Anyone with any experience of this type of game will know how important it is to get beyond the stage of fumbling around trying to light fires with a tin can and drinking puddles as quickly as possible. Now walk around in the woods and search for small trees of the type shown in the screen below. Head over to the second page to learn how to find your location, build fires, purify water and loads more. H1z1 is proving to be a better game than Dayz… i had much hopes for the later but it became a very stale game. You can craft anything from construction material to weapons and medical kits, though more items will be added in the final game.
In order to craft an item, you will require appropriate crafting materials, crafting recipes, and sometimes things like a furnace or oven (to melt metals and such). You will learn crafting recipes throughout the course of the game which will stay with you even after you die. The post H1Z1 Crafting Guide – Crafting Recipes, Items and How To Craft appeared first on SegmentNext. Just recently, devs released an update to make some adjustments to the airdrops and now again, another update has gone live. SOE has been criticized for its paid airdrops in H1Z1 and contradictory statements by developers. The post New H1Z1 Update Goes Live, Will Make You Less Hungry and Thirsty appeared first on SegmentNext.
The ability to request a refund stemmed from Early Access players taking issue with airdrops. Instead, the drops would contain randomly generated items such as backpacks, waist packs, and other loot.
Players are unable to call in an airdrop unless the server is one quarter full, and along with contending with other players for the loot, the drop draws the attention of all zombies in the area.
Comments such as these led to understandable confusion on the matter, especially when senior game designer Adam Clegg stated the only way to acquire guns is to find them in the game world.
The crates he mentioned are scattered around the game world and players can purchase keys with real money to open them. In summary, SOE basically decided at some point during development to include guns as random content in the airdrops – but they are still not available for purchase for real money in the game.
Airdrops can be considered one of the issues, and SOE has already responded to the feedback. To clear things up even further, Adam Clegg has since apologized for what he said in the aforementioned stream, stating he didn’t mean to mislead players on how items are acquired in-game.
You can read up on the entire issue through the Reddit threads and the other links provided in this post. For more information on what to expect in the Early Access game, you can read SOE’s content description through here. Are you among the numerous fans who paid 20 bucks for H1Z1 early access only to find out that the game is buggy and actually uses a financial model that lines closely to a pay to win model? If you are, Sony is hearing you loud and clear and they have even come up with the simplest of solutions: Refund. While most of the MMOs are bound to get buggy at the beginning, it is the pay-walled structure of the game that many fans are disappointed with. Fans complained, and the complaints were so frequent that even John Smedley, the president of Sony Online Entertainment had to react.

The post H1Z1 Air Drops Features Result in SOE Offering Refunds appeared first on SegmentNext. With that said, there is a major concern which fans have with H1Z1’s potentiel pay-to-win model. The game promotes the idea of survival of the fittest and paid airdrops is survival of the richest, not fittest. Players have been blaming developers to mislead and bluntly lie to them, which I believe is a bit unfair, because SOE showed paid airdrops in some of their streams, so this was known beforehand. After seeing the outrage of the community, John Smedley took to reddit and shared his side of the story and explained how blaming them is unfair.
They mentioned it before or not but surely it’s a disadvantage to players who won’t pay, so how will SOE balance things out? According to Smedley, even if you have paid for an airdrop, it doesn’t mean you can have it easily. The post H1Z1 Features Paid Airdrops – Blaming SOE is Unfair, Says Smedley appeared first on SegmentNext. Fans of the zombie survival games are going to be all alert for the H1Z1 early access as it is going to kick off tomorrow. It has been a while since SOE has been working on it so quite a lot has already been shared regarding the game. Just like any other catastrophic world event, the landscape of H1Z1 will change a great deal as time goes on. The post H1Z1 Survival Tips by SOE are Worthwhile for Early Access Users appeared first on SegmentNext.
President of Sony Online Entertainment, John Smedley, shared some new information about the upcoming early access. Unfortunately, he failed to mention how many players a single server can accommodate but I believe more information will be shared soon enough.
Starting January 15, players will be able to try out a buggy and incomplete version of H1Z1. Along with PS4, H1Z1 will also be coming to PC and players who wish to know the system requirements for H1Z1, can view the minimum below or visit Steam for recommended specs. The post H1Z1 Will Have 150-200 Servers Ready for Early Access This Thursday appeared first on SegmentNext. Whether or not it has the depth to truly compete is yet to be seen, but first impressions are solid. H1Z1 lets you get relatively well-equipped reasonably quickly, but, as is the case with DayZ, there’s little in-game help.
Opinions differ somewhat on how exactly to go about these first steps, but the outcome’s always the same. Shred them both (you’ll have to drag some stuff into your BELT POUCH to achieve this). I just hope H1Z1 is able to implement a better anti-cheating system that the one they are using right now. Similar to popular survival MMOs out there, SOE’s H1Z1 boasts an extensive crafting system. However, developers are trying make the game as better as possible by releasing updates and make adjustments to the overall experience.
In addition, unspecified changes have been made to foraging rules and players won’t get stuck in certain areas of the game from now on.

Earlier comments from SOE stated weapons would not be included as part drops which are a micro-transaction option. Early Access players found that items such as an AR-15 rifle and 90 rounds of ammunition were included in the drops, which led to both confusion and outcry within the community. SOE has said numerous times the main reason it decided to go this route was to develop the game alongside the community. When you are on a stream, and you are talking about your game, you tend to talk a million miles an hour both to keep the information flowing and to keep it entertaining. Which means it’s a little more work so please be patient with the actual refund (it may take a day or two). Numerous players experienced connection issues and were unable to play the game, after receiving an Error G99. Also, the game is still in development and purpose of this early access is to test the product.
John Smedley previously confirmed that they will only sell wearable items but that was a while back. However, the developers found the need to share some invaluable survival tips, and early access instructions for those of you who are going to take part in it. Last but not the least, you should maintain the latest information ad make sure that your crafting skills are up to scratch.
The game will allow players to explore the environment freely, craft weapons, kill zombies and survive by any means necessary. In a series of tweets, he revealed that the game will have 150-200 live servers this Thursday. There are two price options, one is the basic version of the game that will cost you $19.99 for access. This will allow players to take part in the development process and let the team know what they like and don’t like as things progress. But sometimes things get said without completely thinking about what you are saying 100% through,” he said on the H1Z1 Subreddit. This can give some players an advantage over others and has a negative impact on the balance of H1Z1. Game crashes and bugs are just a part of life in Early Access, and we appreciate all of your bug reports and feedback! When you go back to the Crafting tab, you’ll see MAKESHIFT BOW and WOODEN ARROW are both green. Avoiding busy periods means you’re able to get your post-collapse life together in relative peace. When things do go wrong, rest assured that a team of highly skilled people are working on the problem and will get things up and running as soon as zombily possible. It’ll appear on the right side of the window and give you a bunch of extra carrying space.

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