For one Central Florida mall, becoming a stronger part of the community may be the key to survival. When nearby Legoland Florida opened last October, the Eagle Ridge Mall started a shuttle service to the new theme park. LAKE WALES – If there’s one particular business that’s taken a hit from the recession, the shopping mall could be close to the top of the list. At the Eagle Ridge Mall in Lake Wales, the old approach – finding big name stores to move in and attract more people – isn’t the approach being taken.
One reason for that, Martinelli said, is the close proximity that the mall at 451 Eagle Ridge Drive in Lake Wales has to the Legoland Florida theme park, which opened last October in Winter Haven at the site of the former Cypress Gardens theme park. Martinelli noted that when Legoland Florida first opened, the mall introduced a shuttle service to allow the Eagle Ridge guests to visit the theme park if they wanted to – and, not coincidentally, pick up some coupons for the mall’s restaurants. But Martinelli isn’t giving credit for the increased traffic at Eagle Ridge Mall solely to Legoland.
The 15-year-old mall has more than 624,000 square feet of space, and is managed by the firm Madison Marquette. Madison Marquette, a Washington-based investor, developer and operator of retail and retail mixed-use real estate, took over the management of Eagle Ridge in November 2010, and was able to lease half of the mall’s vacant space by the end of the year. In an era when many of the newer shopping plazas have been outdoor malls, like The Loop in Osceola County and Posner Park in Davenport, Eagle Ridge is one of the shrinking number of indoor malls for people who want to escape the Florida heat or avoid a soaking summer thunderstorm. Smaller specialty shops include Artistic Expressions, Ce’s Bridal, Zeeba’s Hairstylists, an Army Recruiting Center, and Star Academy of Polk County.
Part of that success, Martinelli said, is the efforts by the mall’s managers to become more community-oriented – in effect to find more creative ways to bring in foot traffic, in particular by hosting special events that make the mall a destination for more than just shopping or dining. But if the mall’s management is dreaming up special activities to draw people in, are those customers also patronizing the shops inside the mall? Business has improved a bit since Legoland opened, Evans said, although the shop hasn’t been in business at Eagle Ridge Mall long enough to know how much of an impact the theme park has had. Evans moved the shop to the Eagle Mall Ridge last year from his previous location in Sebring, which he said was “much worse.
Lake Wales is a major improvement, he said, because the mall’s management is actually trying to find ways to bring more people to the shopping center. Tracy Lenave, assistant manager of Garfield’s Restaurant, said business has been “okay,” but has dropped off since the holidays ended. Still, Lenave said she has spoken to a lot of customers who said they discovered Eagle Ridge Mall after a visit to Legoland.

Sandra Gagnon, manager of Sbarro Italian Eatery, said she also gets a lot of customers who want to know where the mall’s shuttle to Legoland is. But even with the addition of Legoland Florida next door, the shuttle service, and the special events hosted by the mall, business has been tough for Sheila Zeeba, who runs Zeeba’s Hairstylists. Weekdays are particularly tough, she said, when there are simply not enough customers visiting this mall. So, I feel that having a medically qualified person in the group is more important than having access to medical facilities although access to medical facilities is indeed important.
Personally, I’d want to be somewhere with lots of fresh water and an abundant food supply. Being by the everglades gives you lots of fresh water and lots of other game that you can hunt or trap to eat. Just in time for Christmas, BATa€™s DT is now stocked at eight Shoot Straight locations including stores in Apopka, Casselberry, Clearwater, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Lakeland, Tampa and West Palm Beach.
The DT Model is the highest quality short barrel available on the market, as it is not cut and welded. The model does not require any stamps, nor is it considered a short barreled shotgun under the NFA, or an AOW. The DT model comes in a top quality MIL-A-8625 Type 3 hardcoat and can be customized in a variety of Cerakote color options. Since 1979, Shoot Straight has grown to be among the top one percent of all firearms dealers in the nation and is the largest gun store chain and dealer in Florida, a state that ranks No. Black Aces Tactical is a weapons manufacturing company based in Central Florida that is dedicated to providing the customer an heirloom quality, hand-finished shotgun at a reasonable price.
Five Measuring Tools for Reloading Ammo Teacher Invented ISIS Knife Attack Amid French Hysteria: a€?This Is Daesh. A growing number of malls across Central Florida have spent the past few years grappling with the challenge of too many vacant storefronts that have become an embarrassment and a sign of declining business, not health.
Instead, the mall’s managers are going about it differently, through steps that include hosting a community walk that promotes health care, starting a shuttle service to a nearby theme park, and having football games televised live there – an approach that the mall’s marketing and leasing manager, Michelle Martinelli, says is paying off. Business was so strong at Legoland over the holidays that the theme park reached capacity on Dec. Rather, she said, it’s the special programs and marketing efforts that Eagle Ridge – originally built in 1996 — has launched in recent months that’s helping them survive in a challenging economic environment. The previous owner was Chicago-based General Growth Properties, which owned both the Lakeland Square and Eagle Ridge malls.

She said it was stronger in the fall, right after Legoland Florida opened, but it’s not clear if the theme park had an impact on that. They took a look at how many hospitals, pharmacies, gun stores, sporting goods stores, grocery stores and gas stations there were in a metro area. You can also raid some of the farms nearby and get some fresh fruits and veggies that would eventually just start to grow fallow. Sure you’d have to deal with the occasional hurricane, but those are usually survivable and short lived. Customers in the Southeast have an opportunity to view the weapon in person before purchase, and without having to wait for a custom order direct from the manufacturer.
In fact, the weapon includes copies of all associated ATF letters, as well as a copy of 27 cfr 479.11, page 89, which outlines the method of obtaining overall length. All BAT weapons are made in America and come with a lifetime warranty, and each BAT shotgun receiver, internal, and magazine are custom built and machined. This Is a Warninga€? Attacking the Truth on Affirmative Action Hey Hussein, Please Continue to Spew Misinformation on Guns Will Republican Elites Blow Up the GOP?
I like the idea of being near the ocean (Orlando is near the ocean, right?) since you can always fish.
Although, it does bear to mention that all of the amusement parks and the crowds associated with them would be an issue. The barrel clamp features a locking taper design that retains the OEM appearance and takedown screw. The addition of the SB15 SIG brace takes the DT Model above and beyond standard AOW 12-gauges.
Shoot Straight stocks and sells more guns than any other retailer in the Southeast, and now included Black Aces Tactical in its inventory. BATa€™s expanding line includes nearly two dozen weapons and range in price from $499 to $1,825. The action block is machined on five sides to allow the Magpul RVG hand grip to be able to be located left, right or center of the two 45 degree locations. The proper use of the SB15 brace transforms a 12-gauge from wayward and difficult to control to stabilized and precise.

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