This guide is for those who are just starting out with Zombies and want a little bit of an extra edge. If zombie movies have taught us anything, it’s that going it alone is a very, VERY bad idea. Both maps feature a Pack-A-Punch machine, where 5000 points can be spent upgrading one of your weapons (you get an ammo refill for the weapon as well, FYI).
The best place to hole up on Kino is a small alleyway located just a few rooms past the theater. Much like Kino, a convoluted path must be taken in order to reach the Holy Grail that is the Pack-A-Punch machine. There’s no single location in Five that is easily defended with a convenient choke point. If you stand back at the wall, you have a relatively long time to shoot them till they get to you.
Another tip – use doors that can be opened as a last resort to being overrun early on. Another Black Friday is upon us, and yet again people throughout the country are losing it over $5 toasters and $6 pairs of Pajamas.
If so many people can completely lose it over a bunch of crap that they in no way need to survive, what do you think these same people will do during an emergency? The next time you think you have enough food, water, and emergency supplies, remember these videos and then ask yourself, are you really prepared?
You’ve not checked out the chatrooms on singles sites or the personals on Craig’s List lately, have you?
Big corporations have this shit planned every year, that is why they have these deals and not enough for everyone to get them, they know what is going to happen before that day arrives and that’s how they make more money. That’s a nice conspiracy theory, but any intelligent adult would know that it is not in the best interest of a company to encourage riots and injuries, regardless of how many sales they make. Another delusional moron who wont come to grips with corporate induced shortages to cause hysteria,rioting and sensationalism. I almost went to our local Walmart just to see the idiots fight over the crap they don’t need.
If this how people behave for a few bargains, how would they act after running out of food or even water? Sad so sad and Woz is right just think how they would react when their food is gone and they want yours. If they would offer these deals online for the same prices, the companies would make twice the money. The only problem with online sales is that they would lose money in the shipping unless people payed for it.
When Zombies mode appeared for the first time in COD game, Survival was only mode available, so event today when people talk about Zombies mode in Call of Duty Black Ops 2, they usually means Survival mode. Looking for ONE, small tool for bushcraft, survival and hunting that’s equally at home in the kitchen as it is in the backcountry?
The Muslim Social Services Agencya€™s (MSSA) mission is to provide care, resources and services to those in need. It is estimated that there are 3,419 men, women, and children who are homeless in Baltimore on any given night.
So make sure you’ve got at least one friend to bring along into your match, preferably two or three. All players start with a pistol and 500 points to spend, enough on either map to buy a rifle or a shotgun. Your best bet for taking on the dog is to pull out a shotgun, form a battle line (preferably behind a bunch of claymores, if you’ve purchased them) and go for headshots. Jump off the stage and head to the other end of the room, paying to unlock one last set of doors which open back into the starting room. From the starting area, make your way into the hallway and take the elevator down to the War Room, noting the DEFCON switches scattered around the walls.
What you DO have is an elevator, and the breathing room a ride up or down can provide as your reload and revive. Once the power has been turned on and someone purchases a perk, these little buggers will start appearing every four rounds. That, coupled with the fact that large, open spaces for you to circle and build up a horde in are few, means that this is perhaps the most solo play-unfriendly of the three currently available zombie maps. One more spot to camp out on kino is up the stairs in the beginning, through the first door, go all the way to the end and DONT buy the second door. You will rack up points early, making it so by the time you reach the pack-a-punch, you can already afford several upgrades.

And as I point out every Black Friday, this is a prime example of why you need to take preparedness seriously. We have come to a place where, unfortunately, a great number of people seem to think it’s ok to knock someone out in order to get to a T.V.
This mode is most played even today, and most tips and trick on the net are dedicated to mastering this mode. Thought so… Meet the Farson Blade Survival Tool. The Farson Survival tool is designed and manufactured by a new brand called Fremont Knives… a US company based in the great state of Wyoming. We will promote self-sufficiency, social well-being and assistance programs to low income, disadvantaged individuals and families. Four factors are primarily responsible for homelessness: lack of affordable housing, lack of affordable health care, low incomes, and the lack of comprehensive services. The more eyes you’ve got, the better the chances of preventing or plugging those zombie breaches before they get out of hand. During the early rounds when your knife is still a valuable weapon, position yourself so you can cover one or more windows and let them come. A round won’t end until ALL zombies are put down, so make your adorable, little crawler and then run around re-upping your ammo, buying new weapons and opening doors without the hassle of a pursuing horde.
Starting with the set of double doors on the second floor of the room you start in, work your way through a series of rooms (and doors) until you get to the theater.
With the power now on, flip the activator switch in that starting room and then head back to the theater stage, where the impossible-to-miss teleporter will now be active.
Open that and follow the series of rooms until you reach a set of stairs going down to an alleyway. Take the stairs down (paying to clear debris as you go) and make your way to the freight elevator. The Gersch Device, also known as the Black Hole Bomb, is a new weapon in the vein of the previous maps’ monkey bombs.
The best location to run circles in that I’ve found so far is close to the Stamin-Up machine and the claymores.
Jugger-Nog should be considered an essential perk, the one you’ll definitely want to defend when the monkeys come.
Have one guy watch the ceiling and wall holes, and the other guys mow down the zombies coming from the main door.
I see a lot of people pointlessly opening doors way too early when they can be used as a great way to escape.
With today’s chaos in mind, imagine these same people during an emergency that causes them to go without food and water. All these corporations are truly guilty of is not properly preparing for the safety of the materialistic, savage shoppers their sales will likely attract.
The problem is there just isn’t enough product in the stores to meet consumer demand. The concept for this blade came from an ancient stone tool that was discovered in the Great Red Desert near Farson, Wyoming… an extreme environment in which the folks who lived there centuries ago needed a versatile survival tool to cut, chop, slice and skin. Inspired by the find, the team at Fremont Knives went to the drawing board to improve on the original stone tool and bring it to a new generation. To provide resources, aid and comfort to women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Worst of all, they emit a cloud of toxic, vision-distorting gas when downed… UNLESS you take them out with a knife or a Ray Gun blast.
Hop in and you’re whisked away to the Pack-A-Punch machine, a completely zombie-free room overlooking the theater.
There’s also a lander pad in the area, one of the three situated outside the starting room.
And when people think there’s a scarcity of anything they will tend to use it as an excuse for violent behavior. But at least it’s good to know there are some people out there who are prepping also. Each round will spawn a number of zombies, and when team kills all of them, the round finishes. First-round zombies go down with one knife swipe, second-round zombies with two, and so on. Unless you’ve got the latter from a lucky Random Box roll, your best bet is to take them out from a distance.
You only have 30 seconds to spend there though, so do your business at the machine as quickly as you can.
As long as that fence is closed, you can only be attacked from two places: the stairs you came down to get here and a ground floor window off to the right of the stairs. Once you’ve got the juice on, head back to the war room and hit any DEFCON switch you see with a green light next to it until you hit level 5.

Fend them off without letting them lay a single, filthy paw on the machines and the last monkey you kill in the round will drop a bonus perk in addition to the usual Max Ammo. To maximize your points, put 6 pistol bullets into each zombie BEFORE knifing it into re-death. An alarm with sound at that point, a cue that ALL teleporters will now send you straight to the machine for a limited time. Now my Farson blade held a keen edge through all of my tests and came just shy of razor sharp.
This is offset by the fact that you can buy the SPAS-12 shotgun in the War Room, found JUST outside the elevator. Which brings me to an important point… This blade IS very sharp out of the box… AND the majority of this tool IS blade, so be careful how you handle it. If he dies he can’t come back to game until next round starts, and he will have only basic m1911 again in that case.
Next, there is a large cutout in the center of the tool that should accommodate about any sized hand.  The top handle portion has a gentle, ergonomic curve that fit my palm well… and the tightly woven paracord makes for a surpassingly comfortable grip. By saving him you will have one more mate to help you through the whole round, and he will save his weapon, although his perks will be lost.
There is also a generous amount of handle spine jimping toward the front and rear of the tool to increase grip and control. Two holes in the handle are strategically placed to stabilize and secure the paracord wrap and are very useful when lashing the tool to a stick to make a improvised hatchet. Plus DUBSTEPEvan Bogahalanda: wait, dont u lose the other 3 perks that r after tombstone when u die?
A generous amount of paracord from the handle ports out the back side of the tool and is tied off to form a lanyard that I used often to help keep the tool in my hand, especially when attempting some light chopping… Now Let’s Talk About What This Tool Can Do From the first time my wife saw the Farson Blade, she asked, “Do I get one for my kitchen?”  So yep, one of my first tests was chopping an apple… true to its form it made short work of my subject… chopping and slicing very nicely. For this tactic, one player is pulling all zombies that appear on the map so they all keep following him. Usually other players hide while one player runs around the map until all spawned zombies are following him. Next I decided to see how it would do cutting… Now this tool doesn’t have a tip like a standard knife, but I found that the butt end was set up with enough of a point to slice through various things like cloth, plastic and cardboard. Cutting and chopping pretty heavy rope was a breeze… as well as skinning and sharpening sticks… The adjustments that I needed to make to use this tool to perform most duties of a standard knife were minimal. When all zombies are gathered, player will turn around and start shooting in the crowd, aiming for heads. I was curious whether I would be able to perform some finer tasks like feathering sticks… and sure enough, the Farson tool did just fine. Next, it was time to baton through some smaller logs and 2 by 4s… So I removed the paracord and gave it a go.
All players should gather then and shoot into the crowd, spending less ammo and making much more damage with this tactic than hunting each zombie separately.
Another great tactic is called “Crawler tactic” and is used usually by the end of the round when players need to upgrade weapons or buy perks from Perk-a-Cola. Without a handle apart from the blade, the tool shifts around and needs to be whacked from both sides to keep it moving through the wood. But as soon as last zombie is down round finishes and players sometimes don’t have a chance to buy all stuff needed.
Often the Farson traveled through these puppies with one whack. If you’re a hunter, you’re probably wondering how this tool does on big game… especially skinning… so the boys at Fremont Knives sent me some footage of them using the Farson tool to skin an antelope following a recent hunt.
He will pose no danger to player in this way, slowly following them around and giving them time to finish all the stuff they wanted. Last but not least, I HAD to lash this tool to a stick and see how it would do as an improvised hatchet. So I went serious primitive here and simply wrapped the tool’s 8 foot of paracord around the tool handle and stick as tight as I could, occasionally weaving and pulling it tightly through some of my wraps, toward the end… then I simply tied it off and tightened it a bit as I went. And even with my hasty paracord lashing, this little improvised hatched did an awesome job at chopping and sharpening sticks and even chopping a tree before my lash came loose. I used a branch that was just over one and a quarter inches or 3 centimeters in diameter… which made for an almost perfectly balanced and powerful tool. With a little more care and a better paracord weave, this tool would make the Ultimate improvised Survival Hatchet. About The Sheath… My Farson tool came with a black, nylon sheath with an inner liner and holds the tool inside, through the use of a Velcro like closure system.
This whole package is also small enough to easily slip into a pocket or pack… and takes up very little room. Let’s Take a Look at Owner Comments… Since Fremont Knives is a newer brand and the Farson tool has only been out for a few months, there are not many owner reviews. It’s a simple, but well thought-out tool that has a myriad of uses and would make the perfect addition to any survival, camping, emergency or hunting kit. Beefing up this sheath in future versions, or offering an upgraded sheath option would surely encourage us to up our rating to a full 5 out of 5 stars… especially since this tool lists at only $59 but can be found online in the USA for well under $40 US at the time of this review. So Who is the Farson Blade Survival Tool For? This tool is a unique, innovative and versatile tool for survival kits, bug out bags, emergency kits, camping, hunting, backpacking, fishing and every day carry. It’s as much at home in the kitchen as it is in the back country… and because of it’s very affordable online street price… the Farson Blade Survival Tool would make a great gift for just about any man or women on your gift list.

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