An aviator's survival vest (SRU-21P), worn by helicopter crews, also contains survival items.
This 15 inch survival knife with drop point blade features a thick quality stainless steel blade with serrated top edge.
Ia€™ve been known to over-pack items like this, and I usually get a good laugh from my friends (at my expense) when they see some of my a€?emergencya€? items. A survival kit should be a stand-alone pack or container meant for one purpose: keep you alive in the event that youa€™re stuck in a remote area. Dangers like starvation and animal attacks are serious, but the more imminent dangers are usually heat stroke, hypothermia, and dehydration. Fire-starting: Lighter, waterproof matches, flint, or a magnifying glass could all qualify.
Shelter: Staying out of the elements can help you survive the dangers of frostbite, hypothermia, animals, and the suna€™s heat.
Signaling: If youa€™re lost and have to spend the night in the woods, a fire can be a very effective signaling method. Food: Sometimes ita€™s worth having a small snack in your survival kita€¦just to calm you down.
Personal Medications: If you have a daily prescription, allergy EpiPen, an asthma inhaler, or an insulin needlea€¦make sure ita€™s with you at all times during your camp or hike! Your kit should be small enough that it doesna€™t take up too much space or weigh you down, but large enough that it can safe your life. Based on reading lots of opinion prior to posting this, it seemed to me that the following 4 guns were often near the top of the list with regards to tools for survival. You must not have any experience in the military where the M16 and M4 are used in many survival situations (combat) and are the difference in survival or death. For the modest budget, the Ruger SR 22 is a fine little pistol, takes any ammo you feed it. Funny, while in Iraq in 2009 I often wished I had my 30-30 Winchester or my 12ga Remington 870 in my hands instead of the M-4 or the M-9 I was issued. Your local jr college will give you 6k of loans and a Pell grant to cover your actual school expenses.
Adams arms makes great gas piston kits for ar’s so you have a very reliable platform that’s lighter more ergonomic and with much more amunition and magazines in use here in murka !! I have a 380 LCP for concealed carry, a 22 rifle, a Glock 19, a Remington 870 and the AR-15. Ak-47 is the most reliable combat gun in the world, the piston uses the spent gases to move the slide back to chamber a round. In a post SHTF time – anyone who sees you (rifle or not) is probably going to shoot at you. Be like me, carry the gun CCW style and your rifle (with folding stock) in your sleeping bag. Many people scoff at the fact that a .22 rifle is viable for anything but shooting small game. I am a retired law enforcement officer and I had first hand observations of deaths from .22 rounds. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.
He brought up the notion of how firearms are integral to rural survival living and listed some practical recommendations including the four survival guns he would choose.

Glock 19 (9mm) handgun, Caliber is extremely common and ammunition will be easiest to obtain. Remington 870 (12 gauge) shotgun, Highly customizable and well respected reliable pump action shotgun. I have one for my BOB, but it’s the same one, in the same holster, which I use for EDC. The weapons that make the difference when the obstacle to survival is the two legged type and not the four footed kind you may face in a rural environment. You are entitled to your opinion as everyone is but you are not entitled to rewrite the facts.
I dig you like the 223, but as long as you’re not too lazy or too light in the ass, the 308 is a much better choice!!!!! Why give up all the advantages of GI ammo, ease of cleaning (sand messes up a lever action RIGHT NOW) rapidfire, longer range, etc? Two reasons, the wife and kids can handle it painlessly with 80% the power and half the recoil of the 12 and the rifled slug for big game have a better Ballistic coefficient than the 12 so it actually has a longer range than the 12 with slugs. It is 1lb heavier than the AR due to the gas piston but runs cooler and cleaner than DI system of the AR. I have read stories of our boys collecting a stray sks and ammo to carry on patrol because they had no faith in their m16.
It is good for small game, adequate for home defense and medium game, and in a pinch one could take a deer or even a moose with a well-placed shot. The AR-15 type rifles are very versatile and will serve anyone as self defense or small to medium game getters. The defensive capabilies of this weapon system in being able to accomplish this mission is a historical fact born out of countless successful engagements both on the individual and unit level. People have moutain bikes, offroad motorcycles, powered, sail, paddlable boats, ATV’s, etc. Better rapidfire, better range, easier to maintain, takes the GI rd AND the most commonly found ammo, luminous sight inserts, concealable when taken down, can be used with just one arm, etc. We have a good amount (I don’t want to give my business away) already made and in the process of making. ARs are far more accurate due to the close tolerances, thereby a small amount of trash can get between the moving parts and jam.
Survival kit includes a hollow grip with a compass top to store items within the knife itself, as well as additional pouches on the sheath to hold the rest.
So I’l have the 223 softpoints as an option, if I need the power, penetration and range.
It may not be the choice for everyone in every situation (because there is NO one weapon right for all possible situations) but it has clearly proven itself in the most extreme environment possible i.e. Don’t get me wrong, $3000 can get you a nice one with better rwliability but it still cant handle the abuse of an AK varient. I am certain no automatic weapon ever created does not need to be cleaned, even a revolver will eventually foul. You seek a weapon to hunt, protect your family, or perhaps even more better get something with a bit more power. I’ve had plenty of time with both in a capacity I hope the readers of this will never see and anyone who votes AR obviously hasnt.
An AR-15 that is kept clean is a very reliable weapon, but in adverse conditions it will not take the neglect or abuse of an AK. I would guess you have no or little experience with real survival situations which is OK but please know your opinion should be considered with that fact in mind, no offense intended.

The Ar15’s we spend more in making but it has a lot more use as everyone in our group has at least 1 decked out. Both weapons are highly accurate with 1 in 7 twist nitrided barrels as we as highly reliable. Ball powder was terribly dirty for this rifle (The AR 15, and especially the DI system was conceived with light weight and economical manufacture in mind).
I’ve taken the extra SHTF measure of having the internals of both rifles coated in Fail Zero. With that in mind as light as it is you can carry defensive guns such as an AR or mini 14 or what ever you prefer. Your pistol should be in your front pants pocket holster, out of sight, out of the elements, readily accessible, out of the way of your pack and your rifle, No reason to clean it, either. 90% of the population can’t afford to give up car, house, job, take kids out of school, abandon parents, etc. I own a 20 Gauge not a 12 Gauge which is sufficient for all small game such as fowl, squirrels, and rabbit. Yes it can take a lot of abuse and still function but in the end of it all it will be the AR15’s that we will make. With 60 gr, deep penetrating, reliably expanding Nosler Partition softpoints, it does a fine job.
Molds are cheaper, shells can be picked up easily as everyone shoots them, and they can go in any brand AR15. The AR shoots a small light lead very straight, fast and has a very impressive accuracy even up to 300 yards. Forget the silly cowboy guns, forget the bolt actions, and forget thinking your going to be able to just pick-up ammo form the dead, you have no way to know what or who is out there. However, the ARs small straight firing lead if it does not hit a vital target has little stopping power. It can win matches, take varmints and small game all year long, take deer and hogs, defend your home and vehicle, be great for shtf combat and foraging. An Ak bullet is not very accurate because the bullet is designed to tumble, but the wound is pretty massive even if it is a flesh wound. I believe if it comes to push and shove about weapons and the ones for survival everybody has their own love of certain weapons. AR cannot even be used for deer hunting in some states because it is considered too small to be humane. Light weight and accuracy, goes to the AR, [adverse conditions] dependability and greater knockdown goes to the AK. Pick a weapon that you can reload your own shells and start reloading now while you have a chance to do it cheap. In all fairness for me to pick between these two proven guns, I would want to know the situation, about the only thing these guns have in common is they are used in war. If I were stationary and was going to meet the enemy within 100 yards I would want the AK, if I had to move and carry the weapon long distances and might have to shoot at greater distances I would want the AR. By the way, I know 300 yard shots can be made with the AK, and 500 yard shots can be made with the AR, BUT I am being reasonable, not extraordinary.

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