I arrived at the superstore and was distraught to find that the antibacterial wipes were empty, you know the ones you wipe down the handle of your cart with. When I got home I laid everything out on the floor so that I could marvel at my purchases and so that I could take a picture for you all. Now that I had all of my supplies I had to make a few modifications in order to get them into the Altoids tin, some of which ended up working and some (I later found out) did not.
Modifications complete it was time to lay out everything that I had assembled to fit inside the tin. Once the lid and bottom were complete I set about trying to fit everything else inside the tin.
I ended up strapping the 550 cord and flashlight to the outside of the kit, in addition to 4 rubber bands  (which I had planned to put there all along). The N-100 seals to the face and provides more filtration protection than the N-95.  It also has an exhalation valve.
Being able to  attend to urgent medical needs in a secure area is something you may not have thought of. Acquire and practice knowledge, concentration, control, stamina, will, training, and expertise. Used for urinary blockage relief, but also for a make-shift “chest tube” when necessary! Can be mixed with water for an electrolyte solution to drink when very ill.  The solution can also be administered rectally with the concept above as well. Have on hand extra meds you and family members are already taking.  If you run out of special meds that treat acute episodes, it will definitely be a time to panic! There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. I'm the original Survival Mom, and have been helping moms worry less and enjoy their homes and families more for 5 years. The Doc has done quite a bit of work in Haiti and has a good idea of what medicine will look like in a worst-case, collapse scenario. Speaking of IVs… In truly remote medical situations, where a blood transfusion is necessary and possible, it would be nice to have a direct IV transfer setup. Not many people would need to know how to administer an IV, conduct a transfusion, or even bulk up a blood supply after a heavy bleed.
Missing from the OTC list is loperimide (Immodium) for diarrhea and diphenhydramine (Benadryl) for multiple uses. Sold in a case of 144 These food bars maximize the physiological efficiency of water usage by including low sodium levels.
This filtration bottle is great for emergencies or to just take with you to enjoy fresh water anywhere! Emergency Survival Kit Information: This survival kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry.

There are many types of emergencies and it will be impossible for you to build an emergency car kit to cover everything, however there are basic components you MUST have in your ECK (Emergency Car Kit). Food and water are also hight on the list.  Even if you have a small car, it does not take much room to hold a couple jugs of water and high energy bars. Although these are not new on the market, they are mostly targeted towards the camping crowd.
Jumper cables are nice to have, but what if you're in the middle of nowhere and killed your battery by mistake?
A good roadside emergency kit will also include a pair of jumper cables, so you would be covered for that basic requirement, but they include so much more. One last bonus item is for everyone to get comfortable with the basic understanding of their vehicle.
Each person will design their kit based on their own comfort and skill level, but the list noted above is my recommended "basic emergency survival car kit" so you can be self sufficient in case you find yourself in a compromised position and away from any help. This guide is brilliant and covers many aspects of wilderness survival using the raw materials available in the bush. In addition to the presence of hysterical family members and friends whose loved ones’ lives are in jeopardy, there could be additional threats from outsiders. Check out this article for more details about how to stock up on antibiotics and which to buy. Think of things like candy, DVD’s, animals in our care that we love, protective and security items.
Come join me on my journey to becoming more prepared to handle everyday emergencies and worst case scenarios.
Basically, instead of being inserted directly into a vein, the IV cather is simply inserted into the subcutaneous fat of the lower abdomen, thigh, or the back of the upper arm, and fluid is infused directly into the subcutaneous tissue.
Even though you have water purification equipment in your bugout bag, you should have backup in your medical kit as well. The diphenhydramine can be used for allergies, sedation (caution; never on a head injury), or to quell an upset stomach. I cannot stress this enough and the fact that they are so inexpensive to get makes me wonder why they are not part of the OEM equipment if every car. These store very well and for long periods of time so throw them in your Emergency Vehicle Kit and forget about it. At a minimum, have a set of good jumper cables in your kit, but it is well worth the extra money to purchase a Battery Booster Pack. I always carry an extra quart of oil, antifreeze and supplies to temporarily fix a blown radiator hose (length of rubber hose and clamps), steering fluid and break fluid.
In this case you will need to be self sufficient and able to sustain yourself until help can arrive.
It covers topics such as : Tool Theory, Building a Cutting Blade, Simple Throwing Weapons, Multi-use Spears, Direct Contact Weapons, Useful Tool and Weapon Knots, Catapults,Fishing, Making Cordage, Handling Wild Game For Food, Wild Food Safety, Your Survival Kit Resources, and Wilderness Self Reliance.

Wilderness Survival classes are offered at REI stores and some community colleges offer classes for EMT students.
He said it could be administered as an enema if a person was unresponsive and no one knew how to start an IV. This is a little slower than an acutal IV infusion, but it is very effective and comfortable. According to popular research, the average American spends, on average, 540 hours a year in their car.  With all this time spent traveling for business and leisure, it is important to have, at a minimum, the basic emergency supplies so you are not "caught with your pants down". By extra money, I mean you can pick up one of these units between 30-80 dollars plus depending on all the extra bells and whistles.
These are self contained battery packs that will let you jump start your car or truck on your own.
It will include items like reflectors, call police or emergency type banners, flares, tow rope, flashlight, gloves, safety vest, shop cloth, etc..
I guess this comes from my offroading experience where you need to bring what you can with you to repair your vehicle in the middle of nowhere. Ask a mechanically savy friend or good mechanic to give you a once over of the vehicle, showing you items like how to properly check your radiator fluid, check break, oil and transmission fluids where applicable, check the pressure in your tires, changing a tire, identifying the drive belt and how to put a temp replacement and anything else you would like to know.
These multi units are great as they are LED lights which use less energy, allow you to charge you mobile phone in case of emergency and also let you tune in to weather alerts and radio stations in case of an environmental disaster so you can keep informed of the situation around you.
All these items you can use in cases of distress where you went off the road, broke down on the side of the road and many more. Well even though in this case we're on the road, it is still highly recommended you have these supplies to get you out of a jam. Remember, the goal is not to become a mechanic, but to be able to identify a mechanical problem if your stranded and possibly be able to fix it. I think it is a good practice to learn how to do things that pertain to the risks inherent in one's own adventures and lifestyle. For instance, what do you do if you puncture an artery in the process of this "simple procedure"? The nice thing is you can pick up containers of these items in small "top up" form so they take less room and will last for a very long time if not opened.
Or, what do you do if you cause a deep tissue, deadly, spreading, infection by this procedure?
Now think of how horrible it would be to walk a couple miles in high heel shoes for help or have to spend the night in your office shirt and light jacket due to a snow storm.
Take home point: What you hear, is not often correct or appropriate to do when treating any one particular problem.

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