TASK is a well-outfitted survival kit including a tough battle axe you can use to fend off wild animals, cut firewood, or chop the head off of a catfish. The kit includes a 20-function tool, knife, blade sharpening kit, compass, fire starter, paracord, flashlight, and water purification kit. Everyone should have an emergency bag, whether you live in an area with hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, or you’re preparing for a zombie apocalypse you must be prepared for the unforeseen.

The kit includes a multi use battle axe, 20 function multi-tool, easy-grip knife, knife sharpeners, tactical flashlight, firesteel, compass, and a paracord bracelet with 8? of 550 paracord.
You also get a LifeStraw water purifier, which filters up to 264 gallons of water, removing protozoa and dangerous bacteria.
You need the Tactical Apocalypse Survival Kit, even if it is just to go camping or backpacking.

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