Combat & Survival is a quality, informed and informative title that keeps its readers up to spec on a multitude of topics, ranging from comprehensive kit advice, weapons and hardware reviews, and trouble-zone news to battle tactics.
SELF-Reliance Illustrated is another one that I hadn't seen before it was pointed out to me. Not to hijack the thread but I would be interested in hearing your review of this magazine. A BBC Focus enables you to access diverse and in-depth information about the world, technology and science.

Their hot-spot reports have taken in Bosnia, Kosovo, Israel, Azerbaijan, Albania, Sudan, Somalia, South Africa, Cyprus and Afghanistan, Kuwait and, of course, Iraq.
The outside cover has a guy in an orange jacket and Les Stroud is on the bottom right corner. A subscription to BBC Sky at Night magazine provides a monthly practical guide to astronomy. Self Reliance Illustrated looks cool but I've never seen it anywhere, even at some of the specialty magazine stands downtown.

They have a free issue available on their website in .pdf format but I don't have the patience or time to scroll through it.

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