These slim, metallic grinders beautifully showcase the gourmet colorful salt and herb blends within. These sleek copper and silver horns sweep up towards each other to create a beautiful centerpiece and, as a bonus, they double as salt and pepper shakers as well. Want to season your best gourmet dishes with fresh herbs and then preserve them for another day in the easiest way possible?
A set of four gourmet tropical sugar blends made with organic cane sugar that are perfect for cocktails and mixed drinks, baking, grilling, sweetening coffee or tea, and more.
Handcrafted and designed by Kreteware, this concrete spice container is strong, smooth, and streamlined. This unique blend of sea salt harvested from the coast of Brittany, sun-dried rosemary, thyme, sage, and marjoram comes in a rustic metal and wood tin that doubles as a decorative salt cellar.
These fun shakers will be a perfect complement to your next brunch feast - deviled eggs optional, but recommended!
These unique tie clips are handmade in the USA from high quality recycled woods like Sapele Mahogany, Spanish Cedar, Teak, and Black Walnut, all with a distressed and weathered vintage look. Made from natural, comfortable rubber, these boots are 100 percent waterproof and feature a cool contrasting yellow lug sole.
The Louis Junior Spikes by Christian Louboutin add a bit of punked out flair to an otherwise unassuming pair of sneakers.
Keep your next bottle of wine in the batter's box ready to go with this cool new Baseball Bat Wine Bottle Holder. This unique hippopotamus garden sculpture looks like it's submerged in your lawn keeping an eye on passersby.

Keep your stuff dry and organized with this handsome, streamlined Motor Barrage Cargo Backpack. With color combinations to suit any mood, these shoes are perfect for skating, walking, or just standing around looking cool. If you love the fresh aromatic scent of the Douglas Fir tree, now you can literally drink it in with a bottle of this cool new Douglas Fir Eau De Vie from Clear Creek Distillery in Portland, Oregon. This brush is perfect for anyone who is serious about getting their online image just right.
Take your mind off the winter chill and boogie down the street with these fun, practical earmuff headphones. Entirely biodegradable (eventually), the classically-styled shades are a fresh contrast to mass-produced plastic sunglasses. Ideal for cucumbers and zucchini, this handy kitchen gadget allows you to turn your veggies into thin, swirly slices. When you don't feel like texting, just pick up the phone and talk to someone the old-fashioned way with this vintage looking phone.
Grab this gaggle of maze runners, protect your table from drink sweat, and bring a blast of nostalgia to your next gathering. Wrapped in a burlap sack and ready for gifting, this fun kit is a must for anyone on your naughty list.
Modeled after Russian nesting dolls, each lamp nestles neatly into a still-usable lamp stack. This is a pocket-size set of organic seasonings that are essential for any foodie on the go, including thirteen flavorful, USDA Organic herbs and spices.

Each little pot of spice is the lid for the one below it, so they screw together into a solid stick of seasonings that is not only sturdy, but moisture- and humidity-resistant, as well. Contents: organic basil, organic cayenne, organic curry, organic dill, organic granulated garlic, organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic oregano, organic thyme, organic granulated onion, sea salt, organic black pepper, organic rosemary. The Mobile Foodie Survival Kit is assembled in Brooklyn, New York, by a team of adults with physical, medical, mental and emotional disabilities at Brooklyn Unlimited, a division of the nonprofit Brooklyn Community Services.
The herbs and spices have been certified by the Department of Agriculture as products that are grown entirely without antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, irradiation or bioengineering.
Our pots are BPA-free and fully recyclable, and our tubes are made of post-consumer recycled paperboard. Tags: bjarke ballisager, brooklyn design, camping spice kit, foodie kit, gourmet spice kit, holly mcwhorter, made by disabled adults, made in brooklyn, made in usa, mini spice kit, mobile foodie, mobile foodie survival kit, office spice kit, organic spice kit, picnic spice kit, plant brooklyn, plant design studio, pocket spice kit, scandinavian design, travel spice kit. This innovative stack consists of thirteen containers of organic herbs and spices: basil, cayenne, curry, dill, granulated garlic, ginger, cinnamon, oregano, thyme, granulated onion, sea salt, black pepper, and rosemary.
Each spice pot is screwed into the bottom of the next and you can customize the size of your stack depending on what's going to be on the menu and what meal might need rescuing. Privacy Policy600 Cool New Items Discovered Since The Beginning.Proudly Made From Recycled Pixels.

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