Ending It: Although the thought of parting ways with your middle school boyfriend may have seemed like the end of the world, you quickly learned it was not. There are lots of worries for these students, but the top three areas of worry tend to be logistical, social and academic. The majority of the time a middle school building is going to be much larger than an elementary building. Middle School doesn’t have to be a scary transition for your child if you are willing to take some time and work with them. To visit other Websites that provide information on parenting teens, please visit our Web ring by clicking on the button below.
Remember those wonderfully awkward times, where we hadn’t yet grown into our bodies or personalities?
Instead of feeling obligated to hang out with your boyfriend at all waking hours of the day, you had scheduled things. Maybe a few tears were shed as you listened to Soulja Boy's Kiss Me Thru the Phone for the umpteenth time, but you moved on.

Kids will have to be more dependent and making sure they can manager their time is important.
There was no need to hash anything out, talk about the future or mentally stimulate your boyfriend. His casual "I want to break up with you" AIM sung for a bit, but you got past it, finding some other middle school man to instant message. Remember the easier, simpler times?
I worked as a school nurse in middle schools for over 13 years and have witnessed first hand the stress that accompanies this transition! Although I personally would like to believe that I’ve turned out to be a much better adult than I was a middle-schooler, there are a few things I miss. Although you may get the occasional cute text from your slam piece or boyfriend now, nothing beats your middle school boyfriend's "hey what's up" scrubbed on a piece of notebook paper.
Remember when you could break up over AIM and legitimately never have to speak to your significant other again?
Well if you can't think of the time, I’m sure someone had it posted on their snap story at one point or another.

From lunch room notes, to social studies notes you probably had a whole collection of conversations between you and your man. Remember when your coveted Valentine's Day gift consisted of a cookies & cream Hershey bar? Unlike now, we didn’t have to worry about midterms, job applications, graduate school or who our “bae” was snap-chatting.
Although we may not want to reunite with our middle school boyfriend this Valentine's Day, we can look back and thank him for the good times.
If he had the audacity to give you a hug or even hold your hand, your friends would “oooh” and giggle loud enough that he’d be sure not to do it again. While your current man might exceed your middle school boyfriend in every way what-so-ever, I suspect there are a few things you miss about him.

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