You could make an argument for the machete, but a novice survivalist would do well to stay hydrated with a water filter.
Rambo was one tough dude, but he would have been nowhere without his special survival knife. Internally, the meat should measure at least 150 degrees Farenheit (65 degrees Celsius) to stop bacteria from reproducing.

A mirror, or anything shiny is used to reflect the suna€™s rays to gain attention in dire circumstances. It won't take up a lot of additional room in your backpack and would be extremely helpful if the first one disappears and you're trying to get out of the woods.
There are three different types of rocks needed to fashion a blade: a large flat rock (core rock), a large, smooth rock to chip the core rock (hammer stone) and a rock with a sharp point to refine the blade's edges (pressure flaker).

You should also wear loose-fitting layers and avoid strenuous activity in order to avoid overexerting yourself.

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