When I found these sweet biscuits over on Sweet Ambs blog, I couldn’t resist showing them to you. They are called Brush Embroidery cookies and all are hand painted – just like real embroidery or folk art! Too nice to eat we think, but then who could resist a little nibble when no-one is looking! Just imagine how sweet they would be at a vintage themed wedding with lace, and old fashioned flowers, or adding a soft and feminine touch to a modern celebration.
Something special for your guests to write in at your wedding, or just as a little gift, a notebook with fresh pages offers a world of possibilities. Rebel military man Crocket (Alan Van Sprang) and his band of rogue soldiers seek refuge from the living dead, only to land squarely in a family feud between the undead-hating O'Flynns and the Muldoons, a cure-seeking clan determined to help their zombie kinfolk. Careful attention has been given to the machete to make sure that the weight was right and the handles were comfortable for extended use. Have you had time to digest the picture-by-picture tour we gave you earlier of Australia's first Topshop and Topman store? Menswear also offered good value with coloured skinny jeans at $90 and two-for-one tee deals for $18. The opening weekend (8th 'til the 12th) will mean a whole lot of specials and one-off in-store events. Never fear Sydney-siders; we hear that Topshop Sydney will be open hopefully around August next year (they're trying to figure out how to install an escalator in the Gowings Building!). Knife - Sharp SURVIVAL HUNTING KNIFE MACHETE KTW - Freeideals.Swords knives daggers sale in Australia.

They add a whimsical motif to your wedding decor as decorations, on napkin rings, tags, cascading down the cake, or scattered over the table tops. A perfect gift for the mother of the bride or groom, or your maids, these little bags should give you some ideas! They have cleared brush, and blazed trails, have chopped wood, made shelters, harvested crops, prepared meals, hunted and protected. Recommended retail prices are comparable to what we pay online (minus the shipping costs of course!). It has been handpicked for the Aussie climate (no heavy coats, more tees etc), but is essentially the same.
Topshop's got a team of specially trained fashion experts and private suites to help you out.
These are already proven sellers (chinos, tanks, skinny jeans etc) so they'll probably be in store in six months time. The drop tassel and feathered earrings are great value (between $13 and $25) and the fine 'love' necklaces a steal at $13.
We caught our dear pal Jessica Gomes at the counter with a very cool alpine knit jumper from Topman.
Kate Phelan shared her must-have items with us; the black and white star print pleat skirt, a pair of Lee skinny jeans, the platform espadrille brogues, a silver pleated midi-skirt, a flippy sequin party skirt, the Unique leather biker jacket and the 'Thanks' sequin text sweater. Romero rises again to deliver another delicious zombie fest where the festering question is: Can a caring family coexist with their flesh-eating loved ones? Womenswear can be found at the front of store, with Topman occupying the back half and is accessible from inside the Jam Factory complex.

You'll notice knitwear, jeans, boots and leathers in store, as well as the all-year-round bikinis and sandals.
Every hour, on the hour, one shopper will win a $100 voucher (to register drop your name in the boxes near the cash registers). Now that you're familiar, we're going to break down what you need to know, your plan of attack and what not to miss at the Chapel Street emporium of fast-and-fabulous fashion.
Statement heels retail for $125, cute flats for $54, undies for $8 (or three for $18), metallic knit tees for $54, bikini (sets) for $61, statement metallic jackets for $144 and pleated midi skirts for $115. They'll then put together outfits, grab your sizes and tell you (nicely) if you're butt really does look big in those jeans. They will be a photo booth to snap your style, and if you leave your pic you could win a $500 spree with one of Topshop's personal stylists.
We spied flatform espadrille brogues, colour-spliced sunray midi skirts, seriously sequined party dresses in ombre shades of azure, metallic flecked playsuits and silk slip dresses. Look for velvet, glitter, moulded metallics, pointy-toed bow-topped pumps and studded platforms. We spoke to creative director Kate Phelan (more on that later) and she gave us an insight into the key pieces to buy and what sets Topshop's retail experience apart from the rest of the high street pack. Melbournites; take notes as this info will ensure you get the most out of your first Topshop-in-Oz experience!

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