Cooking over an open fire is awesome… until you have to clean the charred mess off of your pots and pans! You’ll need a thick rag or a heavy-duty scrubbing pad… I like a pad better since it will hold up much better in the field. Oh, yeah… I also recommend that you wear gloves when you do this since ashes can irritate your skin. The ash acts as a mild abrasive and also chemically breaks down the char… which is pretty cool. Then Buff with a dry rag and make sure you wash your vessel well to remove any residue before using.
It still sounds dopey as all git-out, but if you have soap with you (a bar, a bottle of liquid, or last night’s fat and hardwood ashes), it works, and has since I learned it when I was a Boy Scout, 45+ years ago. When I was a Boy Scout I was tought to use Ivory soap on stuff I still use any soft soap bar on stuff it works for me & a Lot less Labor too. Life is full of surprises and a day that was going completely well could turn into an extremely unbearable situation. So in order to increase the chances of surviving, the following top 10 survival tips and tricks will always come in handy. You might be going on your honeymoon hike, a team building exercise with your company or friends or just taking an excursion. Having the right gear in such dire situations can be the difference between staying alive and dying. A first aid kit – this is to ensure that any injuries are taken care of and contained and stopped from turning into an emergency and even turning life threatening.
Water is the most important as you could last longer without food that you could without water. Your energy is the greatest asset that you have in such dire situations so conserving it should be at the top of the list after getting out. Having a shelter up will help one be able to rest and give themselves enough time to assess the current situation.
Check out our pages for more help on survival guides as well as our page on survival techniques.
The earth is greening up all around us and for those of us who want to create our own home medicinals, it’s never too soon to get started collecting and drying those lovely “weeds” we who know better call herbs.
Galium aperine, or cleavers, is an annual herb, which means that when you collect it, you want to leave plants in the collection area to go to seed to produce a crop next year. This plant is identifiable by its whorled, lance-shaped leaves – usually 6- 8 around the stem and a prickly, “sticky” square-shaped stem, which will adhere back upon itself or to just about anything you hold it up against. Same family: galium aperine or cleavers on the right and galium mollugo or whorled bedstraw on the left. The test that reveals a cleaver plant is always the test of whether or not the plant will cleave! I usually find my cleavers throughout the woodlands where I live but you can also find them growing heartily in thicket environments too.
Cleavers are a lymphatic alterative or tonic, restoring health to an overtaxed lymph structure which is trying to keep your immune system in top shape.
The actions attributed to cleavers are: diuretic, alterative, anti-inflammatory, tonic, astringent, anti-neoplastic, hepatic, laxative, and vulnerary. The best use of the constituents of cleavers is through infusions or extracting the fresh juice to use immediately. I had to pull a lot of Cleavers from a flower bed and was seriously irritated by the micro-thorns. Continue this process, occasionally rinsing your applicator and vessel as you go until the bulk of the char and ash is gone.

Flitz is a metal, plastic and fiberglass polish paste that I have used for years on my stainless weapons and gear. A simple way to maintain your cookware in the field using little more than cooled ashes from your fire and a little water. Scrubbing pad, water and soap are just enough but not totally, thanks for the new technique . Please Consider Partnering with Us to Keep Our FAMILY FRIENDLY Videos (and Website Content) Coming YOUR Way.
A hiking trip that was going very well could instantly turn catastrophic and like the great scout motto, “always be prepared” is the motto to live by.
It is advisable to inform either relatives of the destination, expected time of departure from your rendezvous point and expected time of arrival at the destination.
Always ensure that the right gear is carried when going on hikes, excursions and walks in the jungle.
S-stop, T-think, O- observe, P- plan assists in being able to correctly evaluate the prevalent situation and being able to adjust accordingly to assure survival. So it is advisable that nothing be discarded unless its usefulness has been determined to be nonexistent. These animals normally do not mean anyone any harm but being safe is always better that being sorry. In the absence of readily available water like from water cans, rivers then one should be able to dig at former stream beds to find water. A shelter serves to protect you from the elements, that is, rain, extreme heat from the sun. It serves to provide warmth, light and protections from insects and wild animals and can also be able to act as a signal.
You can start the process of getting yourself out by searching for footpaths or nearby civilization.
Recruit Survival Tip #451:Always remember that even when things seem dire, sometimes having faith in the impossible is exactly what works. Recruit Survival Tip #447:Sending Captain Rogers links to unsavory websites is frowned upon.
Recruit Survival Tip #444:Do not, under any circumstances, accept a challenge from Tony Stark.
Today I will give you the lowdown on cleavers, an herb that is a very foundational one to have in your herbal medicine chest and makes a delicious cooked green side dish as well. As a matter of practice, with any herb you are collecting, always leave behind a good patch of whatever you are harvesting. The little hairs on the stems are hooked, much like the burdock seeds.  If you have your children along when you are collecting, they will find this very entertaining. Be aware, also, that some people react to the juice in this plant with a dermatitis when they touch it, but I think that is rare.
They are quite pretty in a delicate way, gracefully drooping as they grow up to a few feet long and timidly offering for our viewing enjoyment a dainty white flower that shows on the stalks from the leaf axils.
Cleavers can also bring relief in urinary tract infections and are widely used topically to relieve dry skin conditions, like psoriasis. To get the benefits of the citric acid, glycosides, asperulosides and gallotannic acid that this plant has to offer, an alcoholic tincture of the fresh plant can also be prepared and kept long term. Supposedly, cleaver seeds, when roasted, can be a caffeine-light substitute, albeit inferior, for coffee. Several days later I develped a dermatitis that resists treatment with cortisone and is still present after more than a month. Unfortunately, it is possible for folks to develop reactions to any herb, which is why I always recommend caution when trying new ones.

I’m going to show you a simple way to get the shine back on your metal cookware – in the field without soap, steel wool or chemicals.
The reason is so that in case there is a glitch in this plan, then the search and recovery party can know where to start. Having the right gear is more than having an application on your mobile device but having actual handy tools and equipment that help and assist in your survival endeavors they should not be bulky either but the simple. You do not want to encounter an animal and wait to find out if this is the friendly type or vicious. Also water can be obtained from forest vines by thoroughly squeezing them to produce water. Finding a hardware store in the forest is highly unlikely; you have to use what is readily available like Rock overhangs, limbs, leaves, and pine boughs. Fire provides a good signal sender; other options are mirrors or any reflective objects that can be used to signal planes flying above your location. Take a little here and a little there and you will always have your sources remaining strong from year to year.
Later in the season, the flowers produce a bristle-covered fruit which is the bane of all dog owners.
One of my favorite doctors refers to the lymphatic system as the “Cinderella system”, staying in the shadows, cleaning up all the messes the rest of the body systems make, while really filling the highest and most noble function of enabling the body to fight disease. Cleavers have been used in the treatment of ulcers and tumors and have been used in experimentation with dogs as an agent in reducing blood pressure without slowing the heart or having any other side effects! Using the dried aerial parts in a tea is the easiest way to use cleavers, soaking a tablespoon of the dried herb for 10-15 minutes and drinking it.   Some day I will hopefully have enough experience to write an article on making tinctures, but for now, I just do a folk method of filling a jar with the herb and topping it off with vodka, letting it steep for a few weeks while shaking now and again before finally straining it for storage. Water can also be obtained from simple purification processes like decantation and filtration. The kind of shelter chosen should not be very complicated that more strength is used in setting it up. Matches are good but might turn out to be greatly disadvantageous as wind and wet conditions might turn them useless.
So anywhere in the body where swollen glands are present – especially tonsillitis or adenoid problems- is a perfect scenario for cleavers to come to aid. There is no way of knowing what the strength of your herb component is to alcohol in these tinctures, but there is a way to do tinctures where you measure things very scientifically with weight and volume and then can know the strength of the resulting tincture. This plan is known to others who remain Always opening up the channel of communication to ensure that you do not loose contact with the outside world.
Having high energy biscuits or bread is good and should not be eaten with the intention of filling the stomach but just to provide energy lest you eat all your food and start dying of starvation. We are all unique in body chemistry.  We are NOT a medical professionals by any means, however we have saved our family a boatload of annoyance and money by being resourceful and using what is right at our feet – literally. Unfortunately we can’t make any promises in that department but again, we do appreciate the heads-up on what might be a great knife! One thing that should be greatly discouraged is running away as this might trigger the animal’s instinctual hunting mode that might turn a rather less threatening situation into a full blown hunting spree. The easiest way is to use friction by rubbing one stick against another with one being covered by dry leaves which will in turn smolder and with fanning can turn into a flame.

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