This light and compact emergency blanket can fit into the corner of a daypack as the shelter component of the ten essentials every hiker should carry.
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Knowledge is SurvivalSurvival instructions printed directly on the blanket for easy reference when you need it most. More than Just a BlanketA true ultra-light multifunction backcountry tool that can also be used as a ground cloth, gear cover, first aid blanket, and more.
A true multi-function survival tool, the SOL Survival Blanket can be used as shelter, a tarp, and of course, an emergency blanket. The SOL Survival Blanket isn't just a survival shelter - it's a tarp, emergency blanket and instruction booklet all in one. One of the most common ways people perish while outdoors is due to hypothermia or exposure to the elements. The SOL Survival Blanket only measures 6" x 3" when folded and weighs under 3oz, making it easily packed almost anywhere. Description:When the unexpected happens, having survival, medical, and gear repair supplies close at hand is essential.

FEATURES AND BENEFITSUltralight, Waterproof, and Pocket-Sized DryFlexa„? Medic pouches weigh next to nothing, fit just about anywhere, and keep water out of your kit.
Made of Heatsheet®, a single layer of polypropylene film with vapor deposited aluminum. As part of an alliance of businesses providing financial support to a healthy planet, we commit 1% of gross sales to environmental initiatives. The Heatsheets material reflects up to 90% of your body heat back to you, keeping you warm during cold outdoor weather conditions. It's compact size and low weight makes it a great addition to any survival or emergency kit, especially minimalistic ones.
The Heatsheets material used to construct the SOL Survival Blanket is a great heat reflector, reflecting up to 90% of your radiated body heat back to you - keeping you warm when the temperature drops. The Survival Medic is compact and lightweight, easily slips into a pocket, and is meant to be kept on your person at all times without adding unnecessary bulk or weight. The blanket is big enough for up to 2 adults and even includes survival and first aid information printed directly on the blanket itself. Packing this survival blanket in your flightbag or aircraft's emergency kit will mean that you won't be stranded without shelter from the elements during a dangerous situation.

It is also water and windproof, further protecting you from the dangerous effects of exposure and hypothermia. Include a few of them in your aircraft's emergency kit or store some in the rear compartment.
Packed inside the ultralight waterproof pouch is a Survive Outdoors Longer Emergency Blanket, Fire Litea„? sparker, Tinder-Quika„? tinder, Slim Rescue Howlera„? whistle, duct tape, and button compass, as well as antiseptic wipes, gauze, and bandages to patch up cuts and scrapes. Durable, lightweight and easy to pack, the SOL Survival Blanket is a great piece of equipment to carry in a minimalistic survival kit for your airplane. The Heatsheets material is also quiet, unlike many other emergency blankets, and is tear resistant.
The SOL Survival Blanket can help you survive until help arrives if you have to set your aircraft down in an unexpected place!

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