This product puts a spin on the traditional survival kit by giving one the tools to be self-sufficient in about any emergency. This product, like most of our complete survival kits, provide the tools and supplies to make an unexpected stay in the wilderness a bit easier. Packaged in a resealable, waterproof storage bag, this product can be taken just about anywhere without issue. If any inquiries or concerns arise with regard to this kit or any of our other products, feel free to send us an email or call us at 1-800-693-0279 and we will get back to you as fast as possible. Multi-Function Shovel (nail puller, hatchet edge, saw edge, hammer, wrench with 3 different sizes, a bottle opener, a water filled compass, a waterproof container.
Complete with a high quality backpack, this popular Survival Kit includes a wide variety of products to ensure your safety across a number of different emergencies. Because you never truly know when an emergency will occur, or a disaster will strike, being properly prepared can be a great asset in assuring your survival. This hallmark Survival Kit includes all of the basic necessities you would need without many of the modern conveniences we have become so heavily reliant on. If you would like to learn more about this Guardian Survival Kit or any of our other products, our staff is available Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM at 1-800-693-0279. Survival kits are available in many different shapes and sizes ranging from small 1-person backpacks to large duffle bags made for 4 people or more. Each of our survival kits are built to last anywhere from 72 hours to several weeks depending on the product. Owning a survival kit or an emergency bag can be one of the most important aspects of any preparedness plan. While we do offer a large selection of disaster-specific kits, many of our survival kits include items to help you survive a broader range of situations. Each of our survival kit product pages include a full breakdown of the items that are included.
While some kits have more variety than others, you will usually find the same types of supplies in all survival kits. Clean water pouches and emergency food are the most primary category in the vast majority of our survival kits. Many of our kits will include Communication Supplies which can help to establish contact with others that may be nearby. Many tools have multiple uses, and will often include other functions like screwdrivers, can openers, pliers and even things like fish-scalers.
Our kits include Personal Hygiene Supplies which will ensure that you are able to maintain sanitary conditions and your hygiene is kept in the best shape possible. Entertainment supplies and other miscellaneous gear encompasses everything from playing cards to pencils, paper, and other items that will be of use in compiling a plan in the coming days and hours. Aside from common supplies that are included in pre-made kits, there are also some additional items you can add to make your survival kit more personalized. Aside from the number of people they are intended for, survival kits are also available for specific natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes or floods.
The benefit of owning a survival kit that is built for a specific emergency is mainly found in its contents. With that in mind, the great thing about our kits is that they all have a certain degree of cross-over value. Many of our basic survival kits are also able to be used for many different types of scenarios.
Our survival kits range in price from very basic and cost-effective to more complex kits that sell for a few hundred dollars. If you would like to learn more about Living Rational or any preparedness products that we have to offer, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time via live chat or email.
No matter which type of survival kit you are interested in, we will have it in stock and ready for shipment.
The Guardian Deluxe is one of our most popular 1 Person Survival Kits and offers just the right amount of supplies. The Guardian Deluxe Kit includes only items that are essential to survival as to not add unnecessary weight and bulk to the pack.
As one of our most cost effective 1 person kits, the Guardian Deluxe is great to keep on hand for emergencies like natural disasters. If you want to learn more about our Guardian Deluxe Survival Kit, or have questions about other preparedness supplies, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the contact page.
Survival situations come in many sizes and shapes, but are always a threat to those who are involved. This product is equipped with enough supplies and food to help your cat survive disaster scenarios of all sorts. If you have any questions about this or any of our other products at Living Rational, please feel free to send us an email.

With tools and products able to assist in accruing life-sustaining nourishment, even though you may be lost, you can ensure that you will never be without food. Unlike our other survival kits, however, this product is also equipped with tools to allow the person or people who are stranded to go out and find food on their own. It’s lightweight and comes complete with a backpack for easy transportation, making it great to take with you into the outdoors. This product is ready to be shipped directly to your door to allow for use during your next trip into the wilderness. It is versatile, lightweight and easy to transport making it a great item to have on hand when preparing for an emergency. Built by Guardian Survival Gear with help from experts in the preparedness industry, this kit derives its popularity from its comprehensiveness and low cost. Our survival kits are built for either very specific emergencies, or instead cover a diverse range of scenarios.
The supplies inside of each kit are carefully selected to meet these timeframes, and we only use the highest quality products available to us.
Whether you live in an area of the United States that is prone to natural disasters or you just want to prepare for the unexpected, survival kits can not only provide you with peace of mind but can also go a long way in helping you make it out of an emergency with your life. Consequently, a majority of the kits we offer can be used across several different types of both manmade and natural disasters. As you might expect, no matter who you are or what you encounter, the same human needs must be met in order to survive.
It goes without saying that food and water are imperative to the survival and sustainability of any living creature, and their inclusion in every kit is illustrative of this need. Since a survival kit’s usage will imply dire circumstances, the ability to contact others will greatly increase your chances of a successful recovery.
These items may very well end up being the most valuable asset in your survival kit next to water and food. They can also make activities like building a sturdy shelter a bit easier when you are stuck out on your own. While you are not going to be dressed up and well-groomed in the event of a natural disaster or an emergency, these supplies will keep you clean and mentally focused to move forward while providing you with some sense of normality. The first step towards successful recovery will frequently start with the use of your First Aid Kit. These types of items can help you to relax and clear your mind during an otherwise stressful situation.
Just as there are many scenarios where you would potentially experience a life-threatening emergency, there are just as many types of survival kits.
A good example of this would be an item like a snow shovel, which would have no practical use for the vast majority of situations aside from blizzards. For example, a 4-person survival kit could likely be used by five people, or it could also be used by just one or two people. For example, a 2 Person Elite Survival Kit can also be used for natural disasters if need be, even though the name does not imply it is intended for anything particular. Depending on whether you are aiming to protect the safety of one person or a larger group of people, pricing will vary slightly. We aim to respond to any and all inquiries in a very efficient manner, and we look forward to providing you with a high quality survival kit today. The items included with the kit are placed inside of waterproof bags which are packaged in a durable red backpack, making them easy to store in your home or car.
These supplies range from emergency water and food bars, to a flashlight, radio, tools, personal hygiene supplies and a first aid kit. Their compact size means they can be stored almost anywhere and transported with little effort. Make sure you view our full range of Preparedness Kits for more products from Guardian and other popular manufacturers. The Guardian Cat Survival Kit is a product that can help you be prepared to help your feline friend make it through even the roughest of situations.
With 5 different product categories, this survival kit is sure to cover all of your cats basic needs and then some. This product is ready to ship and will arrive at your door within only a few business days. After all, feeding one’s self is the utmost concern for anyone who becomes stranded in the wilderness.
Hunting and fishing are by no means easy tasks, but this survival kit can make them much more feasible. Whether you are going hiking, camping or hunting, this kit can give you peace of mind by providing you with a backup plan incase something goes wrong.

This is among the most basic and cost effective kits we have to offer and has been made to serve one person. Regardless of the particular scenario that you encounter, the dynamic variety of products included allows you to feel safe and secure. Be sure to view our other basic kits like the 2 Person Guardian Survival Kit or the 10 Person Guardian Survival Kit. Unless a kit is explicitly designed for an event (such as a hurricane or earthquake), it will serve your needs in almost any situation.
Most kits will also have some extra space so you can customize them to fit your needs or include additional supplies. To ensure you purchase the right pack, all of the survival kits on our website feature very specific information about which types of supplies they contain, the quantity and the shelf life. In every kit, these items are sealed in water-resistant packaging to ensure they are kept dry and usable in any environment.
The amount of food and water varies from product to product, but most survival kits will include enough of these supplies to sustain life for 72 hours or more. Depending on the manufacturer, a survival kit will include either survival ration bars or freeze dried meals. These types of items are also great for retrieving weather reports, listening to the news, and receiving up-to-date emergency information. They are most ideal for emergencies that involve less than desirable weather conditions, and will help keep you dry through rain and snow, making your situation a little more comfortable. Knives and other multi-purpose devices will enable you to create your own tools from what nature provides or can help you prepare food and perform many other vital activities. They can also help to prevent common infections that are often associated with the outdoors. Each variety contains different types and amounts of supplies to better suit the situation. This is why it is important to check the contents of the kit you plan on purchasing beforehand to see if it applies to the area you live in.
While some kits that have very specific designations (such as those for pets) are not ideal for all situations, they will still have multiple uses.
Beyond this, premium kits that are priced higher will carry a wider variety of survival equipment, food and water along with a larger quantity of contents. The ordering process itself involves only a few simple steps which can be completed in minutes. Each kit is packed with supplies that will last one person up to 72 hours, while extra space is provided to add extra supplies. Items like the hygiene kit are great for maintaining sanitary conditions through survival scenarios, while other items like the deck of playing cards can help keep you occupied. All of the food and water supplies inside the backpack have a five year shelf life, so you can keep them on hand for years to come. While you may be able to care for yourself and your own needs in disaster scenarios, your cat is not so fortunate.
Contained in a small, resealable waterproof bag, this product can be taken and stored almost anywhere without too much hassle. While it may be a seemingly simple task to help yourself survive a disaster scenario, your cat is faced with entirely different needs that are required to be addressed, and that is exactly what this survival kit does.
Each of its contents are individually packaged in waterproof bags to ensure they are usable through all conditions and the backpack makes it easy to transport. The contents include everything you would need during an emergency where you would otherwise be without basic supplies. The most common clothing supplies include mylar or wool blankets, ponchos, body warmers and tube-tents. While many of these supplies will not treat life-threatening injuries, they can help you treat minor ones until you are able to reach help. Whether you are looking for one that is built for a specific natural disaster or just for general preparedness, there’s a survival kit for you. Simply enter your shipping information, complete payment with our secure and encrypted payment processing, and your order will be on its way to you within a few days.
This product makes taking care of your cat’s needs in a survival situation just as feasible as it is normally.

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