Natural Disasters WorldwideAlejandro Aravena: the shape of things to come April 10, 2016The Chilean architect’s project to create affordable homes has won him the Pritzker prize – and the job of directing this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale.
We offer a full array of survival gear and supplies including Wise Company emergency food products to get you through in times of need.
In today's uncertain political, financial and environmental times, you need to have a family emergency plan and part of that plan includes stocking up on the basics like an emergency food supply, water, batteries, first aid kit, blankets, a fully charged cell phone, tools, medicine, and sanitary supplies.
This is a great article explaining just how easy it would be for anyone that doesn't like the U.S.
One of the best ways anyone can prepare for an economic collapse or for that matter any other survival calamity it to get out of debt. Cool gadget I came across on Recoil web for the Powertraveller Powermonkey 5 way charger.  I am probably going to buy one of these for my longer term survival bag. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

This survival kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry.
Smart packaging provides for a long shelf life and easy storage of all Wise Company products. Wise products have the highest customer ratings for quality and convenience in the industry.
Could his holistic method provide a model for our cities?In 2003, in Iquique, Chile, 100 families were rehoused with the help of the architectural practice Elemental. It follows guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations. The available budget was […] Rowan MooreLorry blown over by high winds on Humber Bridge – video April 7, 2016Amateur footage shows the moment a lorry is blown over by high winds while driving along the Humber Bridge near Kingston upon Hull.
The video, which was filmed from a vehicle following the lorry, shows it losing control and knocking over a lamp-post.

Shot from inside KWTV’s truck, footage shows the man attempting to drive away but jumping out to join the TV crew moments before his machine is engulfed in fire. Stock up on the necessary emergency food and survival supplies for your home, boat, car, RV and work place.
Scorching wildfires in Oklahoma and Kansas […] Guardian StaffCumbria rebuilds after the flooding – a photo essay April 6, 2016Since the disastrous floods caused by Storm Desmond in 2015, road and bridge closures have hit Cumbria and the tourism it relies on hard.

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