A great entry-level external frame backpack, the Firefly is equipped for a variety of overnight excursions.
The experience of buying and selling outdoor gear eventually led the Outdoor Products family to designing and manufacturing their own goods.
Today, Outdoor Products is a worldwide outdoor sporting goods manufacturer and distributor. Survival Tip: The Firefly Deluxe backpack was rated among the highest outdoor packs for long excursions lasting for days to even weeks at a time. The Firefly includes a large top-loading main compartment, dual side pockets, and large front and bottom pockets with access to the main body, giving you plenty of space in which to store your gear. The ultra-padded shoulder straps and hip belt distribute the weight evenly across your back and hips. Before 1973, the Outdoor Products® founders were busy retailing outdoor sporting goods in their Los Angeles based department store, "The Famous Department Store".

Outdoor Products no longer has their department stores but they still continue in their long time retail commitment to customer satisfaction. This pack will certainly hold on the survival gear, camping tools, and supplies that you need for extended periods of time. It has an interior hydration-ready pouch that holds a 2-liter bladder (sold separately) and a pair of side pouches designed for easy water-bottle access (each holds a 0.5-liter water bottle, also sold separately).
The Firefly includes straps that compress and hold everything together, including a Bungee system on the upper flap and top and mid compression straps and also comes with a rain cover. This retail establishment was legendary for the wide array of merchandise and was the primary source for outdoor gear in Southern California during that time.
Eventually, the new product line became the hottest selling items in all their four floors of retail space. This commitment is backed by an unrivaled Lifetime Guarantee and a desire to create the most innovative, quality designs at an unbeatable price for outdoor enthusiasts and novices alike.

I don't have much to compare to in terms of other external frame packs, but it's WAAAAYYYY better than frameless packs for hiking. Accessory compartments have elastic loops and velcro pouches for magazines, ammo and accessories - as well as a mesh pouch for cleaning supplies, paperwork, etc. Also, the lashing tab on the bottom can hold such items as a rolled-up tent or sleeping bag. The Famous Department Store had a total of four retail floors that were packed with every sporting good item imaginable. The weight distribution is great and now that my new one is so fresh looking I'm afraid of putting it on the ground!

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