Bar CardsCall Number: Information Desk Flash Cards 43Flash cards providing black letter law on bar subjects. Villanova University School of Law offers preparation tips, strategies, and more to help students pass the bar. Professor Vernellia Randall offers a host of advice for test-takers, including specific study tips, advice on answering multiple choice questions, planning a study schedule, stress management, and more.

The feature article at page 18 gives bar exam tips, including two pages of advice from Drake Law School graduate Brooke Timmer ('06) beginning at page 25. MBE Review FlashcardsCall Number: Information Desk Flash Cards 42PMBR flashcards that cover MBE topics in a question-and-answer format. The book suggests how to prepare and successfully approach the exam to complete questions within the time allotted.

She advocates using IRAC (issue, rule, application, and conclusion) analysis for all questions.

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