Adapt your security architecture to prevent today's cyber attacks and avert their worst effects.
Organizations spend millions of dollars on security infrastructures and teams in order to prevent threats. The FireEye HX series is a threat prevention platform that helps drive faster, more accurate decisions about potential security incidents on endpoints.
The endpoint threat prevention platform works with other FireEye threat prevention platforms to integrate network and endpoint security. Once an incident on the endpoint is confirmed, the HX series can immediately contain compromised endpoints and interrupt attacks in progress, while continuing to allow restricted access for forensic investigation. In addition, to address the widespread use of mobile devices, the Agent Anywherea„? technology allows the FireEye HX to monitor endpoints outside the corporate network. Organizations spend millions of dollars investing in top-notch security teams and in building secure networks to prevent threats and keep attackers out of their IT environment.
Integrated network and endpoint security: Validate and analyze network alerts by finding matching activity on endpoints.
Reach endpoints anywhere: Innovative Agent Anywhere technology reaches remote endpoints outside the corporate network and behind NAT. Detect threats using robust threat intelligence: Apply threat intelligence from FireEye to find advanced threats in your IT environment. Contain compromised devices with a single click: Isolate compromised devices with a single mouse click to deny attackers access to systems while still allowing remote investigation. Quickly investigate all endpoints: Investigate tens or hundreds of thousands of endpoints in a matter of minutes. Host-based detection Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) identify threats missed by AV, including advanced attackers and advanced persistent threats (APTs).
Seamlessly integrate with existing network security devices, such as FireEye Network Threat Prevention Platform (NX series), to learn about current attacks and search for compromised endpoints, including those outside your corporate network using Agent Anywherea„? technology.
Automatically collect evidence from endpoints involved in events seen by FireEye Threat Prevention Platforms for immediate review of host and network evidence. Agents continuously monitor and record key events so organizations can establish a timeline for suspected incidents without time-consuming disk acquisition or forensic analysis. Take non-destructive action to isolate compromised devices and deny attackers access to systems while still allowing remote investigation. The Endpoint Threat Prevention Platform enables security operations teams to connect the dots between whata€™s happening on their network and on their endpoints.

Automatically investigate alerts from network devicesa€”Create IOCs automatically from alerts generated in network devices. Rapid interrogation of all endpointsa€”Investigate tens or hundreds of thousands of endpoints in a matter of minutes. Easy to understand interfacea€”Transform front-line analysts into investigators by making it simple and straightforward to quickly interpret data and follow up appropriately. Note: All performance values vary depending on the system configuration and traffic profile being processed. Sign up today for our weekly newsletter that contains the latest product news and exclusive promotions for our customers. UK businesses have been warned about the growing risk of cyber attacks as Minister for the Digital Economy, Ed Vaizey, urged businesses across the country to protect themselves by taking up the Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme. Whilst businesses are reaping the benefits of operating online and now earn ?1 in every ?5 from the Internet, cyber attacks are now considered a serious threat to UK businesses. Speaking at the Financial Times Cyber Security Europe Summit, the Minister revealed more than 1,000 businesses have now adopted Cyber Essentials – the UK Government’s leading scheme which protects businesses against the most common threats on the Internet. Speaking at the conference, the Minister also announced a new ?500,000 fund to help universities and colleges develop innovative teaching and learning to provide the cyber security skills needed to protect the UK now and in the future. Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey said: “Good cyber security underpins the entire digital economy – we need it to keep our businesses, citizens and public services safe.
Since launching the National Cyber Security Programme in 2011, Government has invested ?860m to protect and promote the UK.
Other initiatives include a voucher scheme offering micro, small and medium sized businesses up to ?5,000 for specialist advice to boost their cyber security and protect new business ideas and intellectual property.
James Stirk Regional Director for Government at Intel Security said: “The Cyber Essentials programme represents another positive step forward in the Government’s proposals to raise standards of cyber security and protect British businesses from internet-based attacks. The firms already adopting Cyber Essentials include household names like Vodafone and Barclays and as well as FTSE100 companies including National Grid, GlaxoSmithKline, Standard Chartered Bank, Aberdeen Asset Management and Babcock International.
In order to develop innovative projects to improve cyber security teaching and learning, the Government is setting up a new ?500,000 fund, which will be administered through the Higher Education Academy. Despite these investments, determined attackers can still compromise well-secured organizations to steal their intellectual property, customer records, or financial assets. The HX series connects the dots between activity on the network and activity on the endpoints, improving the approach and reducing the time to remediatea security incident. The HX platform leverages indicators of compromise from other FireEye platforms (NX, EX, FX, AX) to rapidly validate if a compromise has affected the endpoint.

This helps ensure that threat validation and containment applies equally to devices both inside and outside the corporate network.
Despite these investments, determined attackers still manage to compromise organizations and steal their intellectual property and financial assets. Organizations can automatically investigate alerts generated by FireEye Threat Prevention Platforms, log management, and network security products, apply proprietary intelligence from FireEye, or sweep for IOCs, to identify the devices that have been compromised and assess the potential risk. The latest figures reveal that 74 per cent of small businesses, and 90 per cent of major businesses, has had a cyber breach of security in the last year.
Intel Security, part of multinational technology firm and chip manufacturer Intel, are among the firms who have recently achieved Cyber Essentials certification. The UK is a world leader in the use of digital technologies but we also need to be a world leader in cyber security.
Based on analysis by GCHQ which showed how cyber criminals were exploiting basics weaknesses in company IT systems, Cyber Essentials sets out five technical controls which will protect firms against the majority of internet threats, like viruses, malware and hacking. By providing organisations with the criteria and opportunity to meet basic cyber security hygiene standards, this initiative will increase confidence for businesses as well as their customers and partners. Academic institutions can apply for up to ?80,000, which must be match-funded by the institution and must generate real-world impact across the discipline.
By continuously monitoring all hosts, the HX series extends network alerts by finding matching activity on the endpoint. The Endpoint Threat Prevention Platform equips security teams to confidently detect, analyze, and resolve incidents in a fraction of the time it takes when using conventional approaches.
Further, organizations can quickly triage the incident to understand the details of compromise. The new fund will ensure higher education students get high quality, innovative teaching giving them the skills to protect UK businesses and Government against cyber attacks.
When a suspected incident is confirmed, the endpoints can be contained with a single click to deny the attacker access while still allowing network-based investigation to continue.

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