National Geographic has redesigned its World Atlas app completely, adding an exquisite new look, improved functionality, and a bunch of new features as well. National Geographic World Atlas has been rewritten from the ground up with a brand-spanking new UI, updated country information, seamless, high-resolution world map layers, and the ability to store pins in the cloud to have them accessible across a range of devices. National Geographic asks users to be patient with the offline maps functionality, promising to enable the feature (along with map downloading) in the next release, which is just a few weeks away. Other new features include the ability to add and customize collections of map pins, up-to-the-minute weather for countries and capital cities, a Currency Calculator, and Latitude and Longitude indications. Browse 123 years of National Geographic magazine—more than 1,400 issues, 8,000 articles, 200,000 photographs, and hundreds of maps exactly as they appeared in print. Quick-start GuideFor optimal performance, please install from Disk 7.Already own The Complete National Geographic? If you wanted to truly experience the world you either had to travel there or follow the amazing expeditions in National Geographic. Our definitive collection of every issue of National Geographic magazine through 2011 is digitally reproduced in high resolution.

Purchase and download the latest issues instantly:Launch The Complete National Geographic from your computer.
Every month brought stunning photographs, detailed maps and in-depth articles about exotic lands, foreign cultures, animals, nature, science, technology, history, travel, geography and overall sheer adventure through global exploration. Privacy Policy5573 Cool New Items Discovered Since The Beginning.Proudly Made From Recycled Pixels. Use the visual interface to explore a topic, find photographs, browse the globe, or wander on your own expedition. Click on Preferences and Check for Updates to make sure your computer is running the latest version.
Lots and lots of photos, maps and articles that will keep you busy for days!Ideal gift for that curious child or adult! Well, now the entire 120 year archive of every single issue, page, article, advertisement, map and photograph from 1888 to 2008 has been digitally reproduced in high resolution and put on a single 160 GB hard drive with the cool new Complete National Geographic. Once your computer is up to date, The Complete National Geographic will alert you at launch anytime an update is available.To download an update, simply register with National Geographic, select your update, and complete your purchase.

Just plug it into your computer using USB and use the advanced interface to explore a topic, search for photographs, browse the globe, or wander on your own expedition. As a last resort, with a suggestion from CNG Support, I uninstalled the Disc #1 application and re-installed everything from Disc #7. External display recommended with MacBook Pro Retina systems.Already own The Complete National Geographic? The correct software version was there, all features were now active, and the 2010-2011 image update took less than 20 minutes.I strongly recommend that you update your Quick Start instructions. Needless to say, I was close to returning as non-usable a product that is really quite impressive.

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