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Launching a scathing attack on the Congress, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said on Thursday that the previous UPA regime's land law has had "disastrous impact" on India's national security as Pakistan could get information on critical defence projects coming up here. Terming UPA government's land law as "a defective piece of legislation", he said though the Congress-led government had put defence and security as urgent matters, it had "forgotten to put such projects in the exempted list."This, he said, would have revealed the kind of defence or security projects being put up, where are they being put up and why. Hitting out at the erstwhile Congress-led government, he said, "Scams and corruption, which used to be daily words occupying media headlines (during UPA rule), are no longer there. At the same time, he said when the act was formulated, 13 areas under Schedule IV were exempted from Land Act, including the social impact assessment and consent clause.
Mr Jaitley said that the new Land Acquisition Bill, to replace the ordinance promulgated by the NDA government in December 2014, does not compromise on compensation and rehabilitation, but rather increases the rate of compensation which is "a pro-farmer step". The latest bill has been framed in such a manner so as to create rural infrastructure and address issues like irrigation, which have been not exempted by the previous government, the minister said. Responding to this, Congress leader Anand Sharma said the definition of social infrastructure was not clear and therefore had opened the doors for the private sector. Taking a jibe at Mr Sharma, Mr Jaitley quoted from an official communication by him to then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh containing recommendations of the Parliamentary Standing Committee that the bill would not only impact most infrastructure projects and lead to land price escalation, but also delay key projects. Mr Jaitley said that Mr Sharma had also advocated the need for creation of a robust infrastructure in the country, to which the Congress leader reacted saying it only concerned major projects like Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor but the present government was paving way for the entry of private players in the name of social infrastructure. Mr Jaitley said coal block auctions were designed in such a manner that power tariff would go down contrary to the Opposition's projection that it would shoot up.

Stressing that private players would have to pay for national assets like coal and there would be no allotments on discretion, he also made it clear that "there is no denationalisation plan. Referring to the "monumental decision" of the Modi government to implement the 14th Finance Commission recommendations, he said the state revenues would increase. On Azad's remark that the Prime Minister was faced with threat from within, Mr Jaitley said, "Charity begins at home. To criticisms on the state of the economy, he quoted a major global economic magazine to say "China's economy is slowing. Attacking Mr Azad for his remarks that the NDA was only changing the names of schemes of UPA times, Mr Jaitley said not only the name but the entire substance has been changed. The Finance Minister cited the example of Jan Dhan scheme, saying it was only "ornamental" during UPA whereas 12.5 crore accounts were opened in 100 days during NDA as it reached to people and houses. He said Mr Azad showed disrespect to wisdom of people when he termed BJP as red-rag for sweeping Jammu. Mr Jaitley said that people's mandate was not with Congress in Jammu and Kashmir as they voted overwhelmingly for BJP in Jammu and for PDP in the Valley.
He said it may be a historical opportunity to bring about reconciliation in Jammu and Kashmir in the larger national interest. The Finance Minister said that on the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA), the allotment was Rs 34,000 crore out of which Rs 33,785 was spent including Rs 23,000 on wages. On Opposition allegations that cut in oil prices was not in sync with global reduction in prices, Mr Jaitley said though oil prices has been lowered in international market, oil marketing companies have lost about Rs 30,000 crore on account of inventory losses.

He said the government owns majority stake in such companies and there are shareholders and "some part of reduction in oil prices go to make up inventory losses". So, the information will be revealed and it will also reach Pakistan," Mr Jaitley said while intervening in Rajya Sabha on the debate on Motion of Thanks on the President's Address.
The NDA government has only added five more areas like Atomic Energy and National Highways, he said.
These countries even today wants friendship with us and also wants that India should lead them because they are familiar with the intentions of China.
NEW DELHI: Maoist movement was one of the biggest threats to India's internal security, says a global body which has ranked it as low as 143 among 162 countries in its peace index. Russia is in recession, battered by Western sanctions and the slump in the oil price; South Africa is plagued by inefficiency and corruption.
We were also betrayed by China once, still our policies are same but the language seems changing," added Bhagwat.

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