The current trend towards more serious zombie shows is a great start, but even the most accurate movie still contains characters that are woefully unprepared. Each illustrated flashcard features detailed instructions covering a range of important topics.
Prepared by a panel of experts with years of (admittedly academic) experience, this set of instructional cards will ensure you’re safe and sound when the dead begin to rise. Hyundai teamed with agency Innocean and the creators of The Walking Dead to allow drivers to configure their ultimate zombie-defeating ride. So you’re sitting in your car minding your own business when a bunch of flesh-seeking zombies appear out nowhere. Carmakers tend to focus on protecting drivers against extreme weather or precarious road conditions, but Hyundai took its defensive measures a bit farther—allowing drivers to arm themselves against the undead with the Walking Dead Chop Shop. Hyundai had its first zombie encounter with the product placement of a Hyundai Tucson in the cult TV series The Walking Dead.

Fans could choose from three Hyundai vehicles and 150 zombie-killing parts, all codesigned by comic book artists from Walking Dead publisher, Skybound. The app, which launched at Comic-Con in San Diego, seems to be going down well with the public. The Innocean creatives attest to having learned a lot from their experience of waging war on zombies.
Sure, you’re laughing now, but see how funny it is when your neighbour is gnawing on your leg. From using power tools as weapons (awesome, until the power runs out) to crafting your own crossbow (easier than expected) and how to detect an outbreak (muddled news reports and a high prevalence of partially eaten people). The placement inspired the brand and its creative agency Innocean to get Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead comic book and its TV spinoff, to design his own zombie survival version of the Hyundai Elantra Coupe in 2012.
The Walking Dead Chop Shop app offers all kinds of armory and the latest must-have zombie survival car accessories, from razor wire and automatic shotguns to flame throwers and machetes.

The app, built on a real-time 3-D platform, allows users to view their creations in 3-D from any angle. They are attracted to noise so you can bring them towards you and either attack them with a weapon on the car or run away and get them to attack your enemy," Muckenthaler says. The ultimate zombie survival machine will be revealed at Comic-Con in New York in October, coinciding with the launch of the next series of the show.

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