What’s happening in Atlanta right now is a perfect example of how ill prepared the country, the government and people in general are to face any kind of disaster.
Yesterday Atlanta was hit by a relatively small snowstorm; in fact, only about 2 inches of snow fell in most areas.
24 Hours after the Storm, and people are still stranded without food and water — 24 hours after the storm hit, students are still camped out in schools, buses full of people are trapped on roadways, and commuters are still abandoning cars all along the highway.
What’s really pathetic is all these morons look to the goddamn government to save them. I entered the mall, did what I had to do, and began walking to my car and noticed that the situation had not changed, maybe 20-30 mins duration.
LATEST READER COMMENTSScott on White House ‘Fact Sheet’ Says Climate Change Could Kill 27,000 Americans In Summer of 2100joe on The Trump Conspiracy: How Donald Trump Will Lose In 2016Loquito on Hate Taxes? Before I get everyone from the South upset, I will say that most places in Georgia aren’t used to snow. Before I get into the actual content list of items to store in a winter car survival kit, I should bring up fuel. Yes, I assumed it was pretty dismal weather even though the overall accumulation in inches wasn’t that significant(relatively speaking).
Atlanta or any large city is not where I would want to be if anything serious happened; I agree with you. In Atlanta, the 911 systems have become so overwhelmed with calls that police are actually asking stranded motorists to start contacting them through Facebook and Twitter.
If you CAN'T get through to 911 please send a message to us through Facebook or Twitter.
Atlanta, Mayor Kasim Reed tried to defend the city’s shameful response on CNN after residents turned to social media to complain that Atlanta’s mayor, Kasim Reed, and the state’s governor, Nathan Deal, failed to both prepare and properly respond to the chaos. I suppose the estimates of 90% of people failing to survive a moderate term event may be accurate. OH, hey, and what about the fact that people were sharing the blankets that were in the car?! I notice you did not even mention the thousands of children stranded at school… was this because you knew the people with a heart would empathize? 2 inches of snow is no reason to close roads and act as if a Nuclear Fall out is happening. Temperatures are also -20C to -40C and All I wear outside is the average attire with a sweater, coat and boots. Do you idiots honestly think that you’re the only ones who have ever had to drive on ice?
Catherine, your absolutely right, after being in Minnesota and Colorado one learns to drive on icy roads. See I think you are quite wrong, YOU did have advanced notice, they call it a weather forecast. The snow melted when it hit the pavement and the froze as soon as enough cold was available. The second problem was about 1pm, workplaces let people head home since it was worse than predicted.
Atlanta has always been hard to call as to whether it will hit the Atlanta area or go north or south of us. My son works for a New Jersey company and was not allowed to work at home or he would be docked a day of PTO, since it was going to be a light snow. I’ve significant amounts of time living near and in the Rockies as well as the Appalachians. You’ve got people blaming the governor and the mayor, whining about children being stuck on buses and in schools. To lump every person from the south is ignorant so before you put us down remember,one day you may need help and I hope(since you seem to be so much better than southerners)you will find someone willing to help you because here in Rebel Land,we do help others. I live in the south, Birmingham, and yall are right these idiots around here cant drive for shit in the snow.
Winter isna blast man, it may be cold but it’s just one of our 4 seasons so we make the most of it. I was born and raised in Florida and have only lived in Colorado for 3 years I drove through a blizzard on the highway for 6 hours and on the edge of a mountain in a Ford Focus.
Being from the south where some of those photos were I thought i would give you a heads up.
People here in SE NC were out buying groceries Monday night, a full 48 hours before a single flake fell. 2) The school districts should not have even been open that day- county schools in my area let out early Tuesday & stayed closed Wednesday. 3) We were warned that the expected snow was going to start out as sleet around 3pnm Tuesday, so we too had a sheet of ice under the snow.
I empathize greatly with the kids being stranded- they shouldn’t have been there in the first place. The reason those kids are stranded at school is because of irresponsible parents who don’t know how to drive their own vehicles. Driving in snow is possible, but if you’re not used to it (and who in the South is?) then it can be difficult. So, I live in Colorado and rive a small Geo, Metro; There is no reason for a whole group of people- Georgia, to have a city shut down from two-feet of snow.
Here’s the thing that most outsiders looking into this situation failed to realized about the people in this situation. These cities are not really prepared for a winter storm like the North East and North West or anywhere else that gets snow accumulation more than a dusting regularly. This situation isn’t the norm for these people and cities and by the time the snow had accumulated to the point that they needed to close down work and schools, it was already too late. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Being able to see in the dark and communicate across distances gives you a tactical advantage. Tactical gear is designed to provide the user with a means to achieve a desired end or advantage.
Maybe right now it’s hard to believe that you will ever need one, but it is always better to have a backup plan, just in case.
Do you really know what you will need in case of natural disaster or any other catastrophe? The Preppers Vault sells retail and wholesale survival kits, which will help you, survive a disaster, ecological calamity, economic collapse and any other unforeseen adversity.
Check out The Preppers Vault online store assortment right now and order necessary prepping supplies: backpacking, hiking, survival tools and accessories for an acceptable price.

But sadly, this was enough to cripple the entire city, forcing people to abandon their cars and take refuge inside of shopping centers.
If planes spray chemicals, thus chemtrails, what do you think the composition of snow would be? Extra food, extra gas, and alternate power are just three things that should always be ready.
Its times like this that I wonder how things would have been different if everyone involved had taken the time to prepare a simple winter car survival kit.
The weather forced a lot of people to wait in traffic for hours due to accidents or road clearing operations. It can’t be said enough that you should have no less than a half a tank of gas at all times.
That goes to show you even more so how important it is to be prepared for little blips like this.
The reality for a lot of people is that because of work or family they simply don’t have any better options at this time. Wouldn’t take up too much space but in the off-chance of an ice over like Atlanta, you could stud up your tires and be on your merry way. The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone else. It seems the modern day crop of people are ill suited to plan for any disruption in their every day, head in the sand, way of life.
Tell anyone you know that is in the mess that this was a moment to use to start thinking more seriously about their future and that of their families. Here, we get ruts of black ice so slippery that cars literally go flying out of them, even when they’re driving 30km. Figure out how many days to get home and have a bag ready in the car with provisions and what not to be able to get home with out an issue. I like that you’re one of the first people I have seen that lives in the affected area that accepts responsibility for what could happen to you. I live in the back woods though, i can’t speak for all northerners but i know that in my neck of the woods we help people.
When the idiots clog up the roads, then you super snow driving gods from the north loose your super power. Although I agree it is important to prepare as much as possible for anything that could happen, I believe it’s just as important to show compassion in these hard times. Just because a city has salt trucks and plows doesn’t mean nobody drives on the roads in those cities before salt trucks and plows come out. I’m also from your area and confirm that we all had ample warning and for the most part, folks just stayed where they were. Louis this winter, but we didn’t have people sleeping in their cars on highways or in stores. They do not have stock piles of sand or salt for deicing, they do not have immediate access to snow plows or other snow removal tools. Pick up any of our books which range from homesteading to backpacking; the knowledge you gain could save your life one day. We offer a wide range of first aid and trauma materials which can help you through any number of unfortunate events which can happen in day to day life. Our tool selection is the best in the business offering everything from small folding knives to multi tools to custom made knives.
You need top quality gear out in the field regardless of whether you are camping or in full survival mode. Every day the news show us residents of various states suffering from natural disasters: floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, heat waves and other anomalies.
We took real military survival kits as basis and made small adjustments depending on the kit’s purpose. You can order affordable and quality supplies and then have them delivered straight from us. Nathan Deal has dispatched National Guard units to start collecting kids who are still stranded at school and people who are still stuck on Atlanta’s crippled roads and freeway system.
Some sick thoughts about making some my slaves roll through my brain every once in a while. The city and school districts sided with caution and “shut things down” BEFORE the worst hit.
I think that there are certainly factors that would have made this little amount of snow something to contend with anyway, but the lives of a lot of people could have been much better with a little planning and preparedness.
The cities in the south do not have the equipment to take care of the snow as well as cities in the north because they so rarely get anything at all it is hard to justify the expense. Having simple preparations ahead of time (even more so with the threat of inclement weather) would have made these delays more tolerable and could have ensured that more people could have made it home to their families instead of spending the night on the floor at CVS.
Some of the winter car survival kit items are just as important in the summer and can be considered as core. Had people (Anyone with a smart phone, government officials, almost everyone involved) believed what the weather predicted AND PLANNED accordingly, perhaps we would have a different outcome. As long as you carry your car-sense forward to the rest of your preps, you will be far better off than the average person I bet. The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced.
Still, they had no food or water, nor did they think to have a full tank of fuel, or even to have warm clothes and a blanket or sleeping bag to use. 90% may be giving some people more credit than they deserve, but I suppose some could learn quick enough. But alas, most are not and they tend to drive too fast and start the cascade effect that causes the problems. But this is the exact reason I keep a winter coat, gloves other necessities as well as some dehydrated food in may car during the winter.
You guys were taken back by this storm kind of like NY was taken back by the hurricane a few years back. The US north east people that are really good at driving in the snow or the mid west snow driving greats that lives in …lets say Chicago. Schools have been closed for the last three days because its been to cold to send the kids to school.
In this day of 24-7 internet access and smartphones attached to every hip, there’s no reason anyone should have been caught off guard. We also routinely deal with hurricanes and tornadoes which in say, Montana, would put them over the edge. I drove to work in 10 inches of snow with an inch of ice underneath 2 weeks ago, and it was 64 degrees the day before.

I don’t drive a 4 wheel drive, I drive an economy car (Chevy Aveo) and yet it makes it through just fine on an iced over road, six inches of snow, plus even higher drifts ( hopefully with help of a set of tire tracks to follow). Majority of motorists do not have 4 or all wheel drive, why would they, it isn’t their norm to need such a vehicle.
Save the excuses because the same thing happened to Atlanta a couple years back so there is no excuse for them not to be prepared.
Whether you're tactical minded or an avid outdoorsman we can outfit you with our top quality apparel. We also offer a number of different water filtration systems from bottles to gravity filters. We understand the importance of top quality gear and carry a full line of gear ranging from backpacks to sleeping bags.
Sure, it happens somewhere far away from you, but who can tell that tomorrow we won’t find ourselves in the place of those unfortunate souls?
Even if you end up on an stranded in your house, wilderness survival kits will help you hold out for several days till the arrival of a rescue team. These people who were stuck were the many whom worked for the government and the funny thing is, all the government workers were let out at 3pm. This type of road incident isn’t unheard of and it simply makes good sense to have supplies in your car that you can count on if you are stranded. The threat of any snow sends people to the stores in a panic and forces school closings for days after most of the snow has melted.
Because if for some reason, you aren’t able to fill up, a half a tank will last longer and get you more places that sitting on empty.
Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. When there is a bit of water on the street and then it gets cold enough to freeze, then it does just that.
And now have a good example to show why it is a good idea to do at least a minimal amount of prepping with my neighbors. We have had plenty of near misses (goes north of us or south) or where is just peters out and we got nothing. We just drive a little slower but I just drove a freeway and a highway home 40 mins to get home… it was nothing. What the hell are you doing on a survival web site, you choose to live in a city where they ban the 2nd amendment and you cant carry a gun. From the post above it appears that not only are yall snowflake fast in a car but yall have the ability to walk in 2 inches of snow (super studs… no doubt).
Everybody has something to deal with so why don’t we all stop trying to one-up each other, disaster-wise?
We have snow plows but by no means does this mean that all the roads are safe and easy to drive when 10′” of snow falls! I was wtaching then news and they were predicting that Georgia and the Carolinas were going to get hit. So the infrastructure to handle even what some would consider as a small amount of snow isn’t even there.
You will never find products, First Aid, special equipment and accessories for survival in your usual store. A snow like this in a city like Atlanta is rare and it is perfectly normal to expect some level of chaos for southern drivers when faced with weather they aren’t prepared for.
For those people who had to sit in their cars for hours, a half a tank of gas could have kept them warm and more importantly moving.
They do take up a little room, but you can fit all of this in a decent sized plastic bin and forget about them. It doesn’t take a smart person to know that if the road is slippery, you must drive accordingly, even if it means going significantly under the speed limit.
Most forecasters have multiple models they draw from and they sometimes have to go with their gut, sometimes they are wrong but that is weather in Atlanta.
I guess the only survival option you have is to drive like hell in the snow to run for your life. The only problem is that a lot of the people that were stuck in the cars commute about an hour to work. I currently have 3 inches of ice on the roads and about 2+ feet of snow and I’m surviving perfectly fine! Take any of our survival food kits — we thoroughly picked food items that can be kept in almost any temperatures, and are practically ready for consumption. It was also a teaching point for my family that has not been on the same preparedness bent as I have been. I understand it makes some people feel good talking crap over the net because they do not have to face the people.The kind that were school bullies.
In my case I stayed in touch with my wife at my house all morning and left when she said it was going to be a problem. Us southern folk dont want to live in the big city so we drive up to 50 miles to get to work. Making a survival kit’s list can be very hard, if you have never had to survive extreme conditions before. I was able to point out what I have in my car and they agreed that they needed to do the same. They just needed to plan road clearing services there I guess but you all act like the world is ending.. What is even worse is the DOT director stated he only had 70 trucks to cover the entire GA.
I feel sorry for the innocent children stuck in the middle of a bunch of adults pointing the blame at each other. If you aren’t used to driving in snow, then don’t try to be brave and learn at a time like that! Anyhow, it saddens me to see that a paltry 2 inches of snow and some road ice causes that much of a mess. In our store you can buy any necessary survival items: clothes, food, First Aid, tools, knives, flashlights, radios, solar power devices etc.
Better to have all contingencies covered than look like a boob like you do for trying to tell us you had no advance warning.

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