For as long as there have been small places in strip malls with boxes of filthy Legos and even filthier dress-up clothes, there have been “Children’s Museums.” In recent decades, the Children’s Museum has expanded and proliferated and often become a freestanding building, and weary parents have dragged their gummy, cranky children across town to roll silver balls down wooden ramps, to lick the rubber dinosaur femurs that thousands of gummy children have licked before, and to come close to drowning in the arctic waters of the water table, in cities from Indianapolis to Houston to Philadelphia to Los Angeles to Boston. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (effective January 1, 2014) and Privacy Policy (effective January 1, 2014).
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It’s that magical time of year again when the air gets crisp with familial obligations to return home.
People may have expectations for you to be home for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but in reality you are an adult and can decide for yourself where you would like to be for your holidays.
If you find yourself in a stressful situation while visiting home for the holidays you can always escape to the bathroom. If you know that the people you struggle with the most are visiting at a certain time, have a planned event to excuse yourself. If you need help walking through steps like this or even more complex situations involving sexuality, grief and loss, or general individual counseling or relationship counseling related issues, let us know and we will be glad to help! About UsJust Mind is a boutique counseling center in Austin Texas that aims to remove the stigma from therapy through the environment we create and the unique attitudes of the associates who work with us.
If you had to bug out or just got lost in the wilderness you could still survive if you can identify edible wild plants that could keep you alive. In the event of a pending disaster you do not want to be caught trying to research preparedness and then think that you’ll have time to prepare adequately.
BIANCA VAN MEEUWENMarketing & Social Media StrategistJoin for free access to our online marketing resource hub! There are times where we will feel overwhelmed, unsure of how we will get everything done and keep everyone happy. Sometimes it feels like we’re unable to move forward because all we see in front of us is this mountain of busy times that we need to climb.
Your life, state of mind and well-being is much more important than pleasing everyone who wants a piece of you.
If you have a family, there are quite a few birthday parties coming up, you’re busy with work, be prepared and keep a cupboard with a few presents for boys and girls in certain ages so that you don’t have to run to the shops every time you are invited to a party.
Women are known to be good multi-taskers, it’s one of the things we brag about, but it’s actually not more productive to multi-task.
I'm a chatterbox, social media addict, intuitive, marketing strategist, digital native, people person, team-player, curious, dedicated, ambitious, happy camper and creative maker and baker. I love empowering female entrepreneurs, big dreamers, movers and shakers to connect with their clients and be the change makers they dream to be. For the night shift nurse, trying to fall asleep sounds like it would be simple because you are so exhausted, but sometimes the adrenaline rush of work keeps you awake. Supplement – some people use Melatonin, Benadryl, or other sleep aids (Ask your doctor which would work for you). Turn off your phone – If you can, shut off the phone, or at least only push important calls through. Eating for night shift nurses is difficult because you are so tired that the body craves carbohydrates and sugar. Personally, I always ate before work because in the nursing world, you never knew what you were walking into.
Window down, radio up – Ok, everyone would always tell me this tip on night shift, but that fatigue behind the wheel didn’t matter to me.
If you try these tips and still cannot keep your eyes open, find a safe place and set an alarm.

Janine Kelbach, RNC-OB is Registered Nurse with 10 years experience as a Labor and Delivery nurse. You should read theses:10 Tips for Nurses on the Night ShiftThe New Nurse’s Guide to Paging a Doctor at Night7 Tips to Stay Awake on Night ShiftInterested In Nursing? Did you read about that family in Nevada that survived for 2 days out in the cold after a car accident? Michele, this sounds very much like the list my Dad taught me to put in the car in the fall. There are now more than three hundred self-proclaimed Children’s Museums in America, and most of them are basically the same. Your California Privacy Rights The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast.
We were founded in 2007 and are proudly counseling Austin, TX & surrounding communities: Westlake, Lake Travis, Leander, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown, and Travis County, Texas.
The dangers involved in a snake bite depends on the species of snake, the amount of venom injected and on what part of the body the bite occurs. We all know it’s important to look after ourselves, but sometimes this can be challenging because we feel like it’s coming at us all at once.
Whether it’s to a new client, especially if they’re not your ideal client or when you’re fully booked, or whether it’s an invitation to yet another birthday party. For example, if you have a business and you know that you’re going to be snowed under in the next month, make sure that you have a few things ready and set up before it gets busy. As a mother, you have many responsibilities and sleep is never a priority, especially on the night shift.
Three in a row made it easier because my body got “used” to the schedule on the second night, and even though it was so hard to get motivated for the third night, I knew after that I would be done.
Sometimes, you get downtime at work, and many nurses take that time to eat something sugary because of fatigue.
For myself, I liked to work out when I woke up, immediately, even before my first cup of coffee.
Some nurses were never hungry and would pack smoothies or soup to eat throughout the night. We do it for many different reasons whether it’s because we have to because that was the only shift open, or because of our family commitments.
The last couple of days, the mornings here in Iowa have been pretty nice (like 40 degrees), so I didn’t take my coat to work.
The tins are large enough to store pretty much everything, and innocous enough that they can stay in the trunk and not be disturbed. Even so, as the summer approaches, many of us look hopefully at listings of Children’s Museums in towns that we will visit, and in the towns along the way to the towns that we will visit, because, “Hey!
Whether you’re in a day job, have a family or are running a business, we all know what busy times are like.
I have worked as a labor and delivery nurse for the last 10 years, 8 of them on the night shift. Many night shift nurses, including myself, have driven home from work not remember how we got home. I had a friend who fell asleep in the fast food drive-thru and another who swerved into oncoming traffic and was in a terrible accident.
Other people’s Legos!” But the precipitous rise in Children’s Museums has been accompanied by a corresponding uptick in a devastating new medical pathology, known as Daddy Dropsy. Electricity is necessary to run our gadgets and appliances such as cellphones, radio, television, refrigerator and water pumps etc. Being prepared and having a few tricks under your sleeve can make the difference between life and death.

If you are out walking in an area known to have snakes it’s a good idea to wear thick leather boots and long pants. It’s easy to prepare for a disaster when you have advance warning if you know what to do. We juggle multiple commitments and go through the peaks and valleys of busy times and quiet times.
I have come up with these 5 tips that helped me get through it with two kids, a husband, and a dog. You can tell your mother that you worked last night, and she will still want to go shopping at noon, thinking that was enough sleep.
I always said that I would be better driving drunk (not that I do) than driving after night shift, and I still agree.
It is a dangerous shift for our health, but someone has to do it (along with our holidays and weekends)! For medical reasons as yet unidentified, something happens to normally robust fathers upon entry into one of these kids’ museums, something that instantaneously saps them of their ability to speak, ambulate, or even parent. Whether you want to live off the grid or just prepare for extended emergencies  or intermittent power outages, having a backup generator can be very beneficial . Try to be health conscious when packing a lunch with foods that contain plenty of fruits and vegetables along with protein. We have an emergency bag we pack every Fall before bad weather and put it into the vehicles. The energy pours off the suffering daddy into an invisible pool at his feet, and is then—I suspect—magically repurposed for the tugboat-slash-urine exhibit on the third floor. However, with a good plan on hand even if you’re not prepared ahead of time,  you should be able to get the job done well enough. I tried to explain it to my husband one time by saying, “OK, so if you go to bed at 10, can you get up and start your day at 2 am, or even worse, make dinner, check homework, and chase the toddler? It includes a couple of candles which can serve several purposes and flares, tarp or plastic, snacks, blankets, water etc. Let’s just call him, for the purposes of this piece, “my husband.” I have, over the course of our travels, watched him fall asleep in some of our nation’s very finest Children’s Museums, often only moments after entry.
Something about the alchemical mix of screaming, utterly destroyed exhibits, and the possibility that someone will pee on you sends my husband into a state of such extreme torpor that he must either find a place to lie down, or fortify himself with a juice box of bourbon (which has not yet been exploited by the juice-box industry). I used to think this was a singular condition but, after years of observation, I have noticed many other dads curled snugly into the pillows in the reading nook of the sprawling kids’ museum in Toronto, tucked into the far side of the Mohican Teepee in Lynchburg, or dozing under the princess costumes at the Children’s Theatre in Richmond. I have even seen one or two hiding under the Clifford™ or Dora™ or Arthur™ or Ollie the Oil Slick video station (sponsored by B.P. Someone should probably produce the definitive field guide for fathers looking for places to sleep in Children’s Museums. But here, at least, is a first pass at a comprehensive list of good places for Dropsy Dads to nap in a kids’ museum this summer: Enclosed spaces.
Closed spaces might include things like the King Tut case at the Mummy Exhibit in Toronto, or the tiny grain silo in the ubiquitous farm exhibit. The basic idea is to find the display with an enclosed area in which children cannot play: yurts, tents, trolley cars, backs of ambulances, holds of Viking ships, fake refrigerators, igloos, trunks of Wiggles™ cars, Little House on the Prairie bunk beds (upper berth), windmills, chicken coops, compost bins. So another surefire strategy for a napping spot is to pick the place koalas would dream of: The highest rung on the climbing structure, or nestled in the gravel-filled scoop of the skid-steer machine at the Skyline exhibit, in Chicago. But I have had some outstanding disco naps while pretending to read “Hop on Pop” to a youngster.

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