Our bushcraft courses teach you to use natures resources to provide shelter, food and warmth to explore and survive the wilderness. To find out more information about our Bushcraft Skills Course or our Survival Courses in Devon please complete the form below. It can be difficult to know where to start with bushcraft and survival skills, particularly with so many courses on offer. Frontier Bushcraft courses are taught by professional instructors with many years of experience in using and teaching the techniques you will learn. Whether you are interested in having a go at some bushcraft skills or learning key survival techniques in case of emergency, our 1-day Bushcraft and Survival Foundation Course is a great introduction to core skills. As with all of Frontier Bushcraft’s courses, you will receive friendly, expert instruction. Walkers, hikers, cyclists, mountain bikers, skiers, canoeists, kayakers and many others have benefited from having some knowledge of bushcraft and survival skills. And if you are travelling overseas for anything other than a city break, these fundamental skills should be on your packing list.
Our award-winning Bushcraft and Survival Foundation course is an engaging, hands-on and fun day in the woods learning bushcraft survival skills. This course isn’t a half-day course, straddling lunchtime, masquerading as a full day. The skills and knowledge we pass on during this course do not require preexisting talent or great physical strength.
At Frontier Bushcraft, we have a teaching methodology that works: We explain, we demonstrate, then you practice. Our skilled instructors provide informative and engaging lessons, including practical demonstrations of techniques; you then have the opportunity to apply the techniques.
On this course we cover a range of techniques and knowledge that will help you to provide your basic needs and to stay safe while in the outdoors. You don’t need to spend lots of money on specialist clothing or equipment for this course. This course will be conducted entirely outdoors, from an expedition-style base camp, in the middle of a beautiful woodland site covering hundreds of acres. 100% Money-Back GuaranteeIf you are not completely satisfied with your course, we’ll give you your money back. If there’s anyone out there trying to decide which company to choose, to either introduce them to, or to further their bushcraft knowledge, then I can wholeheartedly recommend Frontier Bushcraft.
Paul’s ability to impart his knowledge, experience and practical skills in such a way so as to make it simple, easy and fun for all, is truly a gift. I just wanted to let you know that we all had an amazing weekend, thanks to your amazing instructors!
Frontier Bushcraft Limited is a company incorporated in England and Wales with company number 7456133 and with its registered office at 145-157 St John Street, London EC1V 4PW. As well as operating our National Award Winning courses, Woodland Ways operates the Completely Unique Woodland Ways World of Bushcraft Centre in Bedford. Open 7 days a week, a physical place where anyone young and old can visit, research, discuss and purchase all things relating to Bushcraft & Survival. The centre is located on the upper floor of the Chandlery Buildings at Priory Marina, Barkers Lane, Bedford.

As you leave Barkers Lane (the yellow road on the map) into the entrance to Priory Country Park, before you enter the park gates there is a turning on your right to head towards the Premier Inn Hotel. Do you have any medical conditions that Woodland Ways needs to be aware of, including any regular medication?
The Woodland Ways Winter Survival Skills Course is a more advanced Bushcraft & Survival Course focusing on the immediate short term priorities for winter survival - Shelter and Warmth, before building on the more advanced skills of gathering wild foods and tracking. Friday- This course begins at 13:00 on the Friday afternoon in order for you to make headway with the warmest shelter you will have ever slept in! Once you are insulated from the ground and from the elements we then begin construction of your self-feeding fire to keep you warm throughout the evening, this takes practice and so a couple of "drya€? runs in the early afternoon do not go amiss whilst preparing your evening meal. The afternoon is spent focusing on friction fire lighting where once you have developed your technique on an individual fire bow you will build a group set to see how much easier this technique can be!
Sunday- Sunday morning is dedicated to settling in to the Winter Rhythm of the woodland with some beginners to intermediate tracking skills, followed by a wild food foray before heading back to the vehicles at midday.
We would point out that this is obviously a winter course and special attention must be paid to the kit list below, failure to arrive without adequate provision may result in the instructor removing participants from the course on safety grounds.
Nestling on the banks of the River Thames we have sole access to a 250 Acre Private Woodlands just outside the Village of Appleton, in Oxfordshire. This course can be purchased as an 18 month voucher, to book online choose "18 month voucher" from the options above and we will email the details over to you.
We'll take your details and payment over the phone and then email or post you and information pack along with the booking form. Simply download the booking form and pop it in the post to us with your cheque for payment.
Subscribe to our very popular FREE Newsletter to get exclusive special offers available only to them. In the hills around Oregona€™s Mount Hood last month, a group of wannabe survivalists spent the day at Training Camp Z: the zombie survival course. Put on byA Trackers Earth, a local organization that runs outdoor activities for kids and adults, Training Camp Z is a thinly veiled way to get people normally uninterested in learning how to build a shelter, start a fire without matches, forage for safe food in the woods and defend themselves from attackers, to do just that.
Plus, if zombies do show up in Portland, everyone who attended the camp will be prepared to do what it takes to keep their brains from becoming breakfast. Learn skills such as traditional fire lighting, wood carving, foraging, and natural cordage. We will contact you either by email or phone within 24 hours, or you could always call us directly and we will be happy to go over our activity packages, prices and answer any questions you may have. While in general it can be true that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, in terms of survival situations, a little knowledge can go a long way.
Even if you never find yourself in a survival situation, the techniques and knowledge of bushcraft enhance all your outdoor experiences. Participants come away with a sense of achievement and an increased confidence formed on the basis of new knowledge and skills. But the course refreshed, reinforced and improved my fundamental fire lighting and shelter building skills and provided the opportunity to “do bushcraft” properly and practice the skills. The instructors were very patient and calm, all the information was delivered clearly and demonstrated well. The kit-list will also be e-mailed to you with your e-mail receipt after your booking has been accepted.

Not only were we able to consolidate and practise some existing skills we also felt we really built on our base skills and extended them to give a much greater foundation for future learning. You will be very hard pushed to find a better practitioner or instructor in the UK." Mark Hotson. The time spent with friends and children is really very special and the laughter and knowledge lasts a lifetime. With UK courses and expeditions spanning the globe the historical research required, skills training, travel research and equipment choice has always been vital in being able to operate at such a level, and now all this information is available to you. Each day the centre is manned by very experienced staff and there is a very regular instructors presence, we hold regular workshop activities including basketry and friction fire lighting for you to have a go at. MK41 9DJ and there is convenient parking both immediately outside aswell as in the neighbouring Priory Country Park. Following a brief on winter shelter construction you begin work on building your home for the next two nights.
With 125 Acres designated as SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) there is an abundance of flora and fauna.
All you need to do then is complete the form and return it to us, your places are confirmed at the time of payment. The course came with the usual face paint and slow lurching, but it had a goal of real import, besides preparing people for the Apocalypse: teaching outdoors skills. This course is great as an introduction to bushcraft or as a skills refresher for the more experienced. I have spoken to the other guys since the weekend, they all really enjoyed themselves and importantly felt that they got value for money." Barry S.
Until now there has been no-where available in the UK where in one place you can go and research a particular fire lighting technique, speak to someone who has lived with a massai tribe, test a woods mans axe before buying, source a specialist piece of kit from Sweden or discuss with experienced instructors the pro's and con's of all things outdoors until now.
The entry gates to the Marina are straight in front of you, drive through these gates and park up on your left, we are through the double doors and up the stairs.
Our priority is to get shelter above and around you before moving on to get your fire established for the evening. With a mixed canopy throughout the woodlands and a mosaic of habitats this woodlands provides us with amazing resources, with Oak, Ash, Beech, Birch, Hazel, Hawthorn, Cherry, Blackthorn and more.
I found the course to be well paced & very informative, it was quite surprising how much we covered in such a short period of time. As it was a foundation course I knew that we would be covering things that I already knew but this was a good thing as it gave me new insight & techniques for these. Plus a huge variety of other fauna with almost daily sightings of Stoat, Tawny Owl, Buzzard, Red Kite and so much more. We operate all of our courses here for individuals to book on to, including our Woodland Ways Weekend, we also offer private bookings, school bookings, stag do's and corporate events.
There are central covered teaching area's within the woodlands comprising of timber and canvas structures.This wonderful wonderful woodlands is situated within 45 minutes of West London and the local train station (Oxford) is less than a 15 minute cab ride away. Please ensure when travelling to the venue you use the directions and not rely on Sat Nav in order to prevent getting lost.

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