Whether for yourself or your children, you're looking for mentors, and perhaps for a whole community of like-minded folks to support the journey of deeply connecting with nature, others, and self. You want to be guided into a deep relationship with the natural world, into a powerful connection with a nature based community of like-minded people, and into a profound awareness of your own true self.
You want to be trained to be a nature based mentor, one who guides others into these same, powerful connections.
You want your kids to have deeply connective experiences that facilitate health & vibrancy like learning wild edible & medicinal plants, wilderness survival, or wildlife tracking. You want your kids to be part of a program with smaller group sizes and more instructors, one that facilitates real world challenges and believes youth are capable of so much more than the modern world asks of them.
You want real mentors for your kids, people who will really show up for them and foster resiliency, responsibility, a work ethic, health, happiness, compassion, self-confidence, gratitude and inner peace. Hi, we are Tim Corcoran and Jeannine Tidwell, co-founders and co-directors of Twin Eagles Wilderness School. The Experience: In the remote desert canyon and national forests of southwest Utah, the 14-day Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS) field course simulates a survival situation.
The Payoff: "The experience gives you a good chance to reflect on your life," says Steve Dessinger, owner and program director of BOSS. Join Earth Native School for a two-day basic wilderness survival and self-reliance course and learn natural resource based primitive wilderness survival skills utilized by indigenous populations for hundreds of thousands of years. People who travel, work, recreate or live in the wilderness and other remote areas must expect that, sooner or later, they will have to deal with an injury or medical problem.
This Wilderness First Aid Course is affiliated with the Emergency Care & Safety Institute (ESCI), American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), and American College of Emergency Physicians (ECEP). Anyone who travels into the wilderness or other remote locations should be prepared to spend an unexpected night (or longer) in that setting. If you are alone or lost, you will have to deal with psychological factors such as; fear, loneliness, anxiety, depression and boredom. This course will focus on the psychological and physical threats to your health and well being, outline your survival priorities and immediate threats and examine your resources and possible solutions.
This six day hands-on wilderness first aid and wilderness survival combination course is a must for backcountry adventurers and a great resource for experienced wilderness travelers. Survival TipJust like the sun, the moon rises from the east and sets in the west.When the moon is not full and there are two points, like in a crescentmoon, you can use the moon the find your way.
Rob "K12" served 20 years in the United States Marine Corps and has trained and operated in all types of terrain all over the world.
3X5 pocket size cards with survival tips, signaling tips, trap and snare diagrams, fire building tips, navigation tips, and much more printed directly on durable, tear proof, weather proof plastic cards. We are a school that is dedicated to passing on the knowledge that may enhance your chances of living through a crisis situation. We aim to increase your comfort level for the outdoors by teaching you the ability to interpret everything as a resource for your survival. Email, call, or signal us with any questions you may have about outdoor survival techniques, tips and preparation. What would you do first if you were lost or stranded in the woods, miles from civilization? Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.

In our classroom section, we talked about the different types of emergencies we could encounter: losing a person from the group, injury, sickness, getting caught in adverse weather and getting lost (but! On Saturday, we headed to White Ranch Park to practice some survival and first aid tactics. We then broke into different groups and were instructed to make a shelter that was more substantial, as if we needed to stay overnight or a couple nights.
I was pretty proud of my groups – we used a group of rocks as a wall near our entrance (under the dark orange rain fly) a fallen log as our middle support, insulated with tree logs (that I cut with the badass saw I brought) and pine needles, duct tape and bandaids. The other group used dead logs as a roofing structure over a rock ledge.  And the last group used their rope to make a wide spine to hang their tarps between two trees.
I recently had 2 knee surgeries to repair damaged cartilage due to a condition I have called Osteochonditis Dissecans (OCD).
At times, you'll have no food rations and only the clothes on your back, a knife, and a water bottle as an instructor guide shows your group how to navigate in the wilderness. These skills have served human kind for hundreds of thousands of years and require no modern materials or supplies. Are you and your loved ones prepared? Natural disasters of historical size like Superstorm Sandy are becoming more and more common. This Wilderness First Aid Course provides comprehensive information about how to deal with medical emergencies when help is hours or even days away. Urban first aid trains students to respond to medical emergencies when an ambulance is only minutes away. What starts out to be an enjoyable reconnection with nature could turn out to be a nightmare if the unexpected should happen. If you are in a group you will have to deal with group dynamics and individual personalities of people in the group. Your ability to survive, to a large extent, will be determined by your knowledge and skill level. Come join us in beautiful Northwest Montana and expand your wilderness skills and make new friends. Connect an imaginaryline from the top point to the second point and continue to the ground.
From the mountains of Afghanistan and the desert of Iraq, to the jungle of the Philippines, above the arctic circle in Norway to the woodlands of the United States.
It’s great to learn how to play safely in the mountains… but what happens when something goes wrong?
It was sturdy and really warm inside – someone would definitely survive overnight or two, if needed. Basically, Alex takes lint from the drier, melts candle wax on it in an old, cardboard egg container. There is a whole CMC class devoted to first aid so this was just a very basic overview of what to do when faced with an injury. Generally, I rely on Alex to know all of our survival information but it’s extremely important for me to know just as much. You'll find my surgery and recovery under 'My Knees' and I regularly post about post-surgery recovery. As we know, in a crisis like this sociatal supply and power lifelines that we count on in our day to day lives break down. Hikers, skiers, climbers, hunters, horseback riders, snowmobiler’s, four wheelers, kayakers, canoeist’s, river rafters, fisherman, foresters, linesmen, ranchers, farmers, outdoor enthusiast, and people who live in small communities, or vacation homes where the EMS system may not be able to respond immediately, will all benefit greatly from this course.

Wilderness first aid must focus on extended care, harsh environments, a lack of medical equipment, improvisation, outdoor specific injuries, rescues, evacuations, and more. Physically you may have to deal with fatigue, exposure, hypothermia, hyperthermia, rain, snow, lighting, insects, animals, etc. He is a graduate of "C" level SERE school with a long list of accolades to include consulting for an upcoming survival T.V.
These emergencies could be within our own party – or we could happen upon someone else stuck in one of these emergencies and we need to be able to act quickly to help. It’s hard to tell in this photo but Denver was clear as anything from where I ate my lunch of a Nutella Sandwich.
In this situation, our instructor had a broken arm and bruised rib and we had to assess the situation, check our casualty and decide how to proceed.
I won’t always be hiking and backpacking with Alex and, as evidenced in the Unfortunate Snow Saw Event of 2013, my information source may be the injured. Here you'll find my adventures in the Rocky Mountains, fitness and food endeavors and DIY craft projects. Exhausted and under stress, you'll have to use the skills you've learned to start a friction fire with no matches and, if you can't get your fire going, you can't cook. In this more volatile world you can't afford not to prepare yourself and your family in advance. Each year we hear countless stories of ordinary people who are thrust into unexpected survival situations.
One good definition of wilderness survival is “The ability and the desire to stay alive (or thrive), all alone, or in a group, under adverse conditions, until rescued”. That willgive you a general sense of direction and you will be able to orientyourself from there. Every emergency is different but having some awareness up front will be extremely helpful in keeping the chaos under control when the time comes. This way, if a bear does find the smells, you won’t have a run in with a big ass bear in the middle of the night. So this day and week was a great jumping off point for me but really highlighted how much more I want (and need!) to learn about safety, first aid and survival techniques in the backcountry.
Many of the skills come from the local cliff-dwelling Pueblo people and native cultures around the world.
K12 received his Wilderness First Aid certification from the Wilderness Medical Institute of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and was a member of King County Search and Rescue. Developing or honing your wilderness skills will give you the advantage you need to get to safety.
To use this fire started, just spark the cardboard and the container will start a nice fire under kindling. If you are coming from out of town and would like to camp on our land, this is possible for an additional $10 per night, per tent. In addition to learning valuable outdoor skills, you will leave with a level of confidence for the outdoors that you never thought you had.

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