The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct videogame isna€™t due out until March 19, but we already have the first review of the game. Taking this license and bringing something new and exciting to the table is the difficult task that the studio behind Ghostbusters: The Video Game and Kinect Star Wars has taken on. This led me to my first question where I asked Gamble about the immense pressure in taking an established franchise from another medium and creating an immersive and enjoyable game out of it. One element of pressure, funnily enough, comes from Norman Reedus (who plays Daryl Dixon in the TV show and The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct). The popular AMC show positions character Rick Grimes as the lead character of the TV show, yet in this video game based on that very same programming, Terminal Reality chose to push Daryl Dixon to the fore. It has been said before that the game will involve some choice from the player, eager to hear more on that, I asked Glenn Gamble about how choice is implemented in the gameplay.
That immense pressure only mounts, of course, because another developer [Telltale Games] took that same license and produced a video game that received many plaudits from critics and fans alike. With this in mind, I asked Glenn Gamble if Daryl was always the protagonist in Survival Instinct, or was Rick ever thought of as an option.

Managing your resources has to be taken into account as the player tries to juggle the amount of food, fuel and ammo they have, along with merely staying alive. Are players tied down to a linear route in missions, or are there multiple paths to achieve goals, during the game?
This one looks very cool as it’s a first person shooter based on the AMC version with Daryl Dixon and Merle Dixon as the main characters. Seriously, I'm sat in an average sized sedan and have LEFT PEOPLE BEHIND, alone and surrounded by zombies because I can't possibly have more than three people in the back seat - what does Daryl take seatbelt safety REALLY seriously or something?
Leaving people behind because of the hard choices you have to make is supposed to MEAN something!
Thankfully, the studio’s principal FX artist and system designer Glenn Gamble was happy enough to answer some of my questions. Add to that, the fan made video – which garnered some criticism, and the poor reaction to the initial trailer featuring Michael Rooker and Norman Reedus.
In an interview with The Walker Stalkers, Norman Reedus revealed that he got an early copy of the game, which he previously verified by posting a photo to Instagram.Norman Reedus has a thirteen year old son named Mingus, who became the lucky recipient of the game.

Herea€™s how Reedus described what his son thought of the game.Norman Reedus said, a€?We got the first copy of The Walking Dead Survival Instinct video game, and so he was the first civilian to play the game. But he was you know playing that, and it was kind of fun watching him play me, and you know hear my voice like a€?Get down!
Merle, Merle, where are you?a€™ It was pretty intense.a€?Ok, since Norman Reedusa€™ character Daryl Dixon is actually featured in the game, Reedus and his son might be somewhat biased. But ita€™s definitely an encouraging sign that his son is into video games and really liked it.

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