National Geographic Traveler magazine received more than 18,000 entries from around the globe for its 2014 photography contest.Now the judges have chosen the winners. Grand Prize – The Independence Day, by Marko Korosec, Julesburg, Colorado, USA: "While on storm chasing expeditions in Tornado Alley, USA, I have encountered many photogenic supercell storms.
Florida: il fotografo Graham McGeorge armato di molta pazienza si e posizionato a distanza di sicurezza di un nido di gufi e, dopo ora di attesa ha potuto scorgere e immortalare una coppia di bianche 'corna' e successivamente i grandi occhi di questi esemplari spuntati da una fitta rete di piccoli rami. New York Daily News 2014 National Geographic Traveler's Best of the World 2014 National Geographic Traveler's Best of the World Maybe it's time for a vacation.
The following photos are our submission in to the 2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. Thailand is known for it’s tourist trails and beaches but in the small town of Krabi, there is a secluded beach that not many people visit; well, other than rock climbers. A surfers paradise, many nomads come to Uluwatu during the summer months to chase the best waves on the southern point on the island of Bali. Il National Geographic Traveler, importante concorso fotografico in tutto il mondo ha aperto i battenti per l'edizione 2014 e ha invitato tutti i fotografi interessati a inviare i propri lavori in gara per l'ambito premio. This photograph was taken while we were approaching the storm near Julesburg, Colorado on 28 May 2013.

Even though most of the country is still off-limits, there are many places where visitors are welcomed like family.
The only way to get to the beach is to climb down with your surfboard in tow and make your way to this natural cave that opens up to the ocean. The only access to the beach is by longboat which will only take you there during high tide and daylight hours. Entries close on 30 June.IBTimesUK presents a selection of photos that have already been received.
During a long bike ride through the small villages around Inle Lake, we came across a monk standing at the second story window of his monastery. Climbers come here during the early spring months to perfect their climbing skills on the world-class limestone walls and caves. During the Malaysian monsoon season, a few Singaporean’s get away for a weekend dive trip on a live-on-board to get their dive fix. Once you make it down and see the opening to the ocean, you understand why surfers make this early morning trek.
One of the only exits during the low tide is the rocky beach bottom that appears on the south side of the beach giving you an escape route to Railay beach (the neighboring beach).

As soon as he was able to grab our attention, he welcomed us into his home for some food and a quick chat. Just like when traveling to new and unfamiliar place, jumping straight in is sometimes the best way to get to know a whole new world.
Enjoy stunning views of the Adriatic Sea from the beach or head further inland to experience some of Italy's finest vineyards. His excitement and welcoming nature shows the true intentions of the Burmese people, they are ready to open their windows to the world.
Remember to get back before the tide rises or else the only way to get back would be by longboat. The travel destination is a must-see included in National Geographic Traveler's 2014 Best of the World issue.
This phenomenon, which lasts only a few weeks, covers the hiking trails, meadows and trees.

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