I believe the biggest reason can be centered around how you view your ability to take care of yourself and your family. My theory is that the farther one is from the source and pains of ones sustinence the more liberal one becomes.
For college students I love to see the transformation to more conservative ideals when graduate and have to work and support their own family. Excellent points, and I think bringing race into the discussion is important if we’re to understand how the left has been so successful. Blacks have been complaining about the same things for over 50 years, but keep voting for the same crowd that promises to fix them but never delivers. These cities are liberal today because the left has waged the long war against conservatism for the past 60+ years across multiple fronts – Since post WWII and the Cold War Era. And for any agenda that has appealed to one or more of the left, they’ve flocked to these cities to be with their own ilk.
The welfare system , has instilled a lot of people to live in projects which are in the cities , convenient to public services , such as hospitals , police departments , and just about everything else , a lot of it is just the they give me what I want , so I will vote for whoever gives me stuff , just to keep them in office so I can continue to get what I want ! The cities are a much easier lifestyle, 99% of everything you would need is within a block or two.
Well, I can’t answer why large cities tend to lean liberal, but I can give my two cents as to why Jacksonville, Florida, and Virginia Beach, Virginia possibly buck that trend.
All the writings so far are soooo correct, but do not worry about all the problems of city life that exist today. Is the question why are big cities liberal or is it HOW did it come about that big cities are liberal? No doubt there are many capable and valuable Americans which live in or near large US cities (mostly due to making a living),,,,,,,, OK? The further you get away from major metropolitan areas the more self sufficient people are (by choice). It’s much easier to live as a parasite in these areas because the goodies are condensed.
Look at an electoral map of California (red counties vote conservative, blue counties vote socialism).
Look it up, the working poor make enough to restrict their abilities to become a parasite (by their choice, I might add). On the other hand, the parasites who make money by the pound,,,,, heck, let me have another kid by who?,,,, the 6th separate father. Many of these people make $80,000 grand a year (housing, welfare {by the pound}, food stamps, and only God knows what else.

Meanwhile, they spend their evenings at the dinner table (parasites don’t know what that means) are trying to reverse the BS their children learned in school that day.
You’ll understand what a leftist is when they kick you off your beloved island because they found some bug they believe deserves your land more.
All of this fear being spread about whether your county or district is red or blue is a parlor trick. I’m not an American, so my views are untainted by having to choose between Democrat and Republican.
Can you honestly look at the current batch of presidential nominees and feel proud to present them to the world as your best and brightest? Unless you’re working for the burgeoning Federal government, you owe your living to those who had a vision and became rich. Celebrity gossip website, TMZ, released security video footage Grande licking a powdered doughnut in a California bakery shop and kissing her boyfriend and backup singer. Country folks are better educated and skilled, if you will, to fish, hunt, garden, find their way home using the stars, etc.
Therefore, those in the big cities have a mindset of depending on others for basis needs and the politicians take advantage of that mindset with plenty of promises to stay in office.
Again, the public relying on the government for the necessity of getting to point A to point B.
And, as leftism matured and become further embedded, Generation X grew older and positioned themselves in key roles across converted cities. I know there are a lot of good people that are living in the cities, and some of them are trying to scratch out a living, doing everything they can to leave the cities. Our culture defines us and there are growing clashes between the urban and rural cultures in the US. I think how it happened is to look at the human heart–is it motivated by power, greed, neediness or by love, self-sacrifice and delayed gratification?
Also, easier to keep people in power who will prolong the gravy train (all to do with helping of course). The rich people are still doing well and the welfare and food stamp people are doing good also but the working poor people keep getting poorer.
They willingly trade their freedom for votes to keep the Democrats in office, and to keep the Entitlements flowing to their huge population of fatherless children, breeding mothers, public housing, and the Social Justice Reverends who slavishly feed from the Public trough of the Taxpayers. I’m conservative by politics, own guns, decade+ in military, and, well, read and comment on this site. While both political parties put forward stupid ideas(all politicians of all stripes in all countries do eventually), the Republican party crosses too many red lines to get my support.

If you want to know why people lean liberal its because they dont trust Republicans to be in power.
If you are reading this and you are one of them, let me tell you it’s not worth it, that extra $50 in the bank is not worth the life your living, GET OUT NOW!!!! Entitlement, dependency, religion, political ideology are factors that influence our cultures. Am I to gather that the country people are less responsive to how everyone else views politics? People in the latter group will prefer spending time helping others or with their families–after putting in most of their day working to provide for their families. This is because that NUMBERS mean MORE Democrat Party Congressional seats in the US house of Representatives. The Democrats truly understand what THEY are all about, and have no qualms about doing what they do. Its a protest vote – they dont necessarily want to vote liberal, but in a 2 party system, they dont have any other choice.
When you think of voter fraud, you automatically KNOW it is in Democratic Party controlled districts. They’re just as bad about trying to control others lives as Liberals are, its just for most conservatives the things they want to control are things you are already doing, so you dont notice.
Their mentality is egotistical, so they think they are entitled to every thing they want and the liberal government is complying with their demands.
People that live in the inner city are treated the same way they make a lot of noise (riot) and the government gives them what ever they want. They are not held accountable for their bad actions and quite often rewarded for them, Our government officials have no problem spending money that they don’t have leaving this burden on future generations. Instead of growing food, citizens waste hours outside stores to get the latest computer gadget. A bubble of false reality emerges sweeping through the society like fire through the influence of ones surroundings.

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