravilloso genero dentro del mundo de los videojuegos llamado survival horror, o popularmente, juegos de miedo de los de toda la vida.
The indie horror survival game Grave that is currently halfway through its Kickstarter campaign will be coming to the Xbox One, its developer Broken Windows Studios has announced.
For those unfamiliar, Grave is an open-world survival horror game that promises "the tension and fear" of a horror game in addition to both familiar strategy and survival focuses. Grave offers a full story line, and draws some of its inspiration from surrealist art, with the world being one that both rearranges and changes itself as the gamer progresses. The monsters in the game all have unique reaction to light, and so light is used in different battling ways -- lighting gasoline on fire, flicking a match, throwing a flashbang, and such. Survival horror is a subgenre of video games inspired by horror fiction that focuses on survival of the character as the game tries to frighten players. The survival horror genre is also known for other non-combat challenges, such as solving puzzles at certain locations in the game world,[11] and collecting and managing an inventory of items. 1982 saw the release of another early horror game, Bandai‘s Terror House,[24] based on traditional Japanese horror,[25] released as a Bandai LCD Solarpower handheld game. Sweet Home (1989), pictured above, was a role-playing video game often called the first survival horror and cited as the main inspiration for Resident Evil.
Alone in the Dark (1992) is considered a forefather of the survival horror genre, and is sometimes called a survival horror game in retrospect.
In 1992, Infogrames released Alone in the Dark, which has been considered a forefather of the genre.[9][41][42] The game featured a lone protagonist against hordes of monsters, and made use of traditional adventure game challenges such as puzzle-solving and finding hidden keys to new areas.

In 1994, Riverhillsoft released the first fully 3D survival horror game, Doctor Hauzer, for the 3DO.
The Silent Hill series, pictured above, introduced a psychological horror style to the genre. Also in 1999, Capcom released the original Dino Crisis, which was noted for incorporating certain elements from survival horror games. In recent years, developers have combined traditional survival horror gameplay with other concepts. Shinji Mikami, the creator of the Resident Evil franchise, released his new survival horror game The Evil Within, in 2014. Just played this a few minutes ago, I put 15 shotsgun shells into a zombie, he didn’t? die. I tried the alpha version and I’m far too scared to actually buy the? full version, at least for now.
For games, movies and other forms of fiction, the zombie theme is something that’s constantly being re-explored by makers, especially because it’s such an intriguing topic. Released in the form of episodic seasons, this game revolves around the life of a survivor named Lee whose goal it is to find a little girl named Clementine her lost parents. You see, DayZ was released as a mod for 2009’s Arma 2 and its expansion, Operation Arrowhead.
Battling the problem of limited supplies, weapons and medicine, you are required to either kill or stay away from zombies and some other survivors if you wish to stay alive in this incredibly scary and challenging mod.
It has some brilliant content packed in it, and playing it with the Wii U GamePad amplifies the fun a great deal.
The plot of this PS3-exclusive is based in a post-apocalyptic United States of 2033, and showcases the effects of an apocalypse which has been brought around by a deadly fungus growing on people’s brain. Developer Naughty Dog’s genius shines through each and every aspect of The Last Us, be it the deep writing, the cinematic beauty, the lively visuals and of course, the diverse gameplay. Resident Evil 5 was released for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2009, and had managed to gain widespread acclaim for its incredibly enjoyable gameplay.
It keeps the main game’s structure, but turns its normal population into zombies, in its bid to narrate a funny and engaging story. Although a DLC, it’s now sold along with the game in the form of a GotY edition for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The following year then, the developer followed it up with Left 4 Dead 2 which expanded the original’s appeal, and delivered something even more praiseworthy. In this final chapter from the Dead Space trilogy a co-op based approach with its gameplay, allowing you to team up with one more person to tackle your objectives.
Hope you’ve read all the descriptions of these best zombie survival games carefully, and decided upon your next purchase.
Al principio, los primeros juegos a los que podriamos considerar de este tipo solian ser los clasicos de zombis y mata mata, sin que realmente supusieran un infarto para aquellos que los jugabamos.
The game is set for an early 2015 release, and is also set to arrive on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The game is strongly based on strategy because of this, eschewing common inventories and stockpiling. Although combat can be a part of the gameplay, the player is made to feel less in control than in typical action games through limited ammunition, health, speed and vision, or through various obstructions of the player’s interaction with the game mechanics. The name has been used since then for games with similar gameplay, and has been retroactively applied to earlier titles.
It has open environments like Dragon Quest and real-time side-view battles like Zelda II, though War of the Dead departed from other RPGs with its dark and creepy atmosphere expressed through the storytelling, graphics, and music.[34] The player character has limited ammunition, though the player character can punch or use a knife if out of ammunition. Unlike most other early games in the genre, it featured a science fiction setting inspired by the film Alien, but had gameplay that closely resembled later survival horror games in many ways.
Graphically, Alone in the Dark utilized static prerendered camera views that were cinematic in nature. Both the player character and the environment are rendered entirely in polygons, while allowing the player to switch the view between three different perspectives: third-person, first-person, and overhead view.
These Clock Tower games proved to be hits, capitalizing on the success of Resident Evil while staying true to the graphic-adventure gameplay of the original Clock Tower rather than following the Resident Evil formula.[47] Another survival horror title that differentiated itself was Corpse Party (1996), an indie, psychological horror adventure game created using the RPG Maker engine.

Mikami stated that his goal was to bring survival horror back to its roots (even though this is his last directorial work), as he was disappointed by recent survival horror games for having too much action. The undead have made their presence felt in a ton of video game titles out there, but there have been a few which have stood out glaringly. While its predecessor told the story of how its four protagonists managed to finally escape the undead-infested island of Banoi, this game, strangely enough, has all of them somehow land on another island which too is overrun by the dangerous creatures.
Season 1 of The Walking Dead is available for the PS3, Xbox 360, Windows, Mac, PS Vita as well as iOS.
This mod managed to reach such popularity that it actually boosted sales of the otherwise struggling host game.
Sin embargo, con el paso del tiempo, las companias se han ido poniendo poco a poco como finalidad hacer que nos peguemos a los sillones, que tengamos pesadillas y que nos tiremos dias enteros sin dormir.
The player is also challenged to find items that unlock the path to new areas and solve puzzles to proceed in the game. Starting with the release of Resident Evil 4 in 2005, the genre began to incorporate more features from action games and more traditional first person and third-person shooter games. Much like Clock Tower and later Haunting Ground (2005), the player characters in Corpse Party lack any means of defending themselves; the game also featured up to 20 possible endings. That year saw the release of Square‘s Parasite Eve, which combined elements from Resident Evil with the RPG gameplay of Final Fantasy. Here we’ve gathered them in the form a comprehensive list that you can scour through and decide which ones you can go for if you’re a fan of zombie games.
Its makers are now busy creating a standalone game out of it, but in the meanwhile, you can still treat yourselves to this mod. Games make use of strong horror themes, like dark maze-like environments and unexpected attacks from enemies.
This Wii effort was, however, considered by most reviewers as a return to form for the series due to several developmental decisions taken by Climax Studios.[88] This included the decision to openly break the fourth wall by psychologically profiling the player, and the decision to remove any weapons from the game, forcing the player to run whenever they see an enemy. Comparisons have been made between Lovecraft’s Cthulhoid Old Ones and the boss encounters seen in many survival horror games. Gameplay is typical of future survival horror titles, as it emphasizes puzzle-solving and evasive action, rather than violence.[8] The game uses monsters commonly featured in horror fiction, such as bats and ghosts, each of which has unique behaviors. You build, craft, fortify, salvage, eat, fight and more, while trying to survive the zombie apocalypse!
Lo mas terrible a lo que yo habia podido jugar hasta entonces es a los ultimos niveles del super mario; no sabia lo que era pasar miedo. Aun no he visto la segunda, pero puedo asegurar que, aunque me jacte de no asustarme con las peliculas de terror, la primera de Insidious me hizo chillar y hasta llorar en el cine.
Gameplay also incorporates item collection and inventory management, along with areas that are inaccessible until the appropriate item is found. Si a esto le sumamos uno de los mejores juegos de terror psicologico, en el que no se nos permite el lujo de salir corriendo para huir de los enemigos -estos fantasmas cabrones atraviesan las paredes, y como no hay tiempos de carga entre una habitacion y otra, nos pueden perseguir tanto como les plazca-, y que ademas para enfrentarse a ellos hay que enfocarles en primera persona a sus preciosas -por los cojones- caritas angelicales, tenemos como resultado un trauma infantil como la copa de un pino de grande. Anado, eso si, que en la television no impresiona tanto, sobre todo al verla por segunda vez. Expediente Warren esta basada en hechos reales, y nos habla de Ed y Lorraine Warren, dos famosos investigadores norteamericanos que se dedican al tema de los fenomenos paranormales, en especial, los relacionados con el espiritismo y el mas alla. Poco a poco, nos iremos dando cuenta de que los une, cuando una familia acude a la otra, los warren, para resolver un terrible caso. Observaremos como los Warren, acostumbrados a desmentir la mayoria de los supuestos casos de sucesos paranormales, enseguida perciben que hay algo oscuro en la casa de los Perron. No es una BSO de oscar, pero cumple con el proposito, que es tenernos pegados a la butaca mordiendonos las unas. Quiza al final sea un poco mas frenetica pero eso no le resta puntos a mi parecer.Espero vuestros comentarios.

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