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Nikolayev said the rescuers guided by the dog spotted traces of her bare feet and this helped them find her.A 'We began searches, thinking that if she had lost her shoes she would try and stay away from the deep forest, because there are a lot of sharp sticks there,' he said. In the end they decided to tackle the wilderness head-on and took off on foot using a battery-powered GPS device and headed towards the nearest town, some 12 miles away.Between them, they only had a tin of salmon and some trail mix.
The miracle teen who survived a plane crash that killed her grandparents has been sent an inspirational care package from her musical idol Karen O, lead singer of U.S.
Fatal voyage: Picture above are Leland and Sharon Bowman, Autumn's grandparents, who offered to fly her from Montana to Washington after a visit. Hospital and heroes: Autumn is pictured above in hospital recovering from her harrowing ordeal after the plane crash. After trying to rescue her grandparents, brave Autumn a€“ the sole survivor of the crash - then navigated her way through the mountains to a freeway, using knowledge she had picked up from TV survival shows Man vs Wild and Survival Man.After being rescued, Autumn - labeled a a€?superheroa€™ - was still struggling to come to terms with her experiences when she got an unexpected surprise from her hero Karen O.
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At first the helicopter pilot couldn't believe his eyes and had to fly over the spot several times just to be sure.But there was no doubt, the small clearing in the forest, the long dark furrows in the ground, they could only have been made by human hands. For years, scientists believed that this vast region was home to only the wolves, the odd wandering bear and whatever other animals were capable of surviving the harsh climate.No human beings could, or for that mater would want to, live in such a place. Little did he know at the time but he had just discovered the home of the Lykovs - a family lost in time - somehow surviving in this brutal country without seeing another human being in over 40 years.The Lykovs were Old Believers - members of a fundamentalist Russian orthodox sect which had been persecuted since the days of Peter the Great in the early 18th century.
When the Bolsheviks swept into power following the Russian revolution of 1917, many Old Believer communities fled to Siberia to escape religious persecution.Things were to get even worse during the Stalinist purges of the 1930s when Christianity and other religions were outlawed. One day a young Karp Lykov was working in the fields when a communist patrol arrived and shot his brother dead. Isolated: A Russian press photo of Karp Lykov (second left) with Dmitry and Agafia, accompanied by a Soviet geologist. As the geologists set foot inside the cabin it was if they had steeped back in time by 500 years.It consisted of a single room lit by a tiny window, lumps of burnt wood scattered the filthy squalor of the floor.
Beardy: Peter the Great's attempts to modernize the Russia of the early 18th century found a focal point in a campaign to end the wearing of beards. To the right is pictured Karen O, who contacted Autumn via social media to arrange the giftsa€?It was so, so nice she didna€™t have to do anything like that, it meant so much and gave me a real boost.'The 16-year-old was flying with her step-grandparents Leland, 62, and Sharon Bowman, 63, from Kallispell, Montana to Lynden, Washington when the plane ran into trouble and crashed into a mountainous area. We believe this constitutes a "fair use" of any copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the U.S. Luckily, they found some eels and snails in the rice field on the sixth day, which helped them to power through the toughest period.
Or so they thought.It was 1979 and the Russian helicopter pilot had been searching for a spot to land a team of geologists when he spotted the little clearing high up on a mountainside some 150 miles from the nearest human settlement.
It was there they made their home.A  In 1940 son Dmitry was born, followed two years later by daughter Agafia. Then out of the darkness and gloom they heard the sobs of two terrified women - Agafia Lukova and her older sister Natalia.

Karp, who was well into his 80s was fascinated by a pice of cellophane, declaring: 'Lord, what have they thought up?
The Siberian taiga is one of the last remaining wildernesses on earth - thousands of square miles of dense pine forest, rugged mountain valleys, white water rivers and impenetrable bogs. She had choosen to give food to her family and let herself starve.Miraculously when the frost thawed, a single grain of rye sprouted on their pear patch - they guarded it day and night to keep mice and squirrels away.
We landed safe.'The duo waited for a day and a half for rescuers to reach them, but no help arrived. Like a needle in a haystack, it's tough to find somebody there,' he said.Undeterred from the great outdoors, Mr Minton is already planning his next hunting trip - this time to New Mexico.
Blackened by time and rain, the hut was piled up on all sides with taiga rubbisha€”bark, poles, planks. They managed to harvest a further 18 grains from which painstakingly they built up a rye crop.Dmitry became an outdoorsman with skills beyond compare.
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As he reached manhood he became an expert at hunting and trapping animals.He would spend days away from the hut trekking through the forest barefoot until he collapsed of exhaustion.
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Then he would return home, with an animals slung across his shoulders, providing precious meat for his family.Gradually the geologists began to forge the trust and friendship of the Lykovs.
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