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With reference to last week’s news in this newspaper that residents having Tata Power connections have been witnessing a sudden increase in their monthly electricity bills in Powai, the response has been overwhelming.
Powaiites, may recall that few years back Reliance Infra had indulged in a similar practice all over Mumbai. Sudhir Shetty, a civic activist says, “People have got double the bill with doubled consumption units having Tata Power connection billing of this month.

We request affected consumers to come forward and submit a copy of their previous (regular) bill and the suddenly increased bill. Many residents have submitted copies of bloated and regular bills of Tata Power to this newspaper.
They have also charged transfer charges from Reliance Infra to Tata as per MERC order citing wheeling charges which should not be, as CHS pays infrastructure charges at the time of connection during construction. You can put this in an envelope and drop it at LUCKY STORES, Cypress Market Hiranandani Powai.

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