The Society's GoGreen initiative, launched in February 2007, invites all employees of the National Geographic Society and National Geographic Channel to help walk the talk and find sustainable solutions for the Society's operations.
Implemented an alternative commuting plan to encourage car pools, mass transit use, telecommuting, etc. Eco-friendly buildings can be both affordable and beautiful, say the jurors of an annual architecture award. On Earth Day, ten modern buildings were crowned winners of the American Institute of Architectsa€™ annual sustainable design competition.
Like several winners, Seattlea€™s Bullitt Center produces as much energy as it uses via rooftop solar panels, but its location earned particular applause. The Bullitt Center, a six-story office building in Seattle, gets all its powera€”on an annual basisa€”from rooftop solar panels. In Bostona€™s historic Fort Hill area, four modest-sized townhomes showcase energy-efficient, family-friendly, affordable urban housing. In Portland, Oregon, the Collaborative Life Sciences Building has an atrium that provides natural light to interior spaces, connecting bridges and informal study areas. The pontiff has emphatically urged immediate steps to combat climate change, calling it imperative to act to save Goda€™s creation. Pope Francis arrives at Romea€™s famed Spanish Steps in a convoy of blue Ford Focus cars, his choice to replace the limousines used by his recent predecessors.

Pope Francis is not the first pontiff to insist that caring for the environment is a responsibility of every Christian. He is expected to make a direct appeal on his trip this week to the United States, where he will speak to the United Nations, as well as Congress, and meet privately with President Obama. National Geographic magazine offered an unprecedented look at Francis in its August 2015 issue.
Five cross-divisional subcommittees of volunteers keep us on the path of sustainability, a path we are all committed to and that stands as a shining example of employee-driven change. They showcase attractive ways to reuse construction materials, save water and energy, and improve indoor air quality. It is the largest building to pass the Living Building Challenge, a certification program that sets stringent sustainability standards. They occupy a formerly vacant, city-owned lot that overlooks a neighborhood park and is close to mass transit. Army Corps of Engineersa€™ Seattle headquarters, a winner of the Top Ten Green program in 2013, got another honor this year for its water and energy savings. But he has been the most forceful, mincing no words in his often harsh and anguished calls for urgent action. The document made clear he intends to use the power of the papacy, magnified by his immense popular appeal, to press the worlda€™s political leaders to take forceful steps to reduce greenhouse gases.

Tigers of the Snow spotlights the Siberian Tiger, which once roamed over the wide ranges of northern Asia but now is limited to a tiny region on the Sea of Japan.
In San Antonio, Texas, a military medical hospital uses natural lighting as part of the healing process and in Sonoma, California, a living community for autistic adults includes a community center, therapy pools, and urban farm. Army Corps of Engineers' Seattle headquarters, built on a former toxic brownfield, is now an exemplar of energy efficiency.
Footage of their active muscles, their piercing eyes, their regal pelt, all attest to the beauty of a dying breed. Russian and American scientists have banded together to study the 300 remaining not-so-gentle giants in an effort to save them from extinction. After all, a planet without tigers would be a much poorer place, and Tigers of the Snow shows exactly what we'd miss. After all, a planet without tigers would be a much poorer place, and Tigers of the Snow shows exactly what we'd miss.

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