Late last week, we finally completed a long running project: we found a new, better, home for our growing array of mobile phones in our continuous integration pool. Instead of one phone doing 25 hours of testing, we could have 25 phones each do one hour of testing.
Building K office was better, because we were far from anyone, but the new office is in downtown Mountain View, and has lots more wireless noise. They also sell hanging shoe racks which velcro to the cross-rail, are made of heat-resistant fabric, have plastic as a firm base to each shelf and hold 20 phones each. Bonus: each shoe phone is about 3-5 inches apart from another phone in adjacent shoe rack, which is the same spacing we had when the phones were just arranged on some empty desks in the office.

A Faraday cage block only electric fields (as it can be made of a copper mesh which does not interfere with a magnetic field).
If you want to shield your room from electromagnetic fields (like wifi or gprs, bluetooth…), you must use steel (or any magnetic metal). Anechoic Chambers has brought us to the forefront of Shielded and Anechoic Chamber technology. Here’s what I presented at the weekly Mozilla Foundation call Monday morning about that project, hopefully it makes sense. We’re planning for at least 400 phones all fitting inside the wireless room, so how to deal with cross interference.

The power strips rest on the bottom wooden shelf and run cables up the back of the shoe racks. I mention it in case the video is easier to follow the verbal with hand-waveing vs this blog post.

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Rf shielding aluminum 9mm

Rubric: Emergency Supply Kits


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