Survival Camera Straps a great way for active photographers to carry their camera, binoculars, or accessories.
Survival Camera Straps have double end loupes for multiple ways of attachment to your camera, binoculars, or accessories. Survival Straps take parachute cord (of different colors and designs) and weaves them into bracelets, key fobs, belts and more. So they have great personalizable designs, support those who serve and protect us, but it does not stop at that. Many of you know my Mother is a breast cancer survivor and because of that I have a heart to help others struggling with it.  Like Jen Ozawa and her family.
The Military Memorial Collection is a great way to remember and honor those who have paid the ultimate cost to defend this land or who have been wounded in action.

I bought one with a dog tag and had my name as well as the info on my Granddad Allred (who served in WWII) put on it. This gives the strap the most flexibility in a survival application, or an alternative use application.
You can use both included split rings, just one split ring or for certain applications just the strap itself.
Otherwise, the item shipped to you will be within the indicated lengths for the product you purchase. But you should also try custom wristbands , as its cheap and can be customized according to the event.
For the Neck Survival Camera Strap you get over 12 feet of 550 7 strand para cord, and for the wrist strap you get over 5 feet.

The 550 para cord is made of a strong nylon shell with 7 interior nylon threads internally. With the 4 strand weave this strap is very strong and will hold your camera, binoculars, or accessories, safely and securely.

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