Gordan { -"Sve je isto, samo njega nema!"- } – NAJNOVIJA IZBORNA ANKETA: U parlament sigurno ulaze tri stranke! Goran { U samoj EU ima dosta drzava gdje stranci ne mogu kupovati zemlju , zasto b Srbija to dozvolila kada nije clanica EU ???
Bakari Kitwana: When you and I first talked about the recent surge of gun homicides in Chicago, you used the expression that this was “a national security threat.” What did you mean by that?
Rhymefest: I believe that when there’s so much systematic violence in the community, it leaves not only [the] city but also the country open to people coming in and gathering young people for dubious tasks. BK: How is today’s Chicago hip-hop scene overlapping with the national perception of violence and the reality of violence? BK: Last summer, you likened the imagery associated with Chicago rapper Chief Keef’s music and videos to “a bomb that is spreading.” How has your thinking about that evolved since then? RF: The companies that distribute some of the music that we get in our community don’t care if these artists have talent.
If these private prisons wanted to advertise, they might ask themselves, ‘what’s the best way to advertise? BK: What are some of the shifting local dynamics that national media are missing when talking about Chicago gun violence? RF: Well, the labels have no interest in bringing attention to the issue in order to cure it.

BK: You’ve said elsewhere that the artists were like spokespersons for the prison industrial complex. RF: Interscope Records is owned by General Electric, a major corporation that has a huge financial stake in the private prison industry. Inspired by an October 20, 2003, news report that geneticists found of genes that "hard-wire" into the brain the mind's self-perception as male or female, which, in all but a small percentage of cases, matches sexual anatomy produced by the genes.
The first person charged with domestic terrorism was actually a Chicago gang member named Jeff Fort.
We know that all forms of media are promoting a culture of violence, but especially in the Black community hip-hop and radio and the corporations that proliferate it play a huge part in promoting images of the culture of violence as something that is acceptable, cool, or just a daily event—like waking up in the morning, washing up, and going to school. They’re giving huge signing advances, and instead of artist development, they’re putting artists back on the street and saying, “Keep doing what you were doing.” They’re not trying to help the artist get full perspective or range in their music.
And one of the things missed as we talk about violence in Chicago is that for years we had free mental health clinics, which were being utilized by a lot of people. If these private prisons wanted to advertise, they might ask themselves, “what’s the best way to advertise?
From free conference calls to our emphasis on cost effective strategies, Rap Rehab is enhancing your knowledge and maximizing your value. According to the charges, he was working in tandem with Muammar Qaddafi and Libya to commit acts of terror in the US in the 1980s.

I ask the question, “Why are so many Chicago hip-hop artists being signed now rather than at any other time in hip-hop history? The question, ‘Who has the most violent city, New Orleans, Chicago or Detroit” in part becomes a competition between artists on who is the baddest. Since the idea of a domestic terror threat started in Chicago, the fact that violence in Chicago could be seen as a national security threat I don’t think is something that should be taken lightly in 2013. Why now, when Chicago’s the national face of violence, are young artists are getting these opportunities?” I think that this is something the artists have to ask themselves. Artists have to make independent decisions to try to combat it.  And you’re going to see that from artists like myself, Lupe, Killer Mike, Saigon.
You’re not going to see that from many artists who are currently in heavy rotation on the radio because it becomes a conflict for them. And we need job-training programs, and we need jobs for people to fill when they finish the training.

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