Welcome to the official release of the Cruelentine Surivial texture pack This is the pack used on the Curelentine creative building server But it functions just as well as a survival pack THIS IS A HIGH RESOLUTION TEXTURE PACK (32X32) SO OPTIFINE or MC PATCHER ARE REQUIRED THIS PACK SUPPORTS CONNECTED TEXTURES A 16X16 VERSION OF THIS PACK IS NOT YET AVALIABLEPlease Note: This pack contains some elelmets from the original dokucraft pack (specifically the water, lava and fire textures, and a couple of item images). Hey Guys we will be revising into another Creative version soon so if you have any suggestions comment them. Hey im starting a youtube channel and I was wondering if you could sponsor me if I sponsor you and use your texture pack? Yes , we have been through a lot in the process of the server whether it be staff piblems and such but we will be trying to get up shortly. Ffs guys, I never said that this texture pack sucks, I like this texture pack a lot, I was just mentioning that the water and lava were from Doku craft. SerAaron, I'm sorry for any trouble I may have caused, I didn't believe that this was made by you because its on this profile. So in The Temple of Notch map, there is 2 ways you will receive from notch, The two ways are condemned and blessed.
If you are interested in using this pack on my servers you can check out my profile or type in one of the IP's below!

This looks bad, you just used noise, and a little bit of other filters, it would take me 1 hour to make this! You have lots of people raging that you stole from different texture packs, Mine might not be as good but at least its original.
I didnt steal, they just think so because it's so much better then my other texture pack XDWell, my work is original too! If you would like to use it in your YT stuff, A simply link your viewers back here in every video you use it in to show it was made by us. I don't know if you did make changes, and just didn't list them, but you know just lettin' ya know.
There are rules that keep planet minecraft a great community, and they are expected to be followed.
We encourage you to use our Texture pack in Let's Play's and such just be sure to give credit to us. Everything goes like this, follow the stone brick path, then drop the gold piece into the water.

If you are a fan of zombies and survival then this pack will be a great add on to your collection!
If you have questions, comments, or criticism regarding my pack feel free to visit my twitch channel and let me know! All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Please enjoy the pack.All other credit for the textures goes to SerAaron The pack was Commissioned by Shozuke, and Curated by the Cruelentine creative build team. I'm going to make a RPG themed map, And I was thinking: Do you like it if people have to play with this texture pack?

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