I would like to add: Tea Tree essential oil which is antibacterial for minor cuts, fungus, and also a natural insect repellent. Large trash bags to serve as a rain poncho, among lots of other uses such as collecting water or dew. Empress Of Drac, A Frugal Cebuana Blogger A true-blue Cebuana, blogging about Frugal Living, Self-Reliance, Prepping, Freelance Life and of course Cebu. SHTF blog (“Sewage” Hits The Fan blog) offers preparedness news, information, commentary – and other awesome stuff. With multiple zombie cannibal attacks happing in this country and across the world, people are starting to take the “Zombie Apocalypse” seriously. Some enterprising retailers are setting up special sections in their stores to help people stock up the supplies they need to defend themselves against hungry flesh-eating zombies.
One company in particular has taken the zombie bullets to another level and the promise that their bullets will make the dead permanent!
Explosive Hornady® performance comes in every Z-Max™ bullet specifically designed to vaporize zombie varmints. Combined with AMP™ jacket technology, the Z-Max™ bullet is built to…MAKE DEAD PERMANENT! Hornady, the manufacterer of the Z-Max Zombie Bullets, even made a video about the bullets and their effectiveness. Enter your email address to subscribe to WaZaap and receive notifications of new posts by email.
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If you’re reading this, chances are you have a bug out bag ready and waiting for the STHTF. Sure, the thought of bugging out at the first sign of disaster seems great, but you can quickly get yourself into more trouble than you’re leaving behind. To start this list off with, leaving your home for greener pastures means you lose home field advantage from the start. You’re more aware of how long it takes to walk from the woods to your house, and you know what security your house has in it. The sheer fact that you can keep a week, month, or even a year of food and water at your home versus 48 hours worth on your back should be reason enough to try your best to secure the homefront first and bug out when all else fails. We mentioned this in number one, but the fact that you can secure your house as much as you see fit makes it one of the best places to ride out a disaster. You can brush up on home protection and defense to make sure you’re as secure as possible, something you can’t do in the wild. Speaking of security, it’s far easier to sleep when you know you’re as secure as possible, and most importantly, your bed is a lot more comfortable than the ground outside.

Whether you have weekly block parties or simply wave hello to your neighbors, you live in a community. While you probably shouldn’t tell your neighbors about your prep for security reasons, you can work with them to secure a larger area and get more done. You’d probably be very wary of him or her, and possibly even violent depending on how they act. Remember, the urge to up and book it for higher ground can be a strong one, but you need to weigh your options before acting.
This entry was posted in Emergency Preparedness, Most Popular, Prepping, Recent Articles, Self Reliance, Survival Gear and tagged bugging out, bugging in, bug out bag basics, Bug Out Bag, bug out on February 2, 2015 by Brian Meyer. My wife and I moved from the suberbs to an acrage with well water available and a septic system. Granted the survival supplies in your pack will keep you alive in most situations, but you have to realize that you cannot carry enough food and water for an extended period. It’s probably packed with just about everything you need to pick up and run with, and while it’s a definite necessity to have a bug out bag of your own, bugging out under most circumstances is, for the most part, a bad idea. Short of a nuclear meltdown a few blocks away, bugging out is usually not the best option and can in the end get you in a worse situation than what you’re bugging out from. From survival equipment you’ve collected over the years to your household tools and food, the stuff of life is in your house, so why would you so easily leave it behind? You can fortify your house or apartment pretty easily and once you do, the average looter will have a damn hard time getting to you. In short, your home can be as secure as you make it, while you’re at the mercy of your location when you’re bugged out. Think about it, would you rather sleep in a bed or even on the floor in your house, or in an abandoned building or under a tent, both of which have no guaranteed security.
If you’re deprived of sleep you can expect to start making bad decisions, get sick, or even cause physical pain and damage to yourself.
That community is full of different skills and abilities as well as plain and simple manpower. Being a prepper, you should know how to help them and their numbers and varied skills can help you. How would you treat someone who came walking into your neighborhood looking to stay and was asking for supplies or help?
If you leave your home and bug out, you’ll be that stranger in someone else’s neighborhood.
Sure, you might be worried about looters and disaster coming to your neighborhood, but without a destination in mind and a lot of things and people most likely in your path, it could definitely be a lot worse than your perceived danger at home.
Unless there’s a wildfire coming right for your house, the same disaster you’re afraid of could be worse where you’re planning on going.

This isn’t to say that bugging out isn’t a good idea from time to time, but for the most part, staying put is more likely than not your best option. Woman Bites Man’s Arm And Spits flesh Back In His FaceZombie Apocalypse Survival TipsZombie Apocalypse – Are Bath Salts Sparking The Cannibal Epidemic?
If you’ve done a thorough home security setup then your home is one of the safest places you can be.
You no longer know how secure your position is, and if someone has a better position than you. Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep, and don’t forget how much better you’ll sleep at home.
While they might accept you into their community, chances are you’ll be shunned either verbally or possibly physically. Brian believes the most important tools you can have when the SHTF are your brain and the ability to keep a level head, no matter what the situation is. Some believe their survival gear list should have enough food and water for however long they may be stranded or lost. Riding things out at home in general is far safer because you know everything about where you are. You probably have cough syrup and decongestants in your cabinet that you wouldn’t bring with you, so why leave them behind? There’s a lot to be said about not being a stranger, and when you leave your house that’s exactly what you become. I've spent the past few months cutting firewood for our wood burning stove for heat and an alternate cooking source. Having a stand-alone can opener and a multi-tool knife with a can opener means, you can leave the single purpose can opener out of your pack. You have to keep in mind space is limited, and you must always remember to prioritize beginning with the basic essentials.
Pack enough food and water for the standard 72-hours (three days) but also have the means to collect, filter and purify a water source as well as the tools and materials to make shelter, and to hunt, fish or snare small game.Survival Gear List EssentialsThis article will purposely leave off food and water because it assumes you will have packed enough for the time you expect to be gone.
The essentials in the kit are designed to allow you to survive extended periods after the supplies you have packed have been depleted. Matches are not reliable because they can become damp from being in your pocket or when exposed to rain or snow even when in your pack. If your zone is temperate, pack cold weather clothing to be prepared for weather changes, but pack wisely to conserve space.

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