December 29, 2014 by nsra-admin Leave a Comment Recently, a new medical survival guide came across my radar and I decided to flip through it. Most of the guides of this sort don’t appeal to me much; they’re either so technical that I want to go to sleep after page 2, or they’re so simplified that there’s not much information that’s useful to me.
Since he discusses mostly medical emergencies, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re without medical services for 10 hours or 10 days because the issues that he discusses need to be dealt with immediately. The information is organized in a manner that makes it easy to skim through the table of contents and find what you’re looking for quickly. The first section is about preparedness for disease or injury before disaster strikes and the second section addresses medical preparedness and how to take action after disaster strikes. Your body is much more apt to recover from acute disease or injury if you have a strong immune system and are within normal weight and health ranges when you become ill. He describes the most common conditions related to each system then tells you how to prepare for people who have those conditions. When appropriate, such as with stroke, he also tells you how to recognize the signs and symptoms so that you may help the person if at all possible. What I really liked about this part of the first section is that it tells you what medications and supplies that you need to stockpile for people with chronic conditions such as asthma, digestive disorders and kidney infection and disease. He also goes into detail about the symptoms of many different conditions so that you may differentiate, or at least get a good idea of what is going on with the person. Section one continues on to delve into dental conditions, which is going to be a serious concern when and if SHTF.
Not only are dental issues excruciatingly painful, they can also turn deadly because the infection caused by an abscessed tooth can easily enter the bloodstream via the numerous little capillaries in your gums. After the dental information, the book touches on women’s health issues such as pregnancy then goes on to provide a nice list of medications that you should stockpile if at all possible. The great thing about this list is that it’s detailed; the meds are broken down into categories such as cold and flu, antibiotics, psychotropics, pain medication and children’s medications. It’s not just a list of meds, either; he provides the name of the med then goes on to tell you what it’s best used for and how much you should take based upon standard dosing procedures where appropriate.
He breaks them down according to need: superficial, wounds requiring sutures or staples, and complicated wounds and fractures. Section 1 is rounded out with a list of sanitation procedures, alternative medications, treatments and preventative measures such as herbs, yoga and tai chi. Heading into section 2, you already have a good knowledge base from the topics covered in section 1 and Dr. He explains how to identify signs of medical distress and how to determine what sequence to treat injuries and illnesses in so that you give the patient the best chance of survival.
He also touches on basic triage techniques that will help you determine WHO to treat first. After he explains what to expect, the doctor breaks it down even further and gets to the real nitty gritty: the individual injury types.
Once he thoroughly and descriptively covers injuries, he moves on to non-traumatic conditions such as hypothermia, infection and radiation poisoning. It would be a great go-to guide in a pinch and it makes great reading for those who want to learn more about emergency medical treatments. This is an essential, practical guide to the equipment and techniques of everyday interventional radiology. With the new Survival MD e-book you will discover everything you have to know throughout a major crisis, when you can not reach medical assistance and there are no physicians around.
The program will supply you with every information and piece of info essential for survivability. The manual was established by Robert Gray, who spent more than 3 months traveling around the world and learning the simple forms individuals have to cure conditions without medical devices, primarily in third world countries, and the tricks they have to face alarming conditions. This is a complete medical field survival guide that can be checked out and followed by any individual ready to keep his or her future safe. This comprehensive guide consists of a 206 pages program loaded with details that likewise consists of 73 pages with reports on how you can endure in a number of and various scenarios. You will likewise learn prevention ideas to assist you handle many diseases in case you capture among them. This is an easy to read and follow guide that will ensure you learn both essentials and advanced survival strategies. This manual has actually been applauded as the best survival guide the marketplace has to provide. Download the Survival MD guidebook now and have access to the greatest survival system available! How To Treat Diaper RashHow to treat diaper rash fast at home – 10 tips When the infants suffer from diaper rash, they will feel unpleasant and unpleasant.
How To Prevent Yeast InfectionsHow to prevent yeast infections naturally – 10 easy tips Yeast infections effect most women and it is amongst the majority of common grievances amongst females of childbearing age.
How To Cure Eye StrainHow to cure eye strain headaches – 10 tips Eye strain is a popular health concern in the nowadays life. How To Cure EndometriosisHow to cure endometriosis pain naturally – 8 tips Many of ladies struggle with endometriosis during their duration.
Luckily, there are plenty of helpful DIY tips on what to do when the imminent threat arrives. Zombie prep should never be left to the last minute — unless you happen to like the taste of brains for dinner.
Before and after disaster strikes, you will need to make sure your food supply is non-perishable.
Image: Tom HeadYou can preserve almost any fruit or vegetable for weeks or months longer than keeping them in the fridge. Image: Jinny KohPressure canning is another great method for prepping food, especially meat, for long periods of time. Image: Flickr, Harsha K RNot only is dehydrating great for preserving and storing fruits like watermelon, it's practically like eating candy. Image: Flickr, David GoehringSpices and food flavorings like garlic are going to be scarce in the post-zombie world. Image: Flickr, Austin KeysIf you ever want to taste bacon again while you're dodging brain-eaters, you might want to look into dry curing your own stock.
Image: Global XThe best way to get yourself started on your new life is to make sure you're set for the first three days. Image: Alexander BeckerYou'd be surprised at how many essential items you can fit in an Altoids tin. Image: Flickr, Thirteen Of ClubsFor all those tiny objects you do not want to lose when you're really in a jam. Image: Andrew FilerAbandoned coffee cans can become useful storage items, especially if you're struggling to keep organized out there. Image: ion-bogdan dumitrescuThrow out your cardboard matchbox — the last thing you need is soggy matches.

Image: LotusMongerWhen your matches run out, use the environment around you for sources of light and heat.
Image: Russell BerniceJust because you're out in the wilderness doesn't mean you need to skimp on hot meals. Image: Elaine AshtonCandle wax is in short supply, but you can always use what's leftover at the abandoned grocery store to light your way. Image: dan wincklerThese tiny, strong and versatile tins will be extremely valuable in the new world.
Image: Douglas CoulterWhen the heat goes out, use your new-found MacGuyver skills to keep yourself warm. Image: Troy TolleyYou probably won't need your smartphone in the new zombie world — but always be prepared. Chances are, your new place is in need of essential upgrades to make it more livable, and it might take a little improvising. Image: Patrick BennettNow you've got the time, you can finally start growing all your favorite greens again. Image: etcavanaughKeep things cold while you're still figuring out that whole electricity thing. Image: Martin SchamisKeep your entire party hyrated by harnessing all the gifts of Mother Nature.
There's not a lot of time for leisure in this post-zombie life, but there are a few things you can do to make life a little easier. Image: Vivianna_loveKeep your feet high and dry while your marching through all kinds of swampy terrain. Sport the ever-fashionable "I-just-survived-a-brutal-zombie-attack" look with this cosy hoodie.
This fun-for-all-the-family playset could lead to the kind of diorama we'd be interested in seeing.
Finally, our furry friends can get in on the zombie action too with a squeaky undead foot toy. I recently had to call the Dutch Vehicle Registration office (RDW) in order to arrange official matters regarding the transport of a few motorbikes to Switzerland. The official phone number for the RDW is 0900 0739, which is a "service phone number" and costs 10 cents per minute extra. So the challenge is just to implement these three, and to make sure that there's a check on attribute attr. This means that the file has EXIF tags, and may or may not be rotated in the right way for displays that don't interpret the EXIF information. Once you've typed make install in that 'sources' directory, just use exifautotran *.jpg to rotate JPEG's to the right direction.
Here's a simple publisher that selects a random payload word (from the "lorem ipsum" dictionary) and a random topic, which is a number between 0 and 9. The below publisher runs ad infinitum and pauses for 1 second between all messages in order to make the demo clearer.
With the above code, it's possible to start one publisher and several subscribers, each interested in a topic numbered 0-9. Termination signals are ignored; you don't want to accidentally stop fe with half a file transcrypted. Germany had occupied the Czechoslovak Republic and my dad joined the resistance, as many of his school mates.
Finally in 1970 my dad got the opportunity to participate in a research project funded by the World Health Organization. The other day I needed to combine in one tornado.web instance a few dynamic request handlers, and a static file handler. The actual URL parsing is of course left to the class method of the original parent StaticFileHandler.parse_url_path(). Scurtu breaks disease and illness down by bodily systems: nervous system, respiratory system, circulatory system, etc. The list is descriptive and easy to understand; he describes the tools that should be in each kit. Scurtu explains how to assess a patient and how to perform first aid and CPR both on adults and on children. Scurtu progresses in the same manner to address infectious diseases and conditions related to climate.
Radu Scurtu is an inclusive, easy-to-understand medical guide that I was truly impressed with.
Each procedure is explained in a logical, step-by-step fashion with clear practical advice on how to ensure a successful outcome.
During a genuine crisis you might not be able to even reach your kitchen area or toilet for your medical kit.
The majority of his taking a trip time was spent in developing nation where survival is a daily fact. And the very best part is that you do not need any kind of previous medical knowledge to read it. More than 10 situations are simulated so that you can understand what you will be facing against. Obviously, not every condition can be treated with an emergency treatment kit, but the majority of them can be prevented if you follow the guidelines correctly. It has to read every so often to keep it fresh in your memory, what makes it time consuming. You have to take action everyday in order to ensure your survival and that of your family also. No matter how hard you aim to prevent or prevent this issue, this nasty thing may occur to your child.
From TV shows like The Walking Dead to Internet forums dedicated to zombie know-how, there are thousands of ways to fortify yourself for survival. And while many people will assume to build fallout shelters or camp in tents, do not be swayed by this. This means two things: using everything in your environment to your advantage, and channeling your inner MacGyver. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. But guess what, when you're calling from abroad (in my case: Czech republic), then the foreign operator won't recognize the 0900 service prefix and can't connect you. But (being lazy), I didn't want to create special classes with getters and setters for such trivial storage - too much typing.
Python's classes implement a number of 'magic' methods, such as the constructor __init__(self).
Strangely, some images appeared rotated on the site, while they looked normal on the iPhone.

Typically, such images will have EXIF tags that state the right rotation, even though the image itself is oriented in another fashion. Here's a shameless repost and a very tiny mini-howto for those that need to re-orient such files. The message, consisting of the topic and the payload, is published on a TCP port that is stated on the commandline. The upper left terminal is the publisher; the other ones are subsribed to topics 1, 2 and 3.
When given, buffers are not transcrypted; only the interception layer generates verbose messages. My grandfather and grandmother were both tailors and they sent him to the local high school (Gymnasium) to prepare for a better life. He was involved in some scheme to get food stamps to refugees, but he and his close friend were arrested by the Germans and sent to prison.
In 1989 the Iron Curtain fell, and my parents decided to return to Prague where they found their old school and university friends. Radu Scurtu, doesn’t focus on one particular SHTF scenario; instead, he goes with the assumption that SOMETHING has happened that has made medical professionals and hospitals unavailable. After basic life-saving techniques are explained, he delves into particular injuries and illnesses that are most common during a crisis. As with all of the traumatic illnesses, he describes the condition well then tells you how best to treat it. Even considering I have read numerous books that claim to be excellent “survival” medical books, I still learned quite a bit from this book and I recommend it highly. Top tips and troubleshooting guides provide the trainee radiologist with often overlooked hands-on clinical knowledge.
With its help, you will discover how to treat practically all illness that could take place to you. There are a lot of medical approaches explained and described through the guide’s pages that are life saving techniques from actual life circumstances.
He learned to find natural healings offered by nature without depending on any drugs or chemicals. The e-book also makes up top survival professionals credit reports and supplies you with routine updates and newsletters to keep you notified on the latest survival trends and specifics. When civil services concern an abrupt stop, you will need to know what to do and the best ways to deal with a number of crucial elements, like rubbish for instance. Ok, I thought, no problem: the RDW must have a different number for calls from abroad, right? I was connected to the RDW phone robot, who detected that I'm calling using a Dutch number (I was on my Dutch mobile) and happily informed me that I had to call the 0900 number. As the typical object-oriented example, I wanted a type Person that could hold names in attributes like first and a last, but not nr_of_wheels.
Below class Anyclass has a constructor that accepts a list of strings that are interpreted as the 'allowed attributes'.
Each published message has a topic, which is simply a number, and a payload (buffer, string, JSON object, serialized Python object, whatever). Note also the somewhat liberal usage of the words socket and bind in the zmq module: these names suggest POSIX C-like behavior, while in fact, the zmq variants do much more. As you see the topics 1, 2 or 3 being at random published, you see them being displayed in the subscribers. The push-type socket makes information available to others; the pull-type socket is of course the reverse and collects information. I don't think that I ever met another person with such vast knowledge, whether in his professional field as pathologist or in any other field, history, geography, whatnot.
After a few months they were transferred to the concentration camp at Theresienstadt where my dad spent the last years of the war.
The static file handler somehow gets precedence over regex-matching rules in the tornado application definition.
Conceptual line drawings, bullet points and symbols such as alarm bells will be used throughout the book to illustrate key points.
Together they developed Survival MD, a powerful tool for you to follow in case all healthcare facility and centers are turned off or gone entirely. The guide will likewise teach you exactly what to stock up beginning today so that you are more prepared than ever. The tissue lining in the uterus which is likewise called endometrium is shed during the females’s period. Every message that the publisher makes available, must have both the topic and the payload.
According to 0MQ's documentation, the bulk of the heavy lifting is done by zmq's socket module. In the below code fragment this is the second command line argument; the first being the TCP port of the publisher. In the camp he became known for his uncanny ability to tell captivating stories - he would by heart recite books on just about any subject: classical literary works that he had been taught at school, novels about exotic foreign adventures, or simply school textbooks. It was at that time extraordinary that the entire family would get the exit visa from Czechoslovakia; normally the authorities made sure that one child stayed behind so that the return of the others was ensured. As far as the publisher is concerned, messages are simply "put on the line" and whoever wants them, receives them. In the evenings he would entertain the other prisoners, who by means of thanks would slip him a slice of bread or half a cup of soup.
I fondly remember my family's house in the country (a delapidated farm) where our holidays were spent; most evenings were filled with stories that my dad would tell us before turning off the lights. At first my father stayed with my sister, then subsequently during the last 14 months of his life he and I shared a home. So how do we coerce the static file handler to substitute a directory index file upon requests that only state a directory part? There's an anecdote that years later, a fellow prisoner recognized him at the Prague Central Station, not by his looks, but by the sound of his voice. My dad lived at the ground floor where he had the care that he needed while I had the upstairs space. The stories that we listened to were our cinema of the outside life - but better than a cinema. I enjoyed saying hi in the morning on the way to work and sitting down with him in the evening for a cup of coffee.
You have to prepare in case catastrophe hits your town and the Survival MD PDF guidebook will show you the best ways to do it!

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