Have you ever known a suit-wearing hipster that enjoys boasting loudly about how totally awesome he is and imagines himself to be a trendsetter -- when really, there is absolutely nothing original about the way he dresses or how he talks? Every cliche plot element, stock character, and bit of visual flair that has ever reared its overused head in an action movie or heist film shows up in Takers, with one exception -- no one in the movie gets to throw their head back in despair and scream "NO!" Honestly, it's kind of disappointing that director John Luessenhop did not go for the gusto and include that one as well.
Savvy criminals are always the main characters in a heist movie and Takers is no exception. Gordon and his fellow bank robbers are immediately wary of Ghost's proposal -- and not only because 1) Ghost spent several years in jail after one of their jobs went wrong, and 2) His old girlfriend, Rachel (Zoe Saldana, wasted in a role that has her onscreen for maybe 3-5 minutes total) recently became engaged to Jake. Meanwhile, police detective Jack Welles (Matt Dillon) leads an investigation to find the group and bring them to justice.
And it was against Arsenal when their incredible season started, with a 2-0 opening day win at the Emirates last August. Arsenal transfer news and rumours: West Ham planning audacious bid for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain? In the Past The Tahoe community has always had a reputation of drawing thrill-seeking, boundary-pushing personalities.
A SKIING MAILMAN: On his journeys, Snowshoe Thompson would ski at nearly 60 miles per hour and make jumps over 100 feet. JERRY NUNN, at age 18, was the youngest ski patroller in California, after being asked by the head of ski patrol at Soda Springs to be his assistant, says McLaughlin.
A NEW ERA: “Now I look at the slopestyle kids and big mountain skiers and I say, ‘Holy cow, how do they do that?’ They took it way beyond what I dreamt could ever be possible on skis,” said Wayne Wong in 2011 to Powder.
Fathering freestyle snowboarding can’t always be easy, but TERRY KIDWELL sure made it look cool.
NEW TRICKS: Terry Kidwell threw the first recorded “McTwist” on a snowboard in a quarter pipe between Donner Ski Ranch and Sugar Bowl. With roots in a legendary ski family, TAMARA MCKINNEY honed her incredible ski racing skills at Squaw Valley. HER TRAIL: In 2012, the east face of KT-22 at Squaw Valley was renamed “Tamara’s Run” to honor Tamara Mckinney as one of Squaw’s most decorated athletes. You may know him as Saucer Boy, or as SHANE MCCONKEY, but he undoubtedly left his mark on the Tahoe community and freeskiing world.
VISIT the Museum of Sierra Ski History and 1960 Olympics at the Boatworks Mall in Tahoe City or tahoemuseum.org. READ Mark McLaughlin’s book, Longboards to Olympics — A Century of Tahoe Winter Sports, a go-to resource.

SEE the recent success of Tahoe locals at the Freeride World Tour in our piece, Traveling Circus, here.
In our News section you’ll find the facts on everything from politics to the environment to local business. Look for the latest issue in newsstands now.Or subscribe and enjoy it hot off the press in your mailbox. But when it comes to people at the top of their game, Dimi has to be up there with the best of them. Even if they just bring him on for the free-kicks!a€? Payeta€™s trademark prowess of sending set-pieces flying into the top-corner was seen yet again last weekend as Crystal Palace were unable to stop him. SNOWSHOE THOMPSON was the only one willing to carry 100-pound sacks of mail through the snowy, uncharted Sierra. Many assumed “Jerry” was a man and Nunn used this trick to her advantage when applying for the U.S. As teenagers in Tahoe City, Kidwell and his friends Bob Klein, Allen Arnbrister, and Mark Analick built the first “half pipe” in a ditch at the old Tahoe City dump and taught themselves basic tricks. A true standout of American women skiers, McKinney won the World Cup Slalom races one after another in 1982 and went on to win the U.S.
Always skiing on his own terms, McConkey redefined free form skiing and popularized fat skis. Our team of hardworking journalists uncovers North Tahoe and Truckee news stories with in-depth reporting and our authentic “for the community, by the community” spirit. Hea€™s such a great player.a€? So great, in fact, Tomkins would place Payet above the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as the best free-kick taker on the planet.
Indeed, Arsene Wenger will be determined to deny his compatriot at all costs when he takes his Arsenal side to the Boleyn Ground, still clinging on to the faint hope of winning the title. On his routes Thompson carried only matches, beef jerky, crackers, and biscuits, skiing at dawn and dusk by navigating with the stars.
After shredding slopes on actual water skis, he shook up the ski world by introducing the first rockered ski — a ski with a base that rests on the ground with the tips and tail off the ground— allowing skiers to feel like they are skimming on the surface. What we were doing was free form skiing, free of rules and most any kind of boundaries,” said Shane McConkey about the term “freeskiing,” which he coined.
The Gunners are third, 11 points behind shock leaders Leicester, and their 4-0 win over Watford last week maintained their championship chances. Under the guise of her name, she passed the ranger certification test with flying colors and became the first accredited woman U.S.

After traveling to mountains in North America, his home country of Canada, and Europe, Wong moved to Truckee and then Reno in 1988, where he resides with his family today. After Tom Sims, a leader in snowboard production at the time, visited the Tahoe City dump, he sponsored Kidwell. She holds 18 World Cup wins, 99 World Cup podium finishes, and 10 national championship titles, according to the U.S. McConkey didn’t stop there; he became an innovator in the sport of BASE jumping and ski-wingsuit-BASE jumping, a seemingly impossible stunt that McConkey and Tahoe local JT Holmes carefully crafted and mastered. But Tomkins, who is pushing for a recall to West Hama€™s defence after his return from a calf injury, believes Arsenal have blown it, suggesting a lack of leadership could be to blame.
Especially with the way we have been playing or can play, we have turned over loads of the best teams in the league this year. He rescued many people from certain death while on his routes, according to Tahoe historian Mark McLaughlin.
Kidwell asked Sims to create a snowboard with a flipped-up round tail so he could ride backwards, which he saw as a natural progression from his background in skateboarding. Nunn was then the first female patroller at Squaw Valley, and chosen as a member of the Olympic Ski Patrol in 1960, writes McLaughlin.
The Kidwell board prototype made in 1984 changed the way people would ride from then on, and Kidwell swiped four World Championships on his revolutionary board. A leader in avalanche safety, Nunn also co-developed a gas-powered gun — the Avalauncher — a tool that is still widely used in the United States.
You need your leaders about the place.a€? The Hammers are threatening to pounce on Arsenal too.
Sherry runs the Shane McConkey Foundation, which recognizes the worldwide community of skiers and adventurers who share a passion for life. A win on Saturday lunchtime would put them four points behind their London rivals with six games left to play.

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