An EMP is an electromagnetic pulse, commonly associated as a byproduct of a nuclear blast detonated above the earths atmosphere.
First of all, should an EMP ever strike, it will be unlikely that the entire power grid will come crashing down. I will mention that the ideal choice for communication is a satellite phone because of its off grid capabilities by design.
I have full faith that humanity will eventually be able to rise up after pretty much any disaster. The only true way of protecting your electronic equipment against an EMP is to use an EMP-proof container, like a faraday cage or, in a pinch, full metal cabinets. Ammunition cases or those galvanized steel bins should work.
If you’re feeling especially worried, or have vital medical gear that depends on electronics, then wrap up a spare of the device in tin foil, place it inside a faraday cage and then place that cage inside your car. If you have a survival, preparedness, or gear related question you’d like us to answer, don’t hesitate to let us know! In case you’re interested, you can also view our past responses to reader questions here.
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Yes you do indeed, plenty of bushcraft forums and preppers alike- don’t get hung up on the name and instead keep your mind open for like minded people. The original faraday cages were made of wire mesh and the objects inside were clearly visible. I believe that CB radio is your best bet after an EMP event, Better chance that someone in your area will have a CB, than a Ham rig, besides the fact that a ham radio, might be on one of several bands, so you would have to be on the same band with yours to communicate. I worked hardening the B52 against EMP back in the 70s, you could use any metal container as a Faraday shield, but it must be completely sealed by metal, any gap, will destroy its effectiveness.
I disagree with the idea that an EMP event will not take down the entire power grid, it will if the trigger is above 200 miles high.
In my experience, humans are pretty resilient and we tend to be able to handle far more than expected- the grid being down sucks but its not the end of the world.

The state facility I work at has a generator and fuel tank but it is only connected to critical systems.
I am working on plans for a large UPS for my freezer etc that is powered by a bank of deep cycle batteries that are charged by a solar panel. 95% of what you can put your hands on right now will be useless post-EMP, as it’s all discrete logic components and digital. The beauty of Ham radio is that we can be up and running very quickly, needing little more than a high enough structure for antenna (and a ladder leaning against a truck works), and as long as someone else is listening we can get out. You can pick up an older radio for dirt cheap if you are licensed to repair it, and tubes are about $10 a piece.
For those of you who do not know what an EMP is, let’s have a little background to start off with.
There are also EMP bombs (without the nuclear element), and the risk of a super solar flare causing an EMP. Should we in the West happen to engage in warfare with a technologically advanced enemy, however, it becomes highly likely that EMP bombs will come into play, increasing the chances that many different parts of the US and Canada would be taken out electronically. I will eventually write a full blown article about EMPs, but for now treat the above as a primer and let’s assume (for the sake of an argument) that an EMP blast hit the continental United States.
The best option would be investing in a radio (short and long wave) like this CB radio here or a HAM radio, or both. However, in the short term, those of us with basic ways of acquiring news and knowledge will have definite advantages over others. Many of the devices that you own, regardless of the fact that they’re electronic, will actually still work after an EMP.
If you like our blog and would like to get emailed whenever we publish a new post, fill in the form below and hit "Subscribe"! The Aluminum tape will work to seal the gaps, By gaps I mean any and all, where the lid connects to the body of the can, no matter how tight it appears to be, needs to be sealed. It will take several months to repair the damage and get the grid back if, so be prepared to be without power for an indefinite time, I would figure on at least 3 months and plan for at least 6 months.

I agree that downtime is very possible but the way so many blogs make EMP’s sound, its almost cataclysmic in nature. But again, chances are that not the entire grid would be taken out, as that would be just too financially consuming. As the modern world is so dependent on electronic connectivity for commerce, military, and social ends, hitting even only a small part of the grid will prove beneficial to an enemy, as it would cost us billions, and affect us and our surroundings drastically.
Paired up with your more basic walkie talkie for short range communication, you should do just fine with communicating after an EMP. There’s good reason to want to communicate after an EMP, but considering the extreme cost of the ideal form of communication, you may want to go with the less ideal alternatives and allocate extra funds elsewhere to boost other preps. Many home appliances and commercial devices have built-in surge protectors that should protect your electronics in case of an EMP. Therefore, it’s more likely that only a few major cities would be hit by an EMP bomb in case of warfare, as this would be enough to cause serious damage to a country. In theory, I imagine that telegraphs will also be fully functional, though I don’t see very much information about it online. I would suggest really researching the pros and cons of a satellite phone before purchasing one.
Most electronic equipment not connected to the mains should survive an EMP as well, as most tests conducted with nuclear bombs and observed solar flares have very little electromagnetic impact beyond the immediate ground zero. Make sure you pay attention to the total cost of having and maintaining one of these, not just the individual device’s cost.
It’s also worth mentioning that if a nuke detonated above your head, you probably wouldn’t be worrying about how to share that news on Facebook! If you need some help with researching, simply let us know and I can analyze and break down all the satellite phone options.
Once again, however, please be aware that the price is overwhelming and can be pretty astronomical.

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